What is WINkLink (WIN)?

WINkLink crypto token

There are many requirements in the application of smart contracts in the real world ranging from securities smart contracts such as bonds, interest rate derivatives that require access to APIs reporting market prices and market reference. Insurance smart contracts that need data feeds about IoT data related to the insurable event in question. Trade finance […]

What is Verasity (VRA)?

Verasity crypto token

The Verasity network is a dedicated next-gen platform used mainly for video share but also harnesses the top qualities of traditional systems such as crowdfunding or advertising and eliminates the need for intermediaries thus preserving the value of the community. The network is able to achieve this via a combination of protocols involving proof of […]

What is Xyo (XYO)?

Xyo crypto token

The XYO coin is an Ethereum based token that powers a decentralized network of systems that collect and validate geospatial data anonymously. In general, there has been a surge in the invention of trustless, blockchain-based smart contracts, as such, a need for oracle services that integrate the outcome of a contract has grown in demand. […]