What is The graph (GRT)?

The graph is a decentralized protocol that allows developers, users, and merchants to organize, query, and index blockchain data. It can successfully read extremely complex data directly from the blockchain, with more recent successfully read projects like Uniswap and NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The graph network or ecosystem consists of 3 major parties that provide special services to the Web3 applications and also serve data. These parties are indexers, curators, and delegators. We also have the developers and consumers who help develop the functions, use the applications and data.

To ensure the protocol is completely secured and the data are of high secrecy and integrity when being queried, the participants are required to use the Graph Token. The Graph Token (GRT) is the official utility token of the Graph network that is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to allocate resources.

Through this token, the three major parties are Indexers, curators, and delegators get paid proportionately for the amount of work done and effort contributed to the network. 

Peradventure a developer intends to receive adequate index information about Board Ape Yacht data, it will require full tasking of the blockchain properties like finality, chain reorganization, uncled block complicate which requires time energy, and most importantly effort.

Rather than developers building their server to process transactions, save the database, build and connect the API needed to query the data. The graph has allowed developers to access their decentralized protocol that allows for easy indexes that enable the performant to efficiently query the required blockchain data.

The graph works by automatically index Ethereum data based on the inputted subgraph descriptions, known as the subgraph manifest. These subgraph descriptions control or defines the desired smart contracts, this includes the events in those stipulated smart contracts. 

This decentralized protocol pays attention to how and what these contracts entail and maps out data to data events that the protocol will then eventually store in its database. It uses the graph CLI to store the inputted description in its IPFS and then tells the indexer to start indexing the required data for that subgraph.

Who Are the Founders of The graph (THE GRAPH)?

The graph was founded in 2018 by co-founders Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann, and Brandon Ramirez; these three had previously worked on other startups with aim of creating tools to help developers.

Tal was inspired to create the Graph after experiencing the difficulty it required to create dApps on the Ethereum platform, he collaborated with the others to create the first decentralized indexing project. The ultimate goal of the project was to create an app accessible to anyone to creating dApps without the need for servers or a central body.

Yaniv Tal served as the Project lead from January 2018 till now. Before that, he served as a partner and software engineer at a functional foundry for 4 months in 2017 and also as the CEO of Workflo for one year in 2017. He studied at the University of Southern California where in graduated with a B.sc in Electrical engineering; he also went to Westminister College where he graduated with a Physics minor.

Jannis Pohlmann served the role of a co-founder and tech lead in this startup. Although he currently serves as a co-founder and engineering lead at another startup named edge & node. He attended the University of Lubeck where he graduated with a B.sc in Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction.

Brandon Ramirez served as a co-founder and research leader and is currently in the same startup as Pohlmann serving the same role. He studied at the University of Southern California, graduating with a B.sc in Electrical engineering, Robotics, and Controls.

What is The graph (GRT) Used For?

The graph has several uses for developers, merchants, and consumers. It is a protocol embedded with tools that allow data and information acquisition easier and less energy-consuming. 

Benefits of The graph to developers

Through the Graph network, developers can create functioning dApps easily. The decentralized protocol has beaten the difficulty that accompanies Ethereum and allowed developers to source the queried data and use it on the blockchain.

To delegators, curators, indexers

Delegators, curators, and indexers perform services on the Web3 applications and are rewarded with GRT tokens as a payment for their services. These fees are the charges mounted upon some activities developers and consumers partake in.


Consumers can access and utilized these developed projects easily, access the stored data and queries, and partake actively in the ecosystem using the GRT tokens.

What Is the Unique Point of The graph (THE GRAPH)?

The three parties that work actively to keep the network rolling

Unlike other protocols that only allow for role-playing and interaction if the official utility token is held. Theis decentralized protocol creates defined roles for some sections of people whose jobs are to facilitate the day-to-day running of the network. These parties as aforementioned earlier include:


They are subgraph developers who access high-quality subgraphs and attach the GRT token to the ones that need to be accessed or queried.


They are the node operators tasked with the responsibility of providing indexing services to the chosen subgraphs; they also attach GRT tokens to them.


Distribute GRT tokens to the indexers which then contributes to the smooth sailing of the network.

Over 20 billion hosted queries

From the onset of its official release, the protocol has boasted about 20 billion successful queries from over 2000 users.

Easily accessible data

Through the embedded tools, consumers can gain easy access to any data required.

How Many THE GRAPH is in Circulation?

GRT is the official crypto asset of The graph. There are approximately 4.72 billion GRT tokens in circulation out of its maximum supply of 10.1 billion with a market capitalization value of 4.08 billion United States dollars.

Is The graph (THE GRAPH) Network Secured?

Since the platform has an Ethereum related structure, it is proposed that it is secured with a Proof of Stake consensus. it also included the GRT tokens as collateral to validate transactions and rewards the users a proportional value of the staked amount of tokens. The official network also promises to be safe and secured for use.

How Do I Buy The graph (THE GRAPH)?

Sign up

The graph (THE GRAPH) is a project and has been existing for a long time. They are listed on several exchange platforms for sale and exchange. All you have to do is to sign up a member by providing necessary details such as your name, email, SSN, licensed document, and profile. This information should be inputted carefully and correctly with the aid of a stable internet supply.

Once you have signed up successfully, you will receive a designated public wallet from the exchanger. These wallets are not 100% safe and coins kept there are liable to be hacked.

Buying GRT tokens

These platforms offer versatile modes of payment, which may include your debit or credit card or other financial apps like Paypal or Payoneer. Type in the number of GRT tokens you need. The platform will direct you to an already linked payment platform.

After linking up the payment method, or inputting your debit or credit card details, confirm the transactions from both parties: your bank or financial app and the exchanger, Withdraw the purchased tokens to your wallet. Ensure you have your personalized wallet asides from the one provided by the exchanger, it is recommended you get your own hot or cold external to avoid theft.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports The graph (THE GRAPH)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as The graph. Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their The graph wallet because offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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