What is MetaplayersGG (FGS)?

Gaming, as a term, has come a long way in the past few decades since its birth during the 1990s. Not so long ago, the average person associated video games with silly graphics and rudimentary gameplay, only enjoyed by outsiders sitting in dark rooms. 

As technological improvements made it possible, the whole concept of video gaming went through an exponential progression. From a technical point of view, today’s games are reaching the boundaries of photorealistic graphics, replacing the classic 8-bit noises with the cutting-edge sound design above industry standards, and on the creative side, 

As of today, the global gaming market is worth more than $138 billion, with analysts estimating it to surpass $200 billion by 2023. Currently, 2.81 billion people play video games on desktops, consoles, and mobile phones daily, with an estimated increase to reach 3.07 billion by 2023.

MetaPlayers takes a different approach to goals than most startups. The MetaPlayers’ team does not prefer false promises and unachievable milestones but believes that setting realistic visions with the best possible effort and constantly pushing the limit is the key to long-term success. They aim to implement this exact concept and point of view into their exciting new social platform called metaplayers.gg.

The platform itself wants to achieve no smaller goal than to connect every single eSport industry participant in a decentralized and safe environment, furnished for the user or partner’s personal needs. MetaPlayers believes customization is the key to satisfying everyone. 

The platform is open to well-established companies looking forward to expanding their online presence and engagement; players wanting to improve their skills and profit from it later on; collectors who want to trade rare skins and gaming NFTs; and professional streamers who intend to monetize their talents by helping others through tutorial videos and other creative content.

The bridge between eSports and crypto is $FPS. It is an investment opportunity in eSports and a utility token that will be used to pay for tournament entries, create prize pools, buy gaming NFTs, and more on metaplayers.gg.

Who are the founders of MetaplayersGG (FPS)?

There is currently no information about the founder or leader of MetaplayersGG.


What is MetaplayersGG (FPS) used for?

Community building 

MetaplayersGG unites gamers together on their website. There they can get in touch, chat, and follow each other. 


Their agency department provides consulting and sponsorship for professional gamers and streamers. 


MetaPlayers devotedly supports beginners and casual players with several educational tools and channels.

eSport Tournaments  

MetaplayersGG and its partners organize major gaming events and championships with high-reward pools. 

Partnership Program 

Their Partnership Program was created to make promoting metaplayers.gg much more lucrative. 

NFT & Gaming Marketplace 

They created a whole new gaming-specific marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs and in-game items such as skins.


How is MetaplayersGG (FPS) unique?

Only around 1200 professional eSport organizations can make a living thanks to their gaming. Currently, 131 of them are above $1 million in overall team earnings. It proves that a social platform and network are needed to properly connect 500 million participants in a decentralized, safe, and fair environment. Hence, only a few gamers can monetize their skills and abilities in this rapidly growing industry.

Esportmanager.com offers a comprehensive gaming service with an opportunity to win money without significant investment. The backend system is based on blockchain technology that offers several key advantages. The usage of smart contracts makes the following claims realistic – players do not have to rely on the system to be sure that winnings and payments are fair and clear. 

They can easily verify game fairness by integration with major eSport game APIs, and due to blockchain technology, they can be sure that the payments are made according to the rules previously approved by all parties. The secure, automatic escrow system in place ensures fair platformand instantaneous payments. 

Nevertheless, users can always raise a support ticket with any query or request. While metaplayers focus on the social media aspect combined with other gaming-related functions, the other self-made  esportmanager.com, is designed to handle everything related to esports events and tournaments. Already functioning as intended, the site lets users to Amateurs have slight chances to earn revenue through gaming or to engage with professional players and teams in any way. 

On eSports manager, users find opponents similar to their skill level, form communities with like-minded players, organize and host custom tournaments, challenge better players or earn money through challenges, and bet on eSport matches using our digital currency, FPS token.


How many MetaplayersGG (FPS) coins are in circulation?

The official cryptocurrency of the MetaPlayers Universe is the FPS Token that will be used on Metaplayers.GG and eSportManager.com to purchase tournament entries, create prize pools, collect rewards and acquire gaming NFTs. MetaplayersGG keeps establishing new partnerships, creating more opportunities and use cases for the holders, while constantly redistributing 2% to them from buying and selling fees.

The token is used for a wide range of uses like:

Tournament entries

Entry tickets for paid tournaments will be only purchasable with FPS on metaplayers.gg or esportmanager.com.

Prize pools and rewards

The majority of prize pools will be created and rewards will be paid out in FPS tokens.

Partner merchants

FPS will be accepted at partner gaming stores, marketplaces, and eSport bars at discounted prices.

Purchase NFTs and items

NFTs, in-game items, and skins will be purchasable with FPS token.


FPS is a great opportunity to invest in the exponentially growing eSports market.


FPS will be used to pay for professional coaching services within our ecosystem.


2% is continuously redistributed to holders from buying and selling fees.

Discounts in the MPU

All partners within the ecosystem will provide their services at a discounted price for fellow members.

There are exactly 4,127 holders, and it has a total volume worth $810,050 and is distributed as follows:


  • Liquidity  70% 
  • Development  10% 
  • Marketing  10% 
  • Community 10% 


  • Product development  24% 
  • Marketing  24% 
  • Presale  20% 
  • Team   20% 
  • Community / airdrops 10% 
  • Private sale  2% 

Buy/Sell Fee

  • Marketing  1% / 2% 
  • Development  1% / 2% 
  • Redistribution  1% / 2% 
  • Community prizes  0.5% / 1% 
  • Liquidity  0.5% / 1%


How is the MetaplayersGG network secured?

MetaplayersGG is being audited by Cryptall, a popular decentralized auditing company that analyzes the smart contract’s logic, examines the smart contracts against conventional and unconventional attack vectors, verifies the codebase, and ensures it meets the current Industry standard, and best 

practice, cross-reference the Project against the implementation, contract, and 

structure of similar industry-leading projects, and an elaborate line-by-line manual review of the entire codebase.

Their security experts audited the FPS Token smart contracts in cooperation with Cryptal against possible vulnerabilities and logic bugs that could lead to financial or reputational loss. The goal of this audit was to uncover potential security vulnerabilities to inspect its general the the architecture and design of the solidity implementation of the business model, as well as finding bugs that could imperil the software in production. They found it seemed fit for public usage.


How do I buy Metaplayers.GG (FPS)?

The FPS token can be used for a wide range of uses, like staking and trading.

FPS tokens can be easily purchased by following the following steps. 

Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy FPS through your trading account.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Metaplayers.GG (FPS)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as Metaplayers.GG (FPS). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their FPS wallet because it offers a simple interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate.


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