What is PandaInu (PWT)?

PandaInu is a DeFi protocol-based meme coin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allows the issuance, trade, and management of decentralized derivative assets through its upcoming PandaInu wallet. The PandaInu ultimately aims to create a free DAO ecosystem, breaking away from the oppression of traditional centralized financial systems with large-scale community activities and realizing true decentralization through autonomous circulation and growth.

Pandainu’s protocol facilitates advanced ecosystems by reducing the collateral amount. Its inherent mechanism uses lower costs with minimal usage of oracles. The PandaInu ecosystem includes the PWT tokens that will be used with the PandaInu Dapp wallet in real-time. It also creates customizable financial contracts that comprise multiple assets within the PWT ecosystem.

The PandaInu token (PWT) has entered the world of crypto and is expected to be the safest one around. It was inspired by the rare and magnificent panda beers and has made a distinguished place for itself in the meme coin industry with its unique features. It is expected to soar to a value that can easily overtake popular meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

PandaInu NFT Marketplace

PandaInu NFT marketplace platforms will create an option platform where one can mint, store, display, and trade NFTs, as marketplaces have played a pivotal role in the explosive growth of the NFT market.

PandaInu is collecting all kinds of features found in popular NFT marketplaces and 

merging all of them onto the same platform.

PandaInu gas fees and Layer 2 protocols

PandaInu NFT marketplaces will resolve the Ethereum gas fee issues first by using the efficient Layer-2 solutions like Binance smart chain and Immutable-X. The team expects transactions to consume 100 times less energy once the Panda team migrates from Ethereum to Binance Layer-2 solutions. Also, the PandaInu team is working to integrate the Binance gasless layer-2 to develop, especially to cater to NFT transactions.

PandaInu Wallet is a fast, flexible DApp browser that provides users with a seamless blockchain-integrated browsing experience. Many people believe a decentralized PandaInu wallet is a well-crafted DApp browser that enables you to jump onto any blockchain-integrated website (or DApp), initiate processes that require the approval of your blockchain wallet (like sending crypto or assets), validate the transaction with ease, and receive the resulting crypto or assets directly to your wallet.

The PandaInu wallet allows you to control all your BNB and BEP2E tokens on your mobile and web too. It uses the Secure Enclave on your mobile devices to provide you with the hardware level of security and users can access all the DeFi Dapps in the built-in DApp browser: DEXs, Yield Farming, Staking, borrowing, lending, earning, and many more. It will also help users easily receive BNB and BEP2E tokens with their ENS address. 

Users can get access to all the BSC Defi DApps with the DApp browser, connect with desktop DApps with PandaInu Wallet, control their gas fee, and enjoy speedy transactions. It does not require KYC and has superior features like speed, security, and usability.


Who are the founders of PandaInu (PWT)?

Unfortunately, there is little to no information about the founders, developers, or team members of PandaInu.

What is PandaInu (PWT) used for?

Reward and Incentives

Recently, PandaInu airdropped PWT, the platform curation token, to the users, and anyone with a PandaInu account will receive these free tokens. To ensure only high-end NFTs are listed on PandaInu marketplaces, PandaInu will be incentivizing curators with curation tokens. 

Yield farming

PandaInu NFT allows for yield farming. Because of this, the yield farmers are now using PandaInu NFTs will be a new way to leverage digital assets through DeFi protocols. 


Also, in-game PandaInu NFT trades will rise soon. Many popular games have been introduced into the in-game marketplace, and PandaInu will be the next leading NFT marketplace in the world.


How is PandaInu (PWT) unique?

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol eliminates the control of traditional banks and financial institutions over your finances. Instead, your finances are stored in secure digital wallets that make them easily accessible at anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the DeFi protocol gets rid of the high transaction charges that banks charge in return for their services.

The PandaInu Ecosystem boasts an upcoming NFT marketplace that will make trading NFTs a breeze. Trading NFTs can cost a bomb when it comes to transaction fees, but the PandaInu ecosystem enables users to trade NFTs with a lower transaction fee. Also, this ecosystem will make it possible to buy NFTs using PWT tokens from the NFT marketplace. The PandaInu wallet will effortlessly facilitate such transactions, and you can easily buy and sell your NFTs on this marketplace for PWT coins.

PandaInu helps its investors to participate in the crypto economy and decentralized finance space using its PandaInu wallet, the PandaInu ecosystem that includes assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, and decentralized financial (DeFi) applications already in place.


How many PandaInu (PWT) coins are in circulation?

The circulating supply is currently unknown, but it has a maximum supply of 475,000,000,000 PWT coins.


How is PandaInu Network secured?

The PandaInu token (PWT) features an ultra-secure decentralized crypto wallet that is not controlled by any third-party financial institutions or traditional banks. Instead, it’s governed by the world’s largest crypto communities—ECC and EIFI. The unique wallet is community-driven and features low transaction fees for its token transactions. It’s one of the most secure and intelligent Dapp wallets on the Binance Smart Chain system, allowing users to track their rewards and store their coins safely. Further, this wallet is developed to support 53 blockchains and 1 million+ asset.


How do I buy PandaInu (PWT)?

The PWT token can be used for a wide range of uses, like staking and gaming.

PWT tokens can be easily purchased by the following steps. 

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy PWT through your trading account.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports PandaInu (PWT)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as PandaInu (PWT). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their PWT wallet because it offers a simple interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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