What is Revain (Rev)?

Revain is a virtual blockchain-based platform that is used for token reviews, and also allows developers to get feedback on their executed projects on the Ethereum network. It also has a protocol system that incentives the provision of high-quality reviews by the authors.

The Revain network was the first system that provided a combination of the features of regular review sites with the incorporation of blockchain technology. The fundamental objective of the Revain platform is to facilitate a system where there is genuine feedback on a global scale for products that use innovative technologies such as the blockchain industry.

The network also implements some underneath features such as its manual review system and artificial intelligence tools which ensured that feedbacks on the system are of the highest quality. Some of the integral features of the system include

  • Legitimate review system. The Revain network does deal in third-party content as it only makes use of original information from the variety of experts working within the system.
  • Stable system: The Revain network is run with two different tokens which allow for the smooth operations of the network. The tokens are REV and RVN. The RVN is the most used within the platform as it facilitates communication between the network participants.
  • Immutable information: The system has a protocol embedded in its coding which prevents regular participants and the Revain network itself from tampering with the information of other users.

Who are the Founders of  Revain (REV)?

The Revain network was founded in 2018 by a collection of Russian experts who were based in Moscow.

Rinat Arslanov spearheaded the establishment and served as the CEO of the company. In addition to being a venture capitalist, Arslanov is also a blockchain professional who has served in the industry for over a decade.

The founding team comprises other executive members some of which include its CFO, Grigor Aproyan and Aleksey Belashenko, who serves as the current COO of the network. Apart from them, other individuals also had stakes in the company and as such help in the operations of the platform. Some of these include the platform’s CTO, Andrew Timokhin, its designer, Vlad Bocharov, the product owner,  Dmitry Bogachev, the account manager, Tatiana Muntyanu, and the digital manager, Ksenia Fendich.

What is Revain (REV) used for?

The Revain network serves as some sort of a validator for emerging technologies, not just in the blockchain industry alone, but in several other fields as well. Its services entail people giving honest and genuine reviews on a series of products and services in such a way that the platform itself is unable to tamper with the reviews. However, to ensure the reliability of the information provided, they have set parameters in place which ensure that all reviews are verified directly from the sources. This makes them reliable in the provision of their services.

The network also has two dedicated cryptocurrencies. Even though its RVN time is majorly valuable within the network, its REV token commands value even outside the network. The REV token can be exchanged with other cryptocurrency pairs, such as XRP to make a profit for its token holders.

What Is the Unique Point of Revain (REV)?

Ever since the platform kick-started back in 2018, its website states that in the short period since its operation, it has been able to amass the largest number of users in the industry. It further stated the Revain network protocol is made up of seven main blockchain divisions, including mining pools, projects, games, cards, casinos, wallets, and exchanges.

One thing that differentiates the platform from other blockchain-related systems is its use of a dial time system which increased its overall efficiency. In addition to that, the Revain system also integrates IBM Watson Tone Analyzer into its protocol.

By providing its services, the Revain system provides an avenue for companies to determine the specific area of their service provider that requires improvements or reviews. For instance, some companies may require their reviewers to provide proof of their review to further ensure credibility. Reviewers who are unable to meet this requirement run the risk of their reviews being rejected by the system.

How many Revain (REV) coins are in circulation?

In the early stages of the system, it started with the R and RVN tokens, before a few changes were made later. In March 2020, the company had difficulty integrating the R token into other systems and swapped it for the REV token. Presently, only the Rev token and the RVN are in operation on the network.

The RVN token is an exclusive stable coin that is dedicated to the Revain network but has not yet been released into circulation. REV token, on the other hand, is in circulation and can be used outside the platform. Companies that are registered under the platform can use the REV tokens to incentivize reviewers on the platform. As of February, the total circulation REV tokens in circulation is 85,061,485,690 REV.

Is the Revain (REV) Network secured?

The Revain network was issued under the ERC-20 standard as well as the TRC-20 specification standards. As such, the platform is secured by the native consensus algorithms of the systems.

A few years down the line of its creation, it was also adopted on the Binance BEP20 standard which further strengthened the existing security protocols on the network. Apart from the consensus algorithms used in the platform, the participants of the review platform also partake in its protection and as a result, earn incentives from the system to keep it secure.

How do I buy Revain (REV)?

The Revain system has made a series of provisions to the review industry by incorporating technologies that help strengthen the credibility of the results provided by the system. As such, several companies have registered under its network so that they can make use of its feedback services in getting results of how efficient their goods and services are. This has increased its popularity all over the world and the adoption of its dedicated cryptocurrency. Now, REV tokens are available across several exchanges with easy access to them. To buy REV tokens, the steps below provide the right direction to purchasing its tokens.

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy REV through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Revain (REV)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as REV tokens. Because of its speed, flexibility, and unique features, it has grown to become one of the most used new platforms. In addition, users can easily use PTPWallet as their main Revain wallet as it offers a simple and interactive interface, making it easy to navigate its system.


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