How the Crypto Market Can Help Increase Sales to Online Retailers

How the Crypto Market Can Help Increase Sales to Online Retailers

In today’s digital world, blockchain and cryptocurrency are the trending words. This led to the development of digital wallets to conveniently store their crypto assets and make instant payments via the crypto channels. Online retailers are still lagging in incorporating it despite the ease of using a crypto payment gateway. Thus, they don’t know how […]

What is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

My Neighbor Alice crypto token

The My Neighbor Alice platform is an interconnected network builder-game system where the players are given the avenue to build a virtual land suited to their own personal taste. Additionally, it allows them to interact with neighboring platforms to experience exciting activities on a daily basis and as such, earn rewards.  The platform is open […]

What is Loopring (LRC)?

Loopring crypto token

The Loopring platform is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token that was designed as an open protocol to facilitate the development of decentralized crypto exchange systems. In general, the majority of the trading that is conducted on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges is done via online platforms which are controlled by private companies in the business of storing the […]

Reports: Metaverse potential $1 Trillion market opportunity

The metaverse is a burgeoning sector in the crypto space and the virtual world. It stands at the forefront of crypto enthusiasts and gamers’ attention following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. The prices of metaverse coins skyrocketed as a result. Between early 2020 and 2021, metaverse projects have gained ten times active user traction.  In November […]