Core State Holdings Planning To Add AABB Gold Into CannaSOS.Shop

Core State Holdings, Corp. is pleased to announce that the Company is in the final stages of implementing a third-party API allowing AABB Wallet to provide real-time market rates specifically for gold. This feature will allow AABB Gold (AABBG) token to be traded at a more accurate exchange rate. The third-party name is not currently disclosed, but the business receives its data from financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank.

Additionally, Core State Holdings, Corp. is looking into adding AABBG into CannaSOS.Shop as a payment method. CannaSOS.Shop is an online marketplace being created by Core State Holdings, Corp. for the existing ecosystem. The marketplace will be aimed primarily at the legal health & wellness and hemp sectors, with over 2,500 businesses showing interest in placing their products up for listing. The platform is expected to have over 600 categories of legal products for users to choose from and is expected to accept FIAT and cryptocurrencies as payment.

AABB Gold Token release

The main payment processor for this platform will be PTPWallet. Due to the fact that, with the launch of the AABBG, PTPWallet will automatically have the AABBG token as a currency option for users, it is very plausible to see AABBG being used for the payment of goods and services on the platform. Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) has already shown pre-approval for this scenario.

Currently, CannaSOS is home to thousands of products up for display and millions of yearly users. With the launch of CannaSOS.Shop (expected towards the beginning of Q2, 2021), is estimated to see over 450-500,000 users (on top of the existing ~ 350,000) within the first month, with the site achieving over 750,000 users per month by July of this year.


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