What is Telcoin (TEL)?

Telcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be distributed by your national Telcoin operator and made available to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

It is the first cryptocurrency to harness the synergies between the reach of mobile Telcoin providers and the fast, borderless, and decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Since it is a lot easier to access mobile phone services than banking services, Telcoin aims to capitalize on that fortune.

Telcoin is offered to mobile network partners known to provide their customers with seamless access to the digital economy. These services include online remittances, transfers, payments, and eCommerce. The development will also provide the necessary marketing and product development resources to nurture its ecosystem, in a joint effort with the Telcoin partners. “

Telcoin’s objective is not to compete with Telcoin mobile money but to cooperatively participate in the overall mobile money ecosystem. They see themselves as a complementary solution; a tool that will increasingly bring users to mobile money, cryptocurrency-backed solutions, and mobile wallets

Their goal is to become one of the cornerstone financial inclusion efforts of the 21st century and they also intend to cooperate with actors who we believe can play a critical role in this process, namely mobile network operators.

Telcoin operators are issued TEL based on their transaction volume and integration maturity to accomplish this goal, ensuring the most efficient delivery of an affordable remittance service to their subscribers.

Then, Telcoin connects existing mobile money platforms to the decentralized financial system of the future, beginning with a globally marketed remittance service aligned with the Telcoin industry.

Telcoin will implement an alternative “proof of stake” algorithm for issuance, whereby only GSM Association Full Member mobile network operators and their virtual network partners (MVNOs) will have a right to be issued Telcoin.  

To maximize the attractiveness and adoption of Telcoin, they will encourage mobile networks to not apply any transaction fee on top of the standard Telcoin and Ethereum transaction fees. Telcoins would, however, have the right to apply fees and Telcoin will not attempt to prevent this or otherwise fix pricing. Telcoin will deduct the sum of any applied fees or taxes, or other premium costs for obtaining Telcoin, from the issuance amount – thereby creating a zero-sum situation and supporting effort to keep prices as low as possible for consumers. 

TEL is the official utility token of Telcoin, an ERC-20 token that allows users to access it while using their mobile operators, so for other wallets to integrate fully with Telcoin, their developers will need to integrate with more than the cryptocurrency itself, but with the Telcoin.

Who Are the Founders of Telcoin (TEL)?

Claude Eguienta serves as the CEO and Co-founder. He has a history in distributed systems and founded Kabotip.

Paul Neuner serves as a Co-founder and chairman. He has a background in Mobile Telcoin Fraud Management and founded Mobius. 

What is Telcoin (TEL) Used For?

One of Telcoin’s main uses is that it allows for effective remittance to and from money platforms, increasing the adoption of Partner mobile money. This means users can access the Telcoin app and wallet whilst connecting to their prior finance platforms.

The users are allowed a free passway to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Now, that users can gain access to other forms of finances, it will help increase eCommerce and thunder banking rates.

Also, users can easily purchase and transfer top-up airtimes in any denominational currency.

Telcoin can also be used to facilitate mobile game drops, disbursement of international aid, encourage roaming spending, and help in taxation finance compilations using its smart contract.

What Is the Unique Point of the Telcoin (TEL)?

Telcoin can easily fit into existing fee models for connecting to carrier billing and mobile money platforms, but any fees applied are then deducted from TEL issuance. Also, Telcoin’s pricing and exchange API interacts directly with carrier billing and mobile money platforms through REST APIs, SMS, and USSD. Telecoin can integrate with existing Telcoin mobile money wallets offering subscribers an additional remittance merchant.

How Much TEL is in Circulation?

Telcoin has a circulating supply of 57,289,406,904 million TEL tokens.

Is Telcoin (TEL) Network Secured?

To ensure security, Telcoin has employed and appointed security experts and has relied strictly on Blockchain technology. Their website is static and hosted on a provider that allows for secure 2-factor authentication, limiting hacking risks.

Also designed in the development is a secure infrastructure principle such as separation of concerns (modular architecture in which each module does only one thing) and the least privilege (modular architecture in which each sub-part in the system only has access to the subset of data it needs).

Combining these principles, and other general security best practices, even if the user SIM was hijacked, their computer compromised, or their phone compromised, user data will theoretically be unreachable.

Concerning wallet security, those wallets typically hold keys that allow users to execute transactions on the blockchain. On the Ethereum blockchain, those security issues can be mitigated using smart contracts acting like multi-signature wallets.”

A multi-signature wallet requires a certain number of participants to sign for a certain subset of operations to be executed. An example could be a wallet with daily limits and require several participants to sign to withdraw larger amounts.

How do I buy Telcoin (TEL)?

Telcoin offers loads of benefits and incentives whilst having the opportunity to gain easy access to cryptocurrency, payment, airtime top-up all at an amazing rate. To enjoy benefits like the ease of acquiring cryptocurrency, faster payment, and a secured network, the TEL token is necessary. Its adoption rate has increased and made it steadily available across several platforms. To buy TEL tokens, the steps below provide.

the right direction to purchasing their tokens. 

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer your specific fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy TEL tokens through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Telcoin (TEL)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as Telcoin tokens. Because of its speed, flexibility, and unique features, it has grown to become one of the most used new platforms. In addition, users can easily use PTPWallet as their main Telcoin wallet as it offers a simple and interactive interface, making it easy to navigate its system.


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