White Label of PTPWallet and Independent Custom Platform!

What We Have Learned

Over the past summer, Core State Holdings has received about 110 requests from a wide range of companies about implementing a White Label solution or an Independent Custom Platform that would implement all necessary requirements of the customer. After conducting a study of the cryptocurrency market, we got an unexpected picture. Up to 65% of businesses participating in the cryptocurrency market, and up to 35% of businesses participating in the cannabis market, understand that cryptocurrencies give them additional sales opportunities.

They also see that cryptocurrency will not leave our lives any time soon, and will see mass adoption across the globe in the near future.

Additionally, everyone is interested in having their own digital token/coin to boost sales by stimulating users in one way or another.  Based on feedback, and customers that we are working with, it is also very important for all retail businesses to be able to display their locations on a Google Map-like module; their place, the fact that they sell goods for cryptocurrencies, etc.

At the same time, businesses do not want to invest a lot of money in the development and support of the crypto platform. But since businesses are planning to spend a lot of money on crypto marketing, and white labeling (i.e. slapping their brand onto PTPWallet with their own color and logo) is a form of marketing, many companies that reached out to us desire to implement this into their business.

This provides them with transaction fee commission, the marketing of their brand, and a decrease in customer turnover. The main functionalities that interest businesses when it comes to PTPWallet are: instant transactions, complete anonymity (hiding transactions from the public), a referral program, a Deals section (providing businesses with the ability to display their business on a Map and provide cashback to the customer), the ability to implement a wide range of tokens/coins (including the business – if applicable) into the platform, KYC, and much more.


What We Have Done

Based on this, we have adapted our platform to provide interested businesses with their own cryptocurrency wallet.

What does a White Labeled version of PTPWallet, and an Independent Custom Platform, encompass?


White label

The company’s own crypto wallet with the customer’s brand, logo, and own color. We create for the customer two apps (IOS and Android) that have identical functionality to PTPWallet. This white label is on our network/infrastructure and we also do help and KYC of users. In other words, we remove any headaches the business owner might have.


Independent Custom Platform

Independent IOS, Android, and Desktop version that is based on PTPWallet but with the customer’s custom requirements. This custom platform is on the customer’s independent network/infrastructure. They will be doing support and KYC of their users/clients. It is possible for us to do this, but there will be a monthly service fee.

You, of course, might ask how competitive are the pricing for these products. Our prices are 10 times cheaper than what is offered by different companies!

For more information, please contact Daniel Cheine, Director of Business Development at Core State Holdings Corp, at [email protected]


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