Why Your Company Needs White-Label Crypto Solutions

Blockchain is one of the best ground-breaking technological innovations of the past decade. By enabling decentralization, blockchain and cryptography are the key features underpinning the latest iteration of the internet web 3.0. The new internet version will see the world shift from centralized to decentralized systems characterized by transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness. Already, various industries such as finance, health, travel, sports, and even tours and travel are integrating blockchain technology to offer more effective and user-oriented services.

If you are operating any business today, then you must be thinking about how you can leverage this technology to remain competitive in the market. However, deploying blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions could be challenging. The technologies are still considered novel and technical. For example, developing a blockchain network for your business or even launching a token may require technical skills and high costs. This is the reason we have programs such as initial coin offerings (ICO), aimed at raising funds to facilitate the development of a crypto project. However, what if you could launch the blockchain solution to your business without incurring the high cost and technical skills needed to build a protocol from scratch? This is where White-label crypto solutions come in.

The term ‘White Label’ describes customizable products and services developed by one company and sold to another. The buyer only needs to rebrand the product and it is all theirs. White-label blockchain solutions are applications built on blockchain and are available for businesses to customize to suit their needs.

Introducing the Best White-Label Crypto Solution for your business

PTPWallet offers the most comprehensive White-label blockchain solutions that any business can easily use to deploy a blockchain solution. These solutions include White Label Crypto Wallet, White Label Payment Gateway, White Label Crypto Exchange, and White Label Public Offering Solution.

PTP White Label Crypto Wallet

This feature gives you the easiest way to launch a fully functional and feature-rich crypto wallet on your network. The product is pre-built and thoroughly tested hence lifting the development burden off your soldier. You only need to rebrand the wallet to match your business’ brand, and you are ready to go. This wallet product is professionally designed to be user-friendly and secure. The wallet comes in two applications, for Android and iOS. There is also a web version. The wallet supports more than 400 cryptocurrencies including the popular ones such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) This is the easiest, cheapest, and most secure way to launch a crypto wallet for your business.

PTP White Label Payment Gateway

White Label Payment Gateway offers you the opportunity to provide your clients and customers with a safe and easy-to-use payment platform, under your brand. The payment platform is professionally built and tested for usability and security. You only need to rebrand and customize the product to reflect your brand’s operations. The turnkey software allows you to create your own branded admin platform having your own Terms of Use for your merchants. It also comes with a Payment Management tool that ensures your payment data is more organized. Additionally, the payment gateway comes with a referral program that you can offer your sales agents. You also get to enjoy 24/7 maintenance of both software and hardware. Finally, you need not worry about compliance issues when using the platform as there is enough legal compliance support.

Crypto Token Development

Businesses and institutions in various industries have shown interest in launching their cryptocurrency tokens. Crypto tokens can have various utilities to a business ecosystem, from facilitating peer-to-peer transactions to supporting reward programs to even governance. However, developing a cryptocurrency for your business may cost you a lot in terms of finance and time. PTPWallet offers an easier way to create a token for your own business. It has a team of experienced blockchain experts that can help you launch a customized cryptocurrency token at a very affordable cost. Whether you have a start-up, an established business, or even an enterprise, the PTP cryptocurrency development service will meet your need.  The team develops different types of crypto tokens including utility tokens, security tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Fan tokens, Real estate tokens, health tokens, equity tokens, and even stablecoins.

The team is also specialized in smart contracts. Therefore, they can design, develop, and optimize smart contracts as per your requirement to help you automate your processes.

Wrap Up

As more clients and customers become aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain, businesses see the need to adopt the technology. White-label blockchain solutions break the barrier due to cost and technical skills that prevents many businesses from launching their own blockchain solutions. These solutions are the way to go if you are looking for a near-instant blockchain application for your business. PTP white-label blockchain solutions offer you the most comprehensive white-label blockchain solutions you can ever think of. Despite the type of business you run, PTP white-label solutions help you take advantage of crypto and blockchain growth opportunities.


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