Synergy of Financial Technologies

Nature has no bad weather. Every season of the year is good in its own way. Spring is a birth, a beginning. Summer is a riot of colors of life. Autumn is the harvest, preparation for the completion of the annual cycle. Winter is rest, recuperation. And spring again…   This cyclicity corresponds to the […]

How to Integrate Cryptocurrency into Your Business

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have come to show us a new world that developed a new concept of what money means. Of course, when we think of crypto, the first name that comes to mind is Bitcoin, but we have seen many different cryptocurrencies developed through the last years, as well as other options. Our financial […]

Why Your Company Needs White-Label Crypto Solutions

Blockchain is one of the best ground-breaking technological innovations of the past decade. By enabling decentralization, blockchain and cryptography are the key features underpinning the latest iteration of the internet web 3.0. The new internet version will see the world shift from centralized to decentralized systems characterized by transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness. Already, various industries […]

Why Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways are Growing in Adoption

Banks have long been a cornerstone of our global economy, serving as gatekeepers for cross-border payments and facilitating international commerce. However, they are far from perfect. In fact, with the exorbitant fees and long processing times often associated with these transactions, many people are turning to digital alternatives for better security, efficiency, and convenience. One […]

Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Tokenization

Traditionally, investing in real estate has involved purchasing interests directly from developers or through other avenues that require extensive vetting and due diligence. However, with the emergence of real estate tokenization, investors can easily access a variety of real estate projects and asset classes without having to manage their investments directly. Because of this simplified […]

What are fan tokens? Everything you need to know about them

If you are a football fan, you might have noticed that some of the biggest teams in the world are increasingly launching fan tokens. The more notable ones are AC Milan and PSG, which have increased engagement through fan tokens. So, what exactly are fan tokens? A fan token is a cryptocurrency issued by a […]

PTPWallet: Why Businesses Need White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions

The cryptocurrency space is expanding with the increasing individual involvement in crypto. Business owners, startup founders, and companies seek ways to leverage the digital currency community daily. As such, people now seek to build and own their cryptocurrency platforms. While building a cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch may be expensive, it is cost-effective to leverage […]

10 Best Crypto Wallets In 2021: Ranked and Reviewed

10 Best Crypto Wallets

In a world where personal information and data are the most common fraudulent attack, managing personal finances safely and securely is vital. While the concept might still be new to some, cryptocurrencies have actually been around for more than a decade. And as mainstream crypto adoption exponentially grows, so does the demand for a safe […]

How PTPWallet Enables Companies To Raise Capital Cheaply, Efficiently & Quickly

PTPWallet and IPO

Humanity has witnessed some great advancements over the years. The invention of blockchain was definitely one of them. It has enabled individuals to regain control over their finances among other things. However, for companies, raising capital is still a long and tedious process. Especially when companies need to abide by strict regulations. But is there […]

Why Do You Need A White Label Crypto Transaction Solution?

white label crypto

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market hit an all time high. However, it wasn’t just prices that soared. Active cryptocurrency users hit numbers that were never seen before. As of 2021, it is estimated that there are over 300 million crypto users worldwide. That number is only expected to grow. This shows that the adoption of this technology is […]

What Can Be Improved In PTPWallet?

Improvements in PTPWallet

Core State Holdings, Corp. is pleased to announce that the website has been completed for the Company’s client Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB).