MiCA: Shaping the Future Landscape of Cryptocurrency Regulation on a Global Scale?


The approval of MiCA (Markets in Crypto-assets) by the European Parliament, which sets forth requirements for the cryptocurrency market, is expected to have implications for centralized exchanges operating in the EU. The implementation of a unified set of rules could potentially facilitate the entry of digital asset-related companies into the European market. However, it may […]

India’s new crypto regulation bill moves to ban private digital assets

India is back at it with crypto after its government said it would introduce a new bill to regulate digital currencies in the Winter session of Parliament. A report unveiled this news on November 24, noting that this bill will effectively call for the banning of most private cryptocurrencies. However, the bill will exempt specific […]

Stablecoin Regulations: Transparency as a Benchmark to Begin With

Stablecoins have gone on to establish their relevance in the crypto space. That’s because they have proven over time that market participants or traders can leverage stablecoins to preserve their portfolio capital and save them from the market’s volatility. However, critics believe that they are some gambles in disguise. Regardless of the nature of the […]