What is HEX (HEX)?

HEX crypto token

Hex cryptocurrency is a tool used as a form of peer-to-peer staking system in which users can earn a proportional return on their stakes in the platform. On the Hex network, all transactions executed are verified by the group of validation appointed on the network and do not require any form of intermediary for its […]

PTPWallet vs. Coinbase Wallet: Best Wallet to Choose

PTPWallet vs. Conibase Wallet - Best Wallet to Choose

Choosing between two crypto wallets can be a challenge for a crypto investor or trader. Most significantly, you want to be sure that your crypto wallet is not hacked and your digital assets haven’t been carted away like the difficult times of Coinbase. Thus, this establishes that you need a wallet address to transact in […]

What is the energy web token (EWT)?

Energy Web Token crypto token

Energy Web Token (EWT) is the operational token for the Energy Web Chain platform, a blockchain-based virtual machine designed by the Energy Web Foundation to support application development for the energy sector. The token is designed as an important component on the Energy Web Chain as it is used to reward or compensate the networkers’ […]