OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 Making Waves in the Cryptocurrency Community

GPT-4 Model from OpenAI is Now Available for Use

On March 14th, OpenAI launched the latest GPT-4 model of their artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has garnered significant attention due to its upgrades from the previous versions of their chatbot, ChatGPT. As a result, there was a surge in AI token prices.

According to OpenAI’s developers, the GPT-4 model boasts enhanced reliability, manageability, memory, and multilingual capabilities, in addition to the ability to comprehend and interpret images. If a user provides images to the bot, the AI can propose multiple alternatives that involve those elements.

The OpenAI project has become a focal point in the tech industry. The race for the most advanced AI developments is being spearheaded by leading players in the technology sector.

The Impact of ChatGPT on the Cryptocurrency Market

The crypto market has also been swept up in the AI fever. At the start of the year, the AI token segment was flooded with hype, with the most popular tokens being the talk of the town and breaking daily trading volume records. However, there are still conflicting opinions within the crypto industry regarding the potential for blockchain and AI integration.

One successful example of an AI token taking advantage of this trend is CryptoGPT, a layer 2 blockchain solution built on Ethereum. The platform utilizes encrypted zero-knowledge technology to monetize data, offering a novel approach to profiting from technological advancements. The token’s listing announcement caused a significant surge in its value.


The developers of ChatGPT have a vision for the future where AI can assist smart contract developers in their work. One way this could happen is by using smart contracts and AI to automatically enforce payment terms or release funds based on specific conditions.

OpenAI shared test scores that demonstrated GPT-4’s capabilities. According to the results, it scored in the top 10% of test takers in a simulated bar exam. In contrast, GPT-3.5’s score was in the bottom 10%. GPT-4 also scored 163 on the LSAT exam, placing it in the 88th percentile. The LSAT is a requirement for admission to law school in the United States.


As expected, the announcement of the release of the GPT-4 version led to a resurgence of AI tokens and subsequent rallies. The top-performing tokens included The Graph (GRT), SingularityNET (AGIX), Render Token (RNDR), (FET), and Oasis Network (ROSE), with most of them showing double-digit gains. AGIX saw the most significant increase, jumping by 36%.



Opportunities for Investors: 5 AI Tokens with Low Prices and Potential for Strong Growth

Covalent (CQT)

Covalent Network’s native token, CQT, is used to access the project’s information aggregation services, which gather data from various sources, including nodes and blockchains, to provide personalized wallet information and investment performance across all digital assets to end users.

With a current trading price of $0.1756 and a market capitalization of approximately $86 million, CQT has a maximum supply of 1 billion coins. The token is available for purchase on major centralized platforms such as KuCoin and Kraken.

Binance was one of the early investors in Covalent Network, and since most of the projects funded by Binance Labs eventually list on the exchange, CQT has the potential for significant growth.



Measurable Data Token (MDT)

Since 2014, the Measurable Data Token (MDT) project has been working towards the creation of a decentralized system that enables secure and anonymous exchange of data between suppliers and buyers. The MDT network’s native coin is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 1 billion.

MDT is listed on Binance, and despite its small market capitalization of $70 million, it has a high daily trading volume.



Vaiot (VAI)

Founded in collaboration with IBM in 2018, Vaiot is a company that specializes in developing blockchain-based AI assistants and smart contracts, aimed at providing automated services and transactions for businesses and consumers.

The native token of the Vaiot network is called VAI, which is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 400,000,000 coins. It serves as a settlement method and incentive for users to secure the network and avail services at discounted rates. Vaiot is currently listed on the KuCoin exchange and has a market capitalization of approximately $25 million.vai

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain, established in 2017, aims to construct a blockchain-based computing network that is infinitely scalable and high-performing, and to become the principal infrastructure in the 5G+AI era.

The market capitalization of DeepBrain Chain stands at $24 million, and it is available on Huobi and The coin is a fascinating, albeit hazardous, investment owing to its inexpensive price, excitement around AI, and potential for listing on prominent exchanges.



Big Data Protocol (BDP)

Big Data Protocol is a platform that aims to tokenize commercial data and services, making them more liquid through the use of Uniswap. The BDP project’s native token has a market capitalization of $15 million and is available for purchase on various centralized exchanges such as and MEXC. While investing in BDP has the potential to be highly lucrative, it also carries a significant amount of risk.



AI token perspectives

The AI tokens market has rapidly surpassed $1 billion in capitalization, which is a significant achievement. The hype around this sector has caused even previously forgotten coins to rise in value. The lack of regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies could be a significant barrier to the growth of this emerging trend. Furthermore, some AI projects may be too complex for many community members.

 There are several possible use cases for blockchain and AI, including secure and confidential token exchange between smart devices, algorithm monetization, NFT image generation, and trading strategy creation for non-custodial platforms. However, investors should exercise caution and realize that many AI tokens lack fundamental value and rely heavily on marketing efforts, without offering anything particularly innovative to the industry.


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