Top 7 Best Asset Tokenization Platforms in 2024

The world of finance and technology has geared its attention towards the multiple possibilities of the blockchain. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, the blockchain has emerged as a tool for developing groundbreaking possibilities, which include real-world asset tokenization. Companies can now tokenize any asset of their choice, including royalties, art, intellectual properties, or even real estate. 

However, the process of asset tokenization requires a professional understanding of the blockchain as well as tools, hence the essence of an asset tokenization platform. In this article, we will discuss seven tokenization platforms shaping the future of asset tokenization in the cryptosphere.

What is asset tokenization?

Asset tokenization is the process of transforming real-world assets into digital, tokenized assets on the blockchain with similar financial value, rights, and voting power. Real-world tokenized assets can be sold or traded on the blockchain easily and represent a particular percentage of the underlying asset. The blockchain allows for the easy and swift tokenization of almost every asset you can think of—these assets can be physical, like real estate, or intangible, like stocks. 

Asset tokenization has opened a vast opportunity for companies and the interested populace by reducing the barrier to owning assets. Large real-world assets are easily fractionalized into smaller bits and shared among a large number of people. This reduces wealth concentration and also improves the liquidity of these assets. In addition, asset tokenization promotes the direct trading of assets that once required the services of middlemen. Now, asset holders are guaranteed security, transparency, and efficiency while trading these assets. 

What are asset tokenization platforms?

Asset tokenization platforms are organizations or companies that possess the intellectual and digital infrastructure to ensure the development, management, and trading of real-world tokenized assets. Alongside ensuring the development and sharing of these assets, asset tokenization platforms must also adhere to the necessary compliance regulations to ensure transparency and security for prospective investors.

Asset tokenization platforms offer tokenization-as-a-service to interested companies looking to create digital tokens on the blockchain. Usually, these companies lack the expertise and possess little to no knowledge of smart contract programming, like Solidity. Many asset tokenization platforms also provide extensive management services for these issued tokens by monitoring and managing the issuance and investment for these companies.

Top 7 Asset Tokenization Platforms in 2024

The demand for asset tokenization has led to the growth of different asset tokenization platforms over the past few years. These platforms are equipped with the expertise to develop and manage new assets for companies. Among the many platforms available, the following are the top 7 asset tokenization platforms in 2024: 


PTPWallet offers multiple DeFi-based services, including asset tokenization services. They offer a wide range of services to customers and facilitate the development of different tokens, which include the following:

  • Utility tokens
  • Security tokens
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Fan Tokens
  • Real estate tokens 
  • Health Token
  • Smart contract development
  • Equity tokens
  • Stable tokens

PTPwallet focuses on delivering the best digital tokenization platform by adhering to strict compliance procedures. For businesses looking for custom solutions, PTPWallet is equipped to deliver the right smart contracts to match your requirements. These services cater to both the finance and tech industries, as well as mining, food, healthcare, and more. To ensure ease in usability and a smooth transition to blockchain-based tokenization, PTPWallet ensures compatibility across different devices.  

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory was one of the first asset tokenization platforms to offer blockchain and cryptocurrency development services to consumers. This platform is well-experienced in building solutions for your business. The blockchain app factory has assisted multiple organizations in actualizing their blockchain-based projects. They have dedicated experts who will ensure your finished project meets current trends and also guarantee customer satisfaction. 


Established in 2017, Tokensoft is an asset tokenization platform that assists and scams the growth and development of projects in the blockchain domain. Their platform caters to digital asset management, KYC/AML solutions, and token sales and distribution. Tokensoft has facilitated projects with a combined capitalization value that exceeds $18 billion; they have also worked with popular companies like Overstock and Bitfinex.


Developed by Carlos Domingo and Jamie Finn, Securitize is the brainchild of the duo, who envisioned a blockchain technology with liquidity potential. Securitize is a fully digital securities issuance platform that offers a wide range of asset tokenization services. This platform is registered with the SEC and has tokenized assets worth over $1 billion in value. The Securitize platform allows token issuers to develop and manage tokenized securities that meet the necessary compliance requirements. In addition, it also offers a secure environment for investors to trade these securities. 


Polymath allows businesses to transform their real-world assets into digital securities, providing a legal and easy way for companies looking to raise capital via a digitized platform. In addition, Polymath automatically embeds these tokens with regulatory compliance using its ST-20 standard. This platform has a unique foundational layer for security tokens called Polymesh. Based on Ethereum, Polymesh is a smart contract that makes tokens programmable and automated and is employed alongside other regulatory compliance.


NYALA is another tokenization platform that offers full management services for tokenized assets. This platform is licensed by the European Union to issue regulated tokenized securities. NYALA’s tokenization platform can be accessed via an application or API, allowing easy access to previously illiquid assets. NYALA also has a secondary market back-end engine that connects investment platforms to a fully accessible trading ecosystem. 


Spydra also allows for a wide range of asset tokenization, which allows businesses to get access to a new level of liquidity. Using its low-code platform, which is built on Hyperledger Fabric, Spydra aims to streamline the complex process of asset tokenization and also ease user navigation by developing an interface that allows users to manage their tokens. 

Tokenize your asset easily with PTPWallet

For companies looking to tokenize their real-world digital assets, PTPWallet is the perfect asset tokenization platform for you. Irrespective of the digitized token of your choice, PTPWallet is fully equipped to accommodate your customer’s requirements. Our platform utilizes the free blockchain skillfully to develop your project while ensuring transparency.



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