Privacy Policy

PTPWallet Privacy Policy
1. Overview
At PTPWallet, we prioritize your privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your Personal Data. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to articulate how we manage, retain, process, share, and use your Personal Data when you utilize our website or avail our Services. Please note, this Privacy Statement doesn’t pertain to Services or Websites we do not manage or control, including those used by other PTPWallet Users. To understand this statement better, refer to the Terminology section for meanings of capitalized terms. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy measures which are not covered in this statement, please reach out to us.
2. Collection of Personal Data
PTPWallet might accumulate various pieces of information when you interact with our Websites or utilize our Services, which includes:
  • User Registration and Information: When setting up an Account to use our Services, we collect essential Personal Data to provide and fulfill the Services you requested. The data may comprise your name, address, phone number, email, and other identification details.
  • Transaction and Activity Details: As you use our Services or visit our Websites, for transactions or other activities like purchasing from merchants or transferring money to acquaintances, we record information regarding the transaction and other related data such as transaction amount, invoice number and address, merchant details, emails, usage data, device information, and geolocation details.
  • Information on Participants: When you engage with our Services, we gather Personal Data you offer about other participants involved in the transaction.
  • Friends and Contacts Information: To facilitate smoother transactions with your friends and contacts, you may choose to link your contact list information with your account. This helps in enhancing your experience while using our Services. If you Create an account between your device or a social media platform and your Account, we will use your contact list information in order to improve your experience when you use our Services.
  • Additional Service Specific Information: If you opt for specific online Services or additional Services, we may collect extra information from you, which will be explained through a separate notice at the time of collection if it differs from the information usage mentioned in this Privacy Statement.
  • Data from Unbranded Services: We might collect Personal Data when you use unbranded Services associated with PTPWallet. Such Services are accessible without logging into an account. For our unbranded payment Services, your interaction is with the merchant, on their platform, and if you are not an Account holder or decide to create an Account at a later time, we will collect and store all necessary information that you provide. The details can also be connected to your account to enhance the Service experience.
  • Third-party Sources Information: We may acquire information about you from third-party sources, such as merchants, credit bureaus or data providers, where permitted by law.
  • Additional User Information: We may collect other information when you communicate with us or respond to surveys, enhancing our understanding and support for users.
Non-Account holders: Even without an account, we collect essential Personal Data to process transactions, prevent fraud, and comply with law requirements. This data might be associated with your account, should you decide to create one in the future.
3. Retention of Personal Data
We retain Personal Data to comply with legal or regulatory obligations and to facilitate our business operations. Data might be retained for extended periods if it serves our legitimate business interests and isn’t prohibited by law. In case your account is closed, we take measures to mask Personal Data but retain the right to access and retain Personal Data to comply with applicable laws, as detailed in this Privacy Statement.
4. Processing and Utilization of Personal Data
We process your information for various reasons, including:
  • To manage and provide the Services and operate the Websites, including facilitating payments, ensuring secure account access, credit checks, and keeping your account and financial information updated.
  • To monitor, analyze, and improve the site and service performance and functionality, as well as to manage business needs.
  • To manage risks and protect you and the Services from fraud through identity verification and utilizing Personal Data and other collected information to prevent fraud and abuse of Services.
  • To offer personalized Services on third-party platforms and Websites and to provide location-specific offers or functionalities if you choose to share your geolocation information.
  • To adhere to our obligations and enforce the terms of our Services, complying with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • To facilitate easy connections with others by using the information you have shared with the service to suggest connections with people you may know or want to transact with through our Services.
  • To respond to your queries and requests, such as contacting you regarding a query you submitted to our customer support team.
Your privacy is our priority at PTPWallet, and we are dedicated to safeguarding your Personal Data as you use our Services.
5. Information Sharing Policies
Your personal information may be shared by us in several ways as outlined in this segment. Here are the various scenarios where your data might be shared:
  • Within the PTPWallet Corporate Network: Your personal details may be shared with entities within the PTPWallet corporate network to fulfill various objectives such as facilitating the Services you’ve signed up for or approved, risk management, thwarting illegal and fraudulent activities, and ensuring the seamless functionality and connectivity of PTPWallet products, Services, and communications.
