What is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

The My Neighbor Alice platform is an interconnected network builder-game system where the players are given the avenue to build a virtual land suited to their own personal taste. Additionally, it allows them to interact with neighboring platforms to experience exciting activities on a daily basis and as such, earn rewards.  The platform is open to everyone in the world and allows them to buy a piece of land they’re interested in and execute several services such as fishing, beekeeping, and farming. On the platform, participants can be awarded for a series of activities including competitions and shared quests. It also provided upgrades to the status of the players in the game.

Participants on the network can decorate and design their purchased lands with NFTs or whatever in-game elements they can locate. Within the game, these usually have representation in the form of trees, animals, or plants. The players can also perform certain experiments within the game via its landscape and discover innovative combinations of the in-game tools. Among these are NFT creators, as well as a Game builder tool to further enrich their gaming experience as whatever unique character they want to be.

Who are the Founders of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

My Neighbor Alice is a system that provides holders of its token a series of unique advantages that cut across playing the game, investing, and partaking in the functionality of the game. It created an environment where participants can execute sales and purchase transactions and can also earn rewards for partaking in activities such as farming, and fishing. The network was founded and developed by a famous game development company called Antler Interactive.

The Antler Interactive company is a corporation that focuses on the development and redesign of a series of adventurous digital gaming systems. Additionally, they also experiment with virtual reality gaming and let veterans in the online gaming world enjoy the experience while also earning rewards. The Antler Interactive system is currently composed of a team of individuals led by Lenny Petterson. Peterson is a well-respected professional in the world of technology. Apart from his variety of business certificates, he also obtained a master’s degree from Uppsala University. After his education, he went on to land a series of executive positions at several business corporations before becoming the CEO of Antler Interactive.

What is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) used for?

My Neighbor Alice system is one of the earliest platforms that attempted to create a completely decentralized public application. The system is run as a sensational plot that follows a sequence of first attracting ordinary players before developing a system to suit enthusiasts of blockchain technology and the Defi world at large. The platform has a well-lit and intuitive interface that provides a series of features for the players to explore. It also lets the player decide how deeply they want to be involved in the decentralized features of the game.

ALICE is the dedicated cryptocurrency of the My Neighbor Alice network and facilitates the execution of transactions within its ecosystem. The token also possesses value outside the network and can be swapped with other cryptocurrency pairs such as ADA to earn profit for its holders.

What Is the Unique Point of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

Users of the My Neighbor ALICE network are encouraged to build and participate in activities such as farming. This takes effect in a situation such as allowing participants with larger investments to continuously invest and earn more over time.

The system also provides other avenues for the players to earn items in the game some of which include buying furniture or by letting out properties via its smart contract system. Additionally, the game also supports using NFTs to secure properties within the game. On the platform, when players invest via NFT, a percentage of their non-fungible token is modified into collateral. If the players who hold NFTs also wish, they are allowed to resell the assets they own to earn a percentage of the collateral, which essentially guarantees them returns on the investment.

The My Neighbor Alice video game and the Alice token are not different from most of the other blockchain-based games. One of the defining factors of the token is that it was created to facilitate and promote real estate developments, as well as its development and sale for profit. However, none of the basic protocols used by the network are exceptional, the unique qualities of the system are formed in its in-game activities and events. This included aesthetic farming as opposed to simple blockchain-based gaming alone.

How many My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) coins are in circulation?

The ALICE token has a total supply pegged at 100 million tokens. Out of that total amount, 20 million was kept in reserve while 21 million was invested into the project as an ICO. The network also had 15 million tokens assigned to its advisors and its development team. Finally, the game’s ecosystem was injected with around 16 million tokens.

My Neighbor Alice incorporated a multiplayer functionality in July 2022 and also included some other avenues for users to earn tokens on the platform. Later in September, the DAO of the network came out with additional quests, new major characters, and non-player characters as well as several other activities in its ecosystem.

According to its white whitepaper, the network plans to open a series of other play options such as integrated events, an NFT auction house, and a community in December 2021. In January 2022, My Neighbor Alice plans to hit the market with customization options for their avatars such as their clothes and hairstyles.

Is the My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Network secured?

My Neighbor Alice is an ERC-20 token that was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, the system can facilitate in-game earnings through its competitions and events. In addition to that, the ALICE token also powers the platform’s NFT marketplace allowing users to profit off their creations by trading.

Due to its development on the Ethereum blockchain, the system is secured by a dedicated proof of work mechanism. On the mechanism, the nodes are required to agree on transactions before they can be added to the blockchain, thus securing the system from hard forks and other security breaches.

How do I buy My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

My Neighbor Alice combines the thrill of gaming while incorporating an avenue for the players to earn money. As such, many players have hopped on the platform making it more mainstream. Now, its tokens are available across several exchanges and can easily be purchased by the outlined steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy ALICE through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports My Neighbors Alice (ALICE)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as My Neighbors Alice (ALICE). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their ALICE wallet because offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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