What is MetaversePro (META)?

The MetaversePro network is a financial infrastructure for the Metaverse which is fair and community governed. Essentially, the network can remain stable and dependable as it grows from the large interaction on its network.

In the current age of digital iteration, a metaverse is a virtual world that has its design basis on blockchain technology. The space creates a scene where users can work and play within a virtual reflection of real-world and fantasy scenarios. The platform is essentially an online reality system with resources ranging from sci-fi characters to dragons, as well as other more practical and familiar settings which include the likes of shopping centers, homes, and even offices in some cases.

Users of the platform can directly access the metaverse from their handheld devices or computers, however, in recent times, the system’s applications have migrated to include the use of VR headsets. Participants of the metaverse enjoy the experience of living within a digital world where they can work, play, exercise, and even socialize with other parts of the system. The users are also given the opportunity of creating their avatars by making use of face recognition software and can also set up whatever kind of business they want. It also allows them to purchase real estate, as well as create in-world content, assets and they can also attend concerts held by real-world superstars.


Who are the Founders of MetaversePRO (META)?

The MetaversePRO is a reverse system of the original Metaverse and is controlled by the $META currency. The token was issued by the MetaversePRO system on the same basis as the OHM protocol, but the virtual environment was developed for both applications in the defi sector, as well as the gaming sector.

The team behind the creation of the platform is currently made up of 12 members, with 3 of them being from the USA, another 3 from the Chinese mainland, 1 from Canada, one from Southeast Asia, and the last 4 from Hong Kong, Macao, and the Taiwan regions. All the members of the team are extensively deep in blockchain technology use and application with several years of experience to their name. According to reports from the website, the founding members are also graduates from top Ivy League schools in the US. The team is also individually skilled experts in specific parts of the development of the project, with applications of the skill set ranging from graphic design to front-end development, as well as marketing among other areas and it also includes two top KOLs. While the team of creators shares the singular quality of anonymity like in the case of the Bitcoin network, many of its members are claimed to be well-known across the blockchain industry and hold well-proven track records, thus the reason for the market’s enthusiasm for their participation.


What is MetaversePRO (META) used for?

In general, Olympus is known as the most basic blueprint that is followed by all forks based on the Metaverse protocol and so far, the success of its application has been repeatedly reported across several platforms. As a result of this vast success, the core provisions of the MetaversePRO network now cuts across its DAO front, Bonds, and created Staking protocols. Although the platform claims to understand the impossibility of replicating the success of the Olympus DAO which was based on the same technology. The platform boasts to have delivered a system that can match the DAO of its competitors while also integrating the current industry trends and realities to its blockchain to improve its optimization on a broad scale.

As have been proven in all the previous blockchains, the dedicated token used in the MetaversePRO also holds value outside the network and presents the opportunity for the token to be exchanged for other pairs to earn a level of profit for its holders such as USDC and BUSD.


What Is the Unique Point of MetaversePRO (META)?

The MetaversePRO network was developed on the Binance Smart Chain, and according to its team, they chose the BSC network because it is a representation of the optimal intersection that exists between the Metaverse and the real world. Additionally, the Metaverse universe existing on the Binance Smart Chain is presently experiencing a growth level that can only be described as phenomenal, and that growth has spread to several parts of the network, right from its use of GameFI application to its DeFi section. MetaversePRO is focused on the development of a fair institution that is focused on the secure and safe issuance of its dedicated tokens.

In general, the DeFi world has been actively focused on the Olympus DAO platform because the system not only created an entirely new operating model, it also made the system significantly dependable. Presently, the Ohmies are largely available all over the Defi world but are majorly focused on the development of new communities and other parts of Defi technology. Just like the provisions of the Olympus platform, the MetaversePRO plans to be integrally linked to the GameFI world. According to the system, it plans to divert a significant portion of its resources to GameFI and make it the major entry point into the Metaverse as a whole. It will also serve as an indispensable bond protocol aimed at solving many of the problems faced by GameFI projects in their early stages. Additionally, its use of interchangeable tokens allows the platform to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships.


How many MetaversePRO (META) coins are in circulation?

Upon the creation of the MetaversePRO network, its dedicated token, Meta was released with a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens. Currently, the amount of tokens in circulation is unavailable.

In its distribution model, a total of 82% was assigned to the presale, then 10% to the team and according to details on its website, the tokens are expected to be staked to increase returns for the members of the network. 5% was dedicated purely to airdrops and other marketing endeavors, the last 3% of the token supply was assigned for the initial liquidity of the platform.


Is the MetaversePRO (META) Network secured?

The MetaversePRO system was designed via the Binance smart chain after the success of several Metaverse-based systems on the network. It was partly created to develop a world where all the community members can experience financial freedom on a grand scale and can also enjoy the thrill of a digital world.

Because it was developed on the Binance smart chain, the platform is equipped with the same security protocol as the Binance ecosystem. As such, the platform is protected by a delegated group of individuals who are focused on ensuring the security of the platform by making sure the transactions being executed on its network are extensively scrutinized and each transaction is vetted by a large number of network users before it’s added to the blockchain.


How do I buy MetaversePRO (META)?

The additions that have been made to the blockchain world by the MetaversePRO system have been substantial and based on the success of other platforms that were deployed with the same protocol, the model still has a long way to go. Now, more people are looking to partake in its provisions and experience its version of a digital world. This is easily achievable through the purchase of its dedicated tokens.

  • First, create an account with a supported crypto exchange platform.
  • Deposit a specific amount of fiat money to the crypto account.
  • Then, Purchase your META tokens.



Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports MetaversePRO (META)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as MetaversePRO (META). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their META wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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