PTPWallet vs. Coinbase Wallet: Best Wallet to Choose

Choosing between two crypto wallets can be a challenge for a crypto investor or trader. Most significantly, you want to be sure that your crypto wallet is not hacked and your digital assets haven’t been carted away like the difficult times of Coinbase. Thus, this establishes that you need a wallet address to transact in the crypto world. And this keeps your crypto assets safe and secure.

However, it would be unfair to mention that Coinbase is not a secure platform, but records of “shady” doing will make us compare it to PTPWallet. With this comparison, you will determine the best wallet for you as you venture into the crypto world. This article takes care of all that to buy you quality time and preserve your energy.

Coinbase Wallet Overview

Coinbase Wallet is one of the ERC-20 token wallets. You can use it to store your digital assets and collectible items. One of Coinbase’s distinguishing factors is how you can use it to navigate decentralized applications (dApps). However, it has a Chrome extension which doesn’t make it a complete hybrid model of a hot wallet.

PTPWallet Overview

PTPWallet is a crypto wallet created to process instant payments, grant absolute anonymity, and secure your crypto wallet against cyberattacks. Its security measures ensure that it shards and decentralizes your private keys. One of the distinguishing factors of PTPWallet is the option to send and receive funds via email or SMS.

Aside from this benefit available to retail users, business owners can maximize the associated benefits on PTPWallet. The following section elaborates more on these white-label cryptocurrency solutions.

Merits of Using PTPWallet: White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions

As a business owner, you can leverage lots of features on the PTPWallet platform. But the intriguing part is the white label cryptocurrency solutions available for small and medium business owners. These white label cryptocurrency solutions are ready-made and available for instant deployment.

These white label cryptocurrency solutions include White Label Crypto Wallet, White Label Crypto Wallet for ICO Crowdfunding, White Label Public Offering Solution, and White Label Crypto Exchange. There are all created for customized activities and are efficiently maximized by individuals or groups.

How to Use PTPWallet

As much as PTPWallet is the best crypto wallet for you, we won’t leave you at the mercy of navigating its usage. Instead, we created a step-by-step process you can follow to navigate and maximize exciting features available for PTPWallet users.

  • Log in or register a new account

The first thing to do if you want to benefit from the features available on PTPWallet is to log into your account if you are an existing account holder. This translates to restoring your wallet on the PTPWallet website or application.

Otherwise, create a new account from the Login Page by clicking “Create New Wallet.” Next, accept the terms and conditions, then read the page educating you about securing your wallet with a passphrase. Proceed to create a paraphrase, write down phrases in order of their appearance, click on the words based on their arrangement order, then click confirm. After that, you will create your 6-digit Pin Code. Enter the code again and confirm.

  • Add account currency

After your login or registration, you will see the Wallet Page. A “+” sign on that page allows you to add any currency of your choice. Find your currency of choice, click on it, and you will automatically see it added to the “Wallet” page.

  • Send/Receive address

If you want to send some funds to your colleagues and friends, click on the currency and click “Send.” Then, input the Receive Address in the “Address” field. Likewise, you can send funds via the QR Code by tapping the QR Button.

Next in the process is to input the amount of funds you want to send in the “Amount” field. Then click send and wait for a notification pop-up of a successful transaction.

  • Send or Receive Funds via iTransfer

The iTransfer method is the unique system that allows you to send or receive funds via email, Messenger, or SMS. All of these are available on PTPWallet. When you get to the “Amount” page, create a secret password for the transaction and confirm the secret password. Next, click the share button to send via email, SMS, or other methods. As soon as you click on the share button, you will choose the share medium.

On the other hand, when you receive payment via email, SMS, or other methods, you need the Transfer ID to claim the funds. Then, you will enter the secret password and receive the funds by clicking “Accept.”

Aside from the exciting features listed above, you derive other benefits as a business owner using PTPWallet. You can leverage the referral program, business loyalty program, and other available deals on the platform. You can check how to leverage that via PTPWallet instructional page.

What’s the Best Crypto Wallet to Use?

Whether you want to be a crypto investor or a crypto trader, it can be tricky selecting the best crypto wallet for your purposes. This is because you want to know which has more competitive features. You want to maximize those features and stay ahead of others in the crypto world. Meanwhile, you also want to be assured that no one can manipulate your account or cart away your digital assets.

That’s why PTPWallet is the best crypto wallet for your needs. Its non-custodial exciting features make it your best choice, and the leverage it offers business owners is top-notch and unbeatable in the crypto world. Overall, its usability puts it at an edge over other crypto wallets. If you want to navigate the crypto world easily, PTPWallet is your best bet.


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