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Tokenized Fan Community

Fan Tokens give you the ability to influence the official decisions of your favorite teams. You’ll also unlock VIP rewards, access exclusive promotions, play games, and gain fan recognition.

white label public offering


Fan Tokens are cryptocurrencies that allow users to access various perks associated with a club membership, such as voting on club decisions, rewards, product design, and other unique experiences. Fan Tokens can be used by sports clubs, musicians, streams and influencers, and other organizations. Fan Tokens allow to democratize and organize experiences, establish club leadership, and more.

How Do Fan Tokens Work?

Fans can buy and trade digital tokens just like other cryptocurrencies. When trading, the price of the Fan Token is usually set by the Seller. It can also change depending on the movement of the markets and the popularity of the token.

Once users have access to a certain amount of Fan Tokens, they are given the right to vote on various issues related to their favorite club. The matters on which fans can vote depends largely on the club, but may include:

How To Buy Fan Tokens?

Fans must purchase your fan tokens through a crypto wallet or an exchange. We will create for you your own branded wallet and exchange. Fans will purchase these tokens using their smartphone or a computer.

These tokens can be associated with a team or a club, and are rare digital assets providing access to an encrypted voting mechanism and member registration process. Fan Tokens can also be used to buy and trade on your marketplace different forms of entertainment. It is possible to make Fan Tokens exchangeable for other Fan Tokens.

Famous Fan Token Examples

There are over 50 world renown football clubs that operate Fan Tokens: Juventus, AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Valencia CF, and others. Organizations such as the UFC and some NFL teams have also implemented their own Fan Tokens.

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