Cardano and Solana Creating Innovative Paths for NFT “Explosive” Growth

The association of “digital ownership” to virtually anything is experiencing a hike in adoption as the exploding tokenization of securities and valuables happens each day. Although the concept and existence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been in place, they didn’t gain popularity until last year. The Q3 of 2021 came with more than $10,000,000,000 NFT […]

Is Solana Outgrowing Ethereum with Gas Fees and Transaction Speed?

Due to the recent industry maturity in the crypto space, the market capitalization for top cryptocurrencies keeps changing. An instance is the case of Solana (SOL), which has recorded more than 2,500 transactions every second. As a result of this, its value is making a moon ride. In over a year, Solana’s price had grown […]

Emerging Blockchain Networks are Gaining Popularity

Over the years, the blockchain industry has significantly expanded. New networks to overcome the shortcomings of current blockchains are emerging. Ethereum has become a major inspiration for the emergence of these blockchains. The smart contract, consensus, scalability, and open-source features have been improved in the new networks. Examples include Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and many more. […]

What is Solana (SOL)?

Solana crypto token

Solana is a new blockchain protocol for massively scalable decentralized applications that also solves the problems of speed and cost. It is the first commercially viable and scalable network to power the decentralized web. Its architecture is like a traditional database in which data and queries are always on fast storage. Underneath, it can process […]

Solana (SOL) gains 13,000% year-to-date to become the 6th largest coin

Solana, a protocol that leverages the blockchain’s permissionless design to offer DeFi solutions, has become an internet sensation after the impressive performance of its native token, Solana (SOL). The coin has gained more than 13,000% since the year began, becoming a favorite investment for many in the crypto space. As a result, the coin surged […]

Solana (SOL) continues making moon shots; Flips DOGE to take 7th place


Solana, an open-source project that leverages the permission less nature of the blockchain to offer decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, has recorded strong performance over the past few weeks. As a result, the network’s native coin SOL has been on a bullish rally that has seen it continue surging even as leading cryptocurrency correct downwards. This […]