What is Verasity (VRA)?

The Verasity network is a dedicated next-gen platform used mainly for video share but also harnesses the top qualities of traditional systems such as crowdfunding or advertising and eliminates the need for intermediaries thus preserving the value of the community. The network is able to achieve this via a combination of protocols involving proof of value system, as well as its programming streaming system which allows virtual sports competitions such as PUBG Mobile. This gaming platform is one of the strongest points of the system and facilitated it’s coming to existence according to its whitepaper. The website merges all products pushed by the Verasity system into a single platform that is owned and under the control of Verasity.

The network also has a series of other products, one of which is Verasity.tv, a system that was created for publishers on platforms like Twitch, Brighgcive, Kaltura, YouTube, FlowPlayer, and several others to provide a cheaper and more accessible means to generate revenue from their work. In general, most advertisers are unwilling to spend their resources on most of the popular platforms like Facebook and Google because of the general increase in the use of bots.

Who are the Founders of Verasity (VRA)?

The Verasity network was founded in May 2018, by a team of professionals with a track record of success in the entertainment industry at large. The team has been in collaboration since 2017 and currently works full-time in making the network better daily.

Verasity was founded by Mark R.J, who largely had involvements in carrying out research, as well as development models of several compression algorithms that facilitate streaming applications used in the United Kingdom’s Action TV in 200. He went on to serve as the CEO of a data management company called Datagard. Mark went on to establish and manage several other companies in the privacy management and media technology line before moving in to start his own company. He is well experienced with over two years of dealings in the world of streaming applications and media technology.

Other team members at the Verasity network included David Archer, the director of the Verasity Foundation. Archer is a legal practitioner with a degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Other specialists in the team with varying programming language backgrounds include Kyrylo Bibik, Dmytro Medianik and Sergy Molybog. Their main job is the development and management of the technology stack, as well as other team members.

What is Verasity (VRA) used for?

In general, creatives all around the world strive to monetize their products or content effectively on video platforms. There is a universal view that people have about online videos which limits their effectiveness as people are not even interested in watching ads.

In addition to that, there are also other pressing concerns such as fraud and fake news. This, coupled with a limited metric system to measure the transparency of the audience, the value of the content or product delivered is skewed. As such, this essentially removes the value from the content, leading to problems of content monetization and the recommendation engine used by the platforms becomes flawed by extension.

What Is the Unique Point of Verasity (VRA)?

The most unique advantage offered by the Verasity system is the technology providing its proof of view system which is globally considered as the first protocol later with a patent capable of producing secure, verifiable, and specific metrics for tracing audiences. The platform users are able to play and earn on the Verasity Esportfightclub system. The watch and learn SDK offered by the platform already has a user base of around 2 million publishers, most of who get around 550 million views and, in a month, 110 million views.

The Verasity network also offers its users an optimally built system that facilitates the functions of broadcast publishers seamlessly. This functionality is being run on a transport protocol called the UDP system and supports direct cloud broadcasting. The system has also undergone several tests with more than 8 PB of monthly data. Additionally, the SDK/OVP integration system used is a perfect tool for content creators, as well as video publishers who Push videos on a large scale without any major changes to their existing workflows.

The platform also has waterfall and stack functions which help with the mitigation of timeout problems which would ordinarily happen from having several service switching points in addition to networks in one stack. Advertisers are allowed to purchase VRA to mend as a form of reward system for their viewers. The preprogrammed partners on the network relay the video adverts and after each view, VRA tokens are paid to the viewers. The system also rewards viewers for holding their VRA tokens as a means to encourage and increase the demand for the token across both organizations and individuals.

How many Verasity (VRA) coins are in circulation?

After the creation of the Verasity network, the total amount of tokens released was pegged at 10 billion VRA tokens, and of that amount, around 4.47 billion tokens are currently in circulation. The system introduced a dedicated burning sequence which permits the foundation to buy VRA tokens back and then burn them to ensure that stability is upheld on the platform and the value of its tokens are consolidated. VRA tokens can be insured on the platform based on the level of participation in the network’s ecosystem which involves gaming, viewing, or buying VRA tokens on exchanges.

Is the Verasity (VRA) Network secured?

The Verasity network was developed under Ethereum’s ERC-20 standards and by extension is protected by the same algorithm used by Ethereum known as the proof of stake system. This system provides a combination of the verasity’s proof of value technology in the allocation process of VRA tokens to participants on the network who have earned them. The mechanism is mainly used for reward-based systems. In the same way, many of the top meme coins have gained major value on the Ethereum network, so does the Verasity network aim to make major waves via the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I buy Verasity (VRA)?

The crypto-based solutions provided by Verasity have changed the game in the video industry not just for consumers but for creators to also be able to measure their progress in advertising their products. Additionally, its reward system for users which pays people on VRA tokens to use its services has also led to its general availability across several exchanges. Currently, VRA tokens can be easily bought by taking the following steps.

  • The first thing is to create an account with the crypto trading platform,
  • After, you will need to transfer a specific amount of fiat money to your crypto account through the funding options.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you can purchase your VRA tokens.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Verasity (VRA)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Verasity (VRA). The system supports a large majority of platforms including the VRA token among several cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their  Verasity wallet because it offers a simple Verasity interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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