NFTb Gaming: A DeFi and NFT Platform Revolutionizing In-game Assets Value Recognition

Despite the growth of NFT in recent months, game creators are facing difficulties in launching new projects in the marketplace. This is due to the absence of interoperability in the industry. Recognizing this, NFTb—a multi-chain NFT and DeFi platform—is creating the first cross-chain project to eliminate this barrier and allow game creators to launch a new project on other platforms.

The Development Leverage

2021 witnessed an unregular growth in the non-fungible token (NFT) market. The demand for top-notch NFTs keeps increasing while the market keeps maturing. Participants seek ways to buy, sell and earn income via digital assets in the NFT space with ease.

Although many marketplaces are built to support NFT collection, creators are finding it difficult to launch their projects and leverage the decentralized finance (DeFi) world. Creators seek efficient alternatives that will enable them to kick-start projects and solve their liquidity concerns for in-game collectibles and the mystery of audience engagement.

With the desire to increase this growth, participants believe that there should be efficient interoperability. This will enable users, blockchain, and crypto to communicate when required efficiently. This cross-chain capacity will unlock communication between blockchain networks. As a result, there will be unlimited data and information exchange.

Recognizing this innovative loophole, NFTb Gaming addresses creators’ concerns to build a collectible gaming marketplace that allows interaction within the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem. This development will rebuild the marketplaces and unlock DeFi games’ original value.

NFTb’s platform will allow creators to increase their in-game collectibles’ liquidity and establish interaction within the gaming ecosystem. This will result in a multi-chain NFT and DeFi platform for the crypto communities.

NFTb platform is willing to award gamers the exact value of their in-game inventory. With this, they can exploit their gaming collectibles and transfer accumulated value to another game through a cross-game bridging system. This is a new DeFi opportunity to leverage for game owners.

An Intuitive Model for Enthusiasts

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was the initial marketplace where NFTb was launched as a premium NFT marketplace. But their willingness to listen to their audience convinced them that leveraging the same technology can help gamers discover more advantages to having digital assets.

The platform is built around users’ accessibility and ease of use. As a result, the company is adding features targeted at particular communities within the NFT marketplace. This aspect makes sure that you cannot build the same open NFT marketplace except you alter the user experience.

To make this a reality for gamers within the NFT marketplace, NFTb is working with Alper Esen—a gaming technology expert. Likewise, NFTb is now part of Blockchain Gaming Alliance to collaborate with blockchain leaders in the gaming ecosystem to create the best user experiences for gaming collectibles on marketplaces.

This developmental process created an NFT marketplace that allows social networking, analysis, and gaming on one platform. This replicates the gaming features on Steam. Its launchpad makes it easy to build community support and accrue funds for the projects. While doing all that, creators award enthusiasts with rare NFT accessibility.

In addition to the exciting features from NFTb, gamers are creating another revenue model for themselves by redeeming valuables earned as game users. These valuables are from collectible rent out with DeFi capacity. Likewise, you can now finish bounties placed by publishers.

One more unique feature that sets NFTb apart is the engagement tactics made available to new creators. This allows individuals interested in a project from another community due to a rare item to join the community by swapping the same item with the same rare value from the other project.

Creating a Future Path

NFTb is causing a massive wave in the NFT and DeFi marketplace because it directly incorporates charity options that first came as an income share split scheme. This feature makes it easy for artists or creators to share a pre-determined amount with a selected charity group.

All along, NFTb partnered with GiveWell, the Binance Charity Fund, and Watsi for this charity scheme. Recently, they partnered with the Binance NFT platform to increase the liquidity of digital assets that are of high value.

Any Expectations from NFTb?

The future of gaming combined with NFT and DeFi will set the tone differently for game developers in the blockchain ecosystem. Growth is pertinent for NFTb as they are constantly working around DeFi innovation while introducing their gaming model. Likewise, they are looking to incorporate their platform in communities of blockchain ecosystems like Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL).


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