What is Saitama (SAITAMA)?

Saitama crypto token

The Saitama token is a platform that is aimed at developing several cryptocurrency solutions to enlighten the next generation of investors in the Defi world through its community-based system. It also serves as an avenue where cryptocurrency as a concept is made simpler so everyone can understand it. Based on information in its white paper, […]

What is Sandbox (LAND)? Why is Virtual Land in Metaverse Trending?

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn game that utilizes blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs to allow players to design and build their games and digital assets and customize them. After the debut of SAND Alpha and the incorporation of the 3D metaverse, the Sandbox (SAND) has seen a significant increase in on-chain action. Also, the blockchain-based platform […]

The Esports Universe: Blockchain Gaming, DAOs, Guilds, and Rage Quitting

The growth rate for E-sports is enormous, and the utilization of blockchain technology has resulted in innovations. Blockchain gaming is revolutionizing how gamers interact with games. Additionally, DAOs are developing new models for collaboration and economic engagement. In-game assets have been a part of video games for a while. From items such as coins and […]