Ripple gains strength against the SEC opening possibilities for regulatory clarity

Ripple vs SEC

Seven months after its legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ripple Labs is still struggling to prove that it did not sell unregistered securities. On December 22 in 2020, the U.S. regulator moved to sue Ripple in an ill-conceived enforcement action poised to become a defining cryptocurrency trial of the decade. However, the […]

Paraguay’s Bitcoin bill: Will more countries accept Bitcoin as legal tender?

After El Salvador’s audacious move to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in June, Paraguay seems to be next in line in a wave of interest that has caught lawmakers across the region. Just recently, El Salvador passed a new law that would make the Central American country, albeit small, the world’s first jurisdiction to deem […]

Cardano smart contract update: an outlook on the future of Cardano as the Ethereum killer

Cardano smart contract update

Cardano is lauded by proponents as the Ethereum killer. The two blockchains have a lot in common such as the fact that they both feature programmable ecosystems where developers can host decentralized applications. However, given that scalability is one of the biggest issues affecting blockchains at the moment, Cardano and Ethereum take on different approaches […]

Banks cut off Binance: What does this mean for crypto investors?

U.K. financial regulators are cracking down on Binance which is currently the world’s leading crypto exchange by trading volume. The UK’s Financial conduct authority FCA made a ruling on the 26th of June that cut off the exchange platform from the U.K.’s main payment systems. Right after FCA’s ruling ordering Binance to “halt all regulated […]