What is Saitama (SAITAMA)?

The Saitama token is a platform that is aimed at developing several cryptocurrency solutions to enlighten the next generation of investors in the Defi world through its community-based system. It also serves as an avenue where cryptocurrency as a concept is made simpler so everyone can understand it. Based on information in its white paper, its main focus was on the grooming of investors in Gen z, most of whom already have a negative approach to finance.

The Saitama network has the vision of providing these prospective investors with the content and teaching them the tools required to make money through investment engines, thus opening them to a world of endless possibilities.  To achieve that, the platform will be focusing on the development of its ecosystem, which includes the provision of a smart wallet system, a marketplace for the execution of trades, a content platform with several channels, and a launchpad for NFT based solutions.

The Saitama network is presently in its third stage, out of a 5 stage roadmap system as stated by the whitepaper. The system by extension is working on expanding itself by undertaking a marketing campaign through social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok to help raise awareness and help the system reach its basic target of 100,000 holders. Achieving this on the system will more than likely go in line with launching different parts of its ecosystem. It also plans to fuel its integration and use by pledging to make donations to several educational charities and student bodies. 

Who are the Founders of Saitama (SAITAMA)?

Similar to most of the meme coins springing up in recent times, the Saitama was founded by an anonymous party. However, the whitepaper used by the system was launched by the creator in the previously mentioned version in May 2021, but the project was later renounced by the owner due to some personal reasons. Later, a group of individuals who share the same level of respect for the cryptocurrency solutions that we’re to be provided by the network overtook the project and continued its development.

Currently, the team is headed by a YouTuber known as Steve@RocketCrypto. He is well known in the world of technology as he has over 56,000 people subscribed to his channel. In the early days of the team taking over, Steve was only aided by six of her individuals, however since it has gained major traction, it has expanded. Now the company comprises over 40 individuals across several departments.

What is Saitama (SAITAMA) used for?

The main goal behind the establishment of the Saitama network is to provide a solution to one of the most neglected problems combating the world of blockchain technology. The system aims at creating a channel where potential investors from the younger generation can gain first-hand knowledge about how the principles of investment work, along with how they can be applied to the world of cryptocurrency.

SAITAMA is the dedicated cryptocurrency of the platform which serves the purpose of facilitating transactions within the network. Additionally, it also holds value outside the network, and as such, it can be traded with another cryptocurrency such as XMR pairs to earn major profits for its holders

What Is the Unique Point of Saitama (SAITAMA)?

Unlike many of the other altcoins based on memes available in society currently, the Saitama network promises to create an entire ecosystem that will enhance the value of its token in the virtual marketplace. The system plans to make additions like its wallet system known as the Saitamask Wallet which was expected to launch at the end of September. The system is a smart wallet platform that has the principal goal of enhancing how easy it is to execute crypto transactions on its ecosystem. It also provides a function that allows investors to track their investments in real-time. They also get direct access to a collection of education platforms in addition to the NFT store, as well as the marketplace already promised.  

The SaitaMarket on the other hand is essentially a marketplace that facilitates the purchase and sale of goods and services by community members on the platform. According to the platform, the SaitaMaker system is expected to be a launchpad vehicle for NFT-based projects pushed by the Saitama community. The network further added that the part of the system tagged Efutainmeng will be designed to have multiple channels for its content with different formats predicting teachings on how to go save, invest the savings, money management skills, and also to create opportunities for more wealth for themselves.

How many Saitama (SAITAMA) coins are in circulation?

The native cryptocurrency of the Saitama network is known as SAITAMA. Upon its creation, it had a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens. Of that amount, 55% was burned before its release, and 4% was kept in its reserve for the provision of initial liquidity on the platform. Presently, a total of 45% are in circulation. Furthermore, the Saitama system operates on a patented deflationary approach to its tokenomics. It does this by burning 2% of each token. By doing this, the team can constantly decrease the total supply still in existence, thus increasing the value of the token.

Additionally, the platform also has an “anti-whale trap” protocol which is responsible for preventing users with huge holdings from manipulating the price of the coin and preventing it from dumping. Currently, it is unclear if this protocol extends beyond price spillage while selling tokens.

Is the Saitama (SAITAMA) Network secured?

The Saitama ecosystem was built under ERC-20 specifications as released by the Ethereum blockchain.

The ERC-20 standard for tokens is a system that most of the new cryptocurrencies in the market follow while they are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is currently one of the largest blockchains available and the is even made more grounded by the large smart contract system providing an avenue for Defi applications to be created. The system is protected by a dedicated proof of work consensus mechanism. The mechanism requires miners on the network to mine new Ether tokens and uphold the safety and security of executing transactions on the network. It also features a protocol where transactions are validated by a collection of decentralized nodes, a process that by extension keeps the platform’s security level optimal.

How do I buy Saitama (SAITAMA)?

The Saitama network opens its users to several avenues of learning, while also requiring them with the right tools to make informed investment and money management decisions. Because of this goal, more people have entered into its ecosystem, making it largely adopted by virtually everyone entering into the crypto world as a novice. SAITAMA tokens can be easily purchased by the following steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy SAITAMA through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Saitama (SAITAMA)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Saitama (SAITAMA). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can use PTPWallet as their Saitama wallet. Additionally, the PTPWallet offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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