PTPWallet Merchant API

Receive & Send Cryptocurrencies Quickly, Securely!
The PTPWallet API provides Merchants with the ability to use our high-tech services on web-based browsers. Merchants receive full access to instant, fully anonymous transactions, the ability to push customers to engage in a referral program, and much more!

How it  Works

  • Step1
    Sign up to create a PTPWallet account. Pass the KYC. On the Payment Gateway (API), add your business. This can be the name of your website/online store. Once this has been done, you will receive a Public and Private Key.
  • Step2
    When clicking on the buttons “Copy” or “Share”, you will see different types of icons with their HTML codes. Feel free to choose any icon that will be shown on your website/online store. Then, add our Secure Payment icon to your platform.
  • Step3
    When the customer is choosing a payment method, they will see a button which will allow them to pay in crypto currencies. When the customer pays, the funds usually arrive in your PTPWallet account within seconds.

Install  PTPWallet

If you are planning on integrating our API into your business model, you will need to first create a PTPWallet account. This can all be done via your smartphone (via the App Store or Google Play Store) or via the PTPWallet Web Version. Once you create a wallet account, you will then be able to fill in the necessary forms and receive the API Key.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum (all ETH-related tokens/coins)
...and many other cryptocurrencies!

Why PTPWallet  Merchant API?

  • mobile-friendly, instant transactions

    As you know, time is money. Therefore, having your customer wait more than 1 minute for a crypto transaction to process increases customer turnover. With PTPWallet, all internal transactions are instantaneous.


    No longer be annoyed when payment processors take more than they should. With PTPWallet, for all internal (domestic or international) transactions, we only take 0.5% in the currency of the transaction. No GAS fees. Transaction fee is taken from the receiving end; therefore, further keeping customers happy.

  • only 0.5% fee per transaction
  • your security is our priority

    If you work with cryptocurrencies, your main priority is security. At PTPWallet, we take the security of our clients very seriously. High-tech security with full encryption of all transactions within the platform. No one will ever know how much funds you have in a specific account.

Icon  Examples

  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Bitcoin Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Ethereum Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Litecoin Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Ripple Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner

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