white label public offering

Conducting a Regulation A+? Sell your shares through your own white label crypto wallet

Gain access to a growing market, and raise the capital you need! 

white label public offering

A new way to invest

Launch your very own white label crypto wallet to sell your own shares securely through the blockchain.

It’s history in the making, and this is your invitation to be a part of it.

Initial Coin Offerings have always left investors with no legal ownership. We’re ready to change that, with a revolutionary investment platform designed to issue shares of equity and accept crypto as a form of payment. This will extend beyond the old ICO/STO token model and will let your future investors easily become part of your company’s vision.

white label public offering solution
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How it works

Keep in mind that we are only offering a platform for crypto wallet transactions and for processing public shares for cryptocurrencies.

Step 1

Step 1

We'll build a platform with a public offering functionality for your company based on your requirements.


Step 2

Launch your company website. Need help? We develop websites for crypto companies too!


Step 3

Get authorization from your local governing agency for your public offering to meet all rules and regulations.


Step 4

Launch your public offering, run marketing campaigns and watch your public stock go up!

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