  • With Service Providers Collaborating with Us: We may disclose personal information to third-party service providers who carry out Services and functions under our guidance and for us. These vendors might, for instance, offer Services, verify your identity, assist in transactions, advertise our products and Services, or provide customer support.
  • With Partnered Financial Organizations: Personal details might be shared with other financial establishments that have collaborated with us to develop and present a product. These institutions can use this data to promote and provide PTPWallet-related products, unless you consent to other uses. This information might also be utilized to process transactions, offer you eligible card benefits, and update your financial details accurately.
With Other Participants during Service Utilization: Information about you and your account might be shared with other participants involved in the transaction process when you use our Services. This includes other users you transact with, merchants, and their service providers. This sharing might encompass:
  • Essential personal and account data to facilitate transactions;
  • Information to assist other participant(s) in dispute resolution and fraud prevention;
  • Cumulative data and performance analytics to help merchants comprehend users better and enhance user experiences.
With Other Third Parties for Business or Legal Requirements: We might disclose your information to other parties for PTPWallet’s business objectives or as mandated or permitted by law, which includes:
  • Complying with legal, regulatory, or governmental directives;
  • Responding to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal requests applicable to PTPWallet or its corporate network;
  • Preventing physical damage or financial loss or in relation to the investigation of possible unlawful activities, at our discretion;
  • Safeguarding an individual’s vital interests;
  • Enforcing user agreements or other legal conditions related to any service;
  • Protecting our assets, Services, and legal rights;
  • Facilitating a transaction involving the purchase or sale of part or all of PTPWallet’s business;
  • Assisting in shipping and related Services for purchases made through a service;
  • Managing risk and preventing fraud against us, our users, and fraud involving our business partners, strategic ventures, or others;
  • Reporting to credit agencies and collection agencies;
  • Planning mergers or acquisitions; and
  • Supporting our audit, compliance, and corporate governance functions.
Upon Your Consent: We may also disclose your personal details and other data with your permission or as directed by you, including when you authorize a connection with a third-party account or platform. Additionally, PTPWallet might supply aggregated statistical data to third-parties, including other businesses and the general public, about the patterns and reasons users visit our Websites and utilize our Services. This data won’t identify you personally or disclose your site or service usage patterns. We refrain from sharing your personal details with third-parties for marketing intentions without your approval.
6. Integration with Other Services and Platforms
In the near future, it may be possible for PTPWallet’s Services to have the ability to link your account with a third-party account or platform. In this Privacy Statement, an “Account Connection” refers to a link you establish or authorize between your account and a non-PTPWallet account or platform under your lawful ownership or control. During such an authorization, PTPWallet and the third-party may directly exchange your personal details and other information. Examples of account connections encompass:
  • Associating your account with a social networking site or messaging service;
  • Linking your account to a third-party data aggregator or financial service firm, provided you share your account login credentials with them; or
  • Leveraging your account to conduct transactions with a merchant or permitting a merchant to bill your account.
Should you opt for creating an account connection, we might receive details from the third-party concerning you and your utilization of their service. We will treat all information received from a third-party via an account connection in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Information shared with a third-party based on an account connection will be utilized and disclosed as per the third-party’s privacy policies. Prior to authorizing an account connection, you should review the privacy notice of the third-party that will receive your Personal Data. This means that data shared by PTPWallet with a third-party account or platform might subsequently be shared with other entities, including the public, based on the third-party’s privacy practices.
7. How Does PTPWallet Utilize Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms?
During your interactions with our Websites, use of our Services, or when you visit a third-party site where we offer online Services, we, alongside our commercial partners and vendors, may employ cookies and various tracking tools (collectively referred to as “Cookies”) to identify you as a user. These tools aid in personalizing your online journey, tailoring the Services you engage with, and adapting online content and advertisements; they facilitate effective promotional strategies, analytics, and help in risk mitigation and fraud prevention, fostering trust and security throughout our Websites and Services. Note that disabling or refusing Cookies might restrict or halt your access to certain features or areas of our Websites and Services. We encourage you to peruse our Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms Policy to understand better how PTPWallet employs Cookies.
