What is a Stablecoin? Types of Stablecoins

When you think about cryptocurrency, the next possible term that will come to your mind is volatility. Then, stablecoin might follow. Crypto’s volatile feature makes the population wary of its potential to become a standard payment method. Bitcoin and other cryptos fulfill the goal of eliminating the third party during a transaction. But crypto’s fluctuation […]

Crypto Adoption: Turning Stablecoin Issuers to Futuristic Banks

The year 2021 has enabled the crypto industry to flex market muscles and create new trends while there is an ongoing global adoption. Amidst all these, the market hit a recent capitalization of three trillion dollars. Although this happened over a short while as the crypto market is relatively known not to have stability because […]

Stablecoin Regulations: Transparency as a Benchmark to Begin With

Stablecoins have gone on to establish their relevance in the crypto space. That’s because they have proven over time that market participants or traders can leverage stablecoins to preserve their portfolio capital and save them from the market’s volatility. However, critics believe that they are some gambles in disguise. Regardless of the nature of the […]

Regulators are Investigating Stablecoin: Could this Bring About Regulatory Clarity?

Regulators are Investigating Stablecoin

Stablecoins are the cornerstone of solving the volatile price swings of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, top stablecoins have seen a surge in valuation on the backdrop of an overall bullish crypto market.  However, stablecoins have recently become the target of regulators in the U.S who have raised concerns about stablecoins being a threatening sector that […]