Top 5 white-label crypto solution companies

As the number of cryptocurrencies exceeds 20,000 and several use cases arise, there is a need for simplicity in accessing these cryptocurrencies and implementing blockchain features to tackle real-life issues. Over the past years, there has been a growing demand for crypto solutions such as integrated crypto wallets, payment gateways, and so on from online platforms. Business owners and merchants can now incorporate one or more forms of cryptocurrency technology into their daily lives. 

White label crypto development companies have helped hasten this process, creating ready-made crypto solutions for users. They create solutions that businesses can rebrand and use as their own. Here are some of the top white-label companies offering crypto-based solutions to business owners and organizations all around the world.

Top 5 white-label crypto companies 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the high-rising white label crypto development companies offering customizable and accessible solutions.


Developed in 2023 with a mission to revolutionize digital payments and increase the adoption of cryptocurrency among business owners, PTPWallet is undoubtedly at the forefront of promoting seamless cryptocurrency payments in the e-commerce industry. PTPWallet is the brainchild of Core State Holdings Corporation and is equipped with virtually all the resources merchants need to facilitate payments. 

Among other white-label organizations offering similar services, PTPWallet’s unique set of DeFi solutions eliminates financial restrictions facing business owners. The PTPWallet team consists of professionals with years of experience, and they are all constantly improving and developing more secure and functional services. 


PTPWallet offers wallet integration services for organizations and businesses to facilitate payment for goods and services. Our ready-to-use wallet can be easily integrated into your website via an API to allow you to receive payment immediately. There is also something for brick-and-mortar stores, as PTPWallet allows merchants to use special QR codes and virtual PoS payment systems to facilitate payment.

PTPWallet also offers wallet and token development services to organizations looking to tokenize their real-world assets. Concerning the assets, PTPWallet is fully equipped with the resources and technology to develop different token types and also manage the distribution and other aspects. 

In addition to these services, our clients are guaranteed additional in-app features like multi-asset support, security, token swapping and sending, and more. We also facilitate geography-based KYC verification to ensure authenticated transactions, real-time crypto price conversion, and 24/7 customer support to answer all questions. PTPWallet’s fair pricing, customization options, speed, and security make it a perfect solution for organizations in need of wallet development solutions. 


  • PoS Payments
  • Freelance and Remote Payments
  • SaaS Solution
  • IGaming Payment
  • Casino Payments
  • Shopify and e-commerce payments 
  • API
  • QR Payments 
  • Token Development 


Debut Infotech

Debut Infotech is a white-lab development organization with years of experience in offering blockchain-dependent services. Originally based in India, in the city of Mohali, Debut Infotech became a household name in 2011 for its excellent development services and has since graduated into a fully licensed US software development firm. 

They offer a wide range of services that pertain to harnessing technology to develop innovative products for organizations. Debut Infotech boasts a standard staff base with advanced technological expertise and contextual knowledge, all of which contribute to the digital transformation of every client. 


Debut Infotech’s mission is to make Web3 technology accessible to all by developing decentralized products and services. They handle all the processes of development, from brainstorming to execution. Each solution is properly planned to ensure easy navigation and interaction. 


  • Wallet Development
  • Web3 Development Company
  • Exchange Development
  • dApps Development
  • NFT Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Crypto trading bots
  • NFT Wallet
  • Centralized Wallet
  • eWallet
  • P2P crypto exchange



Coinsclone is another fast-rising white-label crypto company that offers pre-fabricated blockchain-dependent products that facilitate the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. This white-label company prides itself on being the go-to solution for the development of both Comparing Custodial and Non-Custodial Wallets – InfoStridethat are compatible with both desktops and mobile gadgets. 

Coinsclone has over 10 years of professional wallet development and assures clients of the perfect wallet solutions that meet their desired features and functionalities. Alongside these wallet solutions, Coinsclone also prioritizes security, ensuring their client’s safety.


Since Coinsclone is one of the leading white-label crypto development companies, they’ve continually provided near-perfect solutions to organizations. Their end-to-end blockchain solutions are the result of months of in-depth analysis and design thinking-driven methodology, alongside industry-leading solutions and strategies. 


  • Crypto Token Development
  • Asset Tokenization Platform Development
  • Crypto Crowdfunding
  • ICO, STO, IEO, and IDO Development
  • Centralized Exchange Development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
  • P2P Crypto Exchange Development
  • OTC Crypto Exchange Development
  • White-label cryptocurrency exchange software
  • dApp Development
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development



Hivelance is a white-label company that adheres to becoming a dedicated client-centric technological company that continually provides top-rated services and solutions. Like most competing companies, Hivelace prides itself on being a customer-friendly organization that offers sustainable profitability to its clients. 


Hivelance is committed to delivering quality solutions that meet the rapidly evolving trends in the cryptosphere. They do this by framing the project while allowing rapid development to ensure it meets the quality set in mind. The Hivelance team is also committed to delivering defect-free products to maintain client trust. 


  • Web3 Development
  • Web3 game development
  • Web3 Exchange Development
  • Binance Clone Script
  • Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Cross-chain bridge development



Onez is an international fintech and software development company that develops highly functional products that fit merchants and their corresponding clients all around the globe. Factoring in ease, security, and seamless interaction, Onez adheres to unique processes and applies the right methodology to deliver success.


This farsighted team specializing in IT and software development for crypto businesses offers immense benefits with ease. Every shipped product was created by the most highly vetted, expert-level team in the crypto world. Although they only support the first 30 tokens, Onez is still a good solution for ready-to-use software products that allow businesses to launch a branded crypto wallet quickly and efficiently. 


  • White label crypto wallet
  • White label crypto exchange
  • Crypto payments
  • Crypto accounting
  • Custom Web3 development
  • Cryptocurrency exchange API
  • Centralized crypto solutions


Get Ready-Made Crypto Solutions for your Business

For business owners in need of white label crypto development services, be it crypto wallet, payment gateways or token development solutions, PTPWallet is the perfect solution for you. With a team consisting of experienced professionals, PTPWallet is ready to deliver tailored solutions that exceed your needs.



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