8. What Options Do You Have Regarding Your Privacy?
We respect your autonomy in making choices concerning the privacy policies and communications detailed in this Privacy Statement. Your options will often be outlined when you register for or utilize a service, or during your browsing experience on our website. Helpful guidelines and prompts will be available at various points as you use our Services.
  • Options Pertaining to the Collection of Your Personal Data
    • PTPWallet does not compel you to share Personal Data; however, opting out may limit your access to specific or all Services.
    • Your accessing device may gather data, including geolocation details and user statistics, which PTPWallet might later assemble and utilize. To control the accumulation and usage of such data, refer to your device’s settings.
  • Options Pertaining to the Utilization of Your Personal Data
    • Online Tracking and Tailored Advertising. We collaborate with partners and third-party vendors to bring you advertisements using advertising-related cookies and web beacons. You may opt to be excluded from third-party advertisement-related cookies and web beacons, in which case, our advertisements would not be personalized for you. Our advertisements will still be visible on third-party Websites.
    • Mobile Device Monitoring. You can choose to avoid tracking and receiving personalized ads on your mobile gadgets by various mobile ad companies and other similar entities by utilizing the advertising partner’s app to make changes.
    • PTPWallet’s Personalized Services on third-party platforms. Manage your preferences for PTPWallet Services personalized and offered on third-party platforms via your Account. Additionally, we offer guidelines and prompts to assist you in managing your preferences within the Service experience.
    • Connecting and Networking Preferences. From your service account, you can manage how you find and connect with others.
  • Options Concerning Account Linkages
    • When connecting your account to a third-party account or platform, such as a social media account, you may control your connection preferences from either your Account or the third-party platform. Consult the privacy policy of the respective third-party platform for more information regarding available choices.
  • Options Concerning Cookies
    • You may find tools to manage your preferences regarding cookies. For instance, your browser or internet device might allow you to delete, disable, or block specific cookies and other tracking technologies. Learn more by visiting While enabling these options is your choice, it might inhibit your use of several essential features and functionalities of a Service or Site.
    • As you use a Service or visit sections of a Site, you might have choices regarding the employment of cookies and other tracking technologies. For instance, a Service or Site might ask for your consent to “remember” certain details about you, utilizing cookies and other tracking technologies as permitted by you.
    • Understand more about our stance on cookies and tracking technologies by visiting the Statement on Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms page
  • Options Regarding Registration and Account Details
    • Your Account allows you to review and amend Personal Data. Log in and update the information directly or get in touch with us for assistance. Reach out to us if you lack an Account or have queries about your Account details or other Personal Data.
  • Options Regarding Communication
    • Notice, Alerts and Updates From Us:
      • Marketing: We might forward marketing materials concerning our Websites, Services, products, jointly offered products with financial entities, as well as products and Services from non-affiliated third parties and members of the PTPWallet corporate family via various channels, such as emails, texts, pop-ups, push notifications, and messaging applications. Opt out from these marketing communications by following the guidelines provided in the messages you receive. Additionally, you can adjust your communication preferences in your Account settings. For push notifications, manage your preferences on your device.
      • General Information and Other Messages: We send communications that are mandatory or necessary for users of our Services, containing vital details and other messages as per your request. You cannot opt out of these communications, but you may alter the medium and format through which you receive these notices.

9. What Rights Do You Possess?
You possess specific rights concerning your Personal Data, including access and correction rights. To exercise these rights, please get in touch with us.
