White Label Payment Gateway

We provide our partners with the opportunity to offer its clients a cryptocurrency payment platform, all under its own brand and for all types of goods and services.

With The White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Solution, You Can:

Why Choose PTPWallet - The Best White Label Payment Gateway for Your Merchants?

Simple Integration

For the Owner of the White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway, getting it setup fully will take several days. However, for the business (Merchant) that wants to use the platform to sell its goods or services, it will take a few minutes. A Merchant can create several stores that can be located in different countries, all of which can accept a different local currency to sell their goods or services.

Accesses and Safety

The White label Owner can connect as many employees as necessary to the platform. Additionally, the Merchant can give access to each of its stores’ representatives to the platform without fear of non-sanctioned withdrawals. Withdrawal from the account of the Owner of the White Label or the Merchant is done only by the holder of the account, and only through double verification. One of the main advantages of the payment gateway is that the platform has unique functionality for consolidating currency balances, allowing an Owner of a White Label, or the Merchant, to withdraw funds from their platform without having to leave behind funds.

Secure Transactions

Our White Label software is used and tested in accordance with the latest security standards. Security protocols and processes are constantly being improved to ensure the safety of confidential data and protection against all types of emerging threats. One of the main advantages of the payment gateway is that the platform has unique functionality for consolidating currency balances, allowing an Owner of a White Label, or the Merchant, to withdraw funds from their platform without having to leave behind funds.


The White Label architecture is designed to support your business wherever you are. The platform is constantly monitored by our engineers and if there is a need to expand capacity, the capacity of the platform will automatically be increased. There are enough opportunities for individual development for those who need special functionality.

Fraud Prevention

Our White Label crypto payment gateway services advanced tools to support businesses in the battle against fraud. Our cutting-edge in-house built fraud management features help businesses protect revenues while minimizing expenses and administration costs related to fraud.

Referral Solution

Our referral solution was created mainly for White Label sales representatives, individuals who want to expand the Owner’s business. The referral program allows such individuals to earn from each business brought to the White label platform.

No Chargebacks

Businesses have to suffer big setbacks due to chargebacks. Entrepreneurs often complain that they lose a lot of cash due to chargebacks. We do not provide chargebacks.

Refunds are a unidirectional payment in which customers use goods and administration for free, announcing false accusations against the business to their FIAT Credit Cards organization. We limit this activity.

Other benefits

- You can add your cryptocurrency in the payment gateway.
- Instant transactions with excellent security.
- Transaction fees are low compared to other providers.
- Quicker uptime process without any delay.
- Withdraw your money at any time and day of the week.
- Not having to worry about chargeback fraud.
- Professionally built blockchain technology and completely secure.

Choose Your Plan

Starter Plan

Good for: The Starter Plan is designed for website developers who want their clients to implement a crypto payment gateway, and at the same time, receive revenue from each of their clients’ transaction. This plan is also very convenient for customers who want to purchase Pro and Enterprise Plans, but first want to test their business model.

Pro Plan

Good for: The Pro Plan is designed for companies who, under their own brand, plan to provide their networks with the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency for goods sold. Pro Plan owners receive transaction fee revenue from their clients’ transaction fees.

Enterprise Plan

Good for: Enterprise Plan is designed for companies that plan to develop a crypto payment gateway business under their brand to carry out retail transactions in the country in which they operate in. They receive maximum flexibility under this plan for the development of their business, with direct company support.

Merchant Tools

Shopping Cart Plugins

Our official list of prebuilt plugins and integrations for the most popular ecommerce platforms.



OpenCart 4x

OpenCart 3x

OpenCart 2x

You can create various plugins yourself using the provided Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway API.

The Premier White Label Solution

Go to market quickly with a competitive payment solution branded as your own.

FAQ for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

The overall process can take around 7 days for White label Owners and 1 minute for the Merchant. The actual timeframe, however, varies from business to business.

This is done by the PTPWallet Compliance Officer or by your Company. You will be able to see the results of the checks and manage them in real time.

The company provides the Customer Support platform to each White Label Owner. The White Label Owner can provide the Customer Support themselves or transfer the support role to our company.

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