10. How Does PTPWallet Safeguard Your Personal Data?
We implement a combination of technical, physical, and administrative security strategies designed to offer reasonable protection for your Personal Data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, loss, and misuse. The safeguards in place comprise firewalls, data encryption, physical access restrictions to our data facilities, and authorization controls for information access. While we are committed to securing our systems and Services, you bear the responsibility for securing and maintaining the confidentiality of your password(s) and Account/profile registration details and verifying the accuracy and current status of the Personal Data we have on file for you. We hold no responsibility for the protection of any Personal Data that we share with a third-party based on an account connection authorized by you.
11. Are Minors Allowed to Use Our Services?
Our Websites and Services are not intended for, and should not be accessed by individuals below the legal age. We do not knowingly gather information, including Personal Data, from minors or other individuals who are not legally permitted to use our Websites and Services. If we discover that we have inadvertently collected Personal Data from a minor, we will take steps to delete it promptly, unless we are legally bound to retain such data. Contact us if you suspect that we have unintentionally gathered information from a minor.
12. What Additional Information Should You Be Aware Of?
Updates to This Privacy Statement: From time to time, we may update this Privacy Statement to align with changes in our business operations, the Websites or Services, or to comply with prevailing laws. The revised Privacy Statement becomes effective from the published effective date. In the event of significant changes, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance by posting a notification on the “Policy Update” section of our website. We might also inform users about the change through emails or other means. Cross-border Transfers of Your Personal Data: Our operations are supported by a network of computers, cloud-based servers, and other infrastructure and information technology, including third-party service providers, we and our third-party service providers might store and process your Personal Data outside of Canada, in the United States and other global locations. Rest assured, wherever your Personal Data is transferred, we will protect it as described
13. Terminology
  • ‘Account’ refers to a PTPWallet member account.
  • ‘Device Details’ represent information that is automatically gathered from any device utilized to visit the Websites or use the Services. This data might encompass, but is not confined to, the type of your device, your device’s network connectivity, the name assigned to your device, the IP address of your device, details concerning the web browser in use and the internet connection facilitating access to the Site or Services; Location Data; specifics regarding apps installed on your device; and biometric information (for example, fingerprint recognition to authenticate your identity).
  • ‘Location Data’ indicates information that accurately pinpoints your location through means such as GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell site triangulation derived longitude and latitude coordinates. A portion of our Services might request your consent to access your current location. Certain Websites and Services necessitate this data to deliver a particular product or online service. If you decline the collection of location data, it might hinder the optimal functioning of our Websites or Services when you attempt to utilize them.
  • ‘PTPWallet’ refers to the payment gateway digital asset called PTPWallet that is owned by Core State Holdings, Corp. In the context of this Privacy Statement, PTPWallet is alternatively denoted as “we,” “us,” or “our.”
  • ‘Personal Data’ defines information that can be linked to an identifiable or identified individual. This category of data includes elements like names, addresses (which includes both billing and shipping addresses), telephone numbers, email addresses, payment card details, other financial account details, account numbers, birth dates, and official documents (like driver’s license number, passport, and Social Insurance number).
  • ‘Process’ defines any approach or technique employed to manage Personal Data or groups of Personal Data, potentially through automated means, including actions like collection, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, modifying or altering, retrieving, consulting, transmission disclosure, dissemination or other forms of making available, aligning or combining, restricting, erasing, or destructing Personal Data.
  • ‘Services’ encompass all products, Services, content, features, technologies, or functionalities, as well as all associated Websites, applications, and Services rendered by PTPWallet.
  • ‘Websites’ refer to the Websites, mobile applications, official social media platforms, or other online mediums where PTPWallet offers the Services and which displays or links to this Privacy Statement.
  • ‘Technical Usage Data’ pertains to data acquired from your phone, computer, or other devices that you employ to access the Websites or Services. This data provides insight into your interaction with the Websites and Services, including aspects like your search and viewing patterns on the Websites, your usage mannerisms of our Services, your IP address, analytics concerning page loading or viewing, the webpages you visited prior to arriving at the Websites, and other usage and browsing data accumulated through Cookies.
  • ‘User’ represents an individual who avails of the Services or visits the Websites.