Synergy of Financial Technologies

Nature has no bad weather. Every season of the year is good in its own way.

Spring is a birth, a beginning.

Summer is a riot of colors of life.

Autumn is the harvest, preparation for the completion of the annual cycle.

Winter is rest, recuperation.

And spring again…


This cyclicity corresponds to the turns of the spiral along which our planet moves, just as our entire solar system.

Spiral cyclicity concerns not only the movement of the planets – the very life of a person is subject to this, all spheres of their activity.

The financial activity of a person is no exception. The cyclic change of seasons exists even in the cryptosphere. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of crypto winter because crypto spring will definitely come.

Nature does not panic with the arrival of winter. Nature recuperates and prepares for spring awakening.

Therefore, the crypto community should not panic with the advent of crypto winter either. It is necessary to look around, set new goals for spring development, explore new technologies and the possibilities of new financial instruments that have not yet been used in the digital financial world.

Nature does not completely sweep away everything that was created in the previous cycle. Nature uses this as the basis for its future development.

Therefore, we also need to learn how to use financial technologies – tried and tested over decades – in the new innovative digital financial world.

We need to take the best of our financial past and create synergy with our digital financial future with the help of hybrid financial instruments.


What do Hybrid Financial Instruments Look Like?

1) e-Bonds:

2) e-Certificates:

3) e-Vouchers:

4) Cryptobanknotes:

Due to their capability for huge circulation, cryptobanknotes are the most powerful financial instrument:

a) CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) cryptobanknotes:

b) Cryptobanknotes for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins:

c) NFT cryptobanknotes:


Cryptobanknotes and its Global Benefits:

CBDC cryptobanknotes will bring about the evolution of central bank cash, and there will be a replacement of central bank money from FIAT-backed to blockchain-backed. The transition to the new blockchain standard will allow the digital evolution of a state’s monetary system as a whole.

The benefits that cryptobanknotes will bring to the cryptosphere will be just as global:

1) Using cryptobanknotes as a store of value for any cryptocurrencies and stablecoins;

2) Ensuring the functioning of the cryptocurrency payment network with cash payment using cryptobanknotes during any natural or man-made disasters, pandemics and during military operations;

3) Ensuring the constant full autonomy of the functioning of the cryptocurrency payment network in case of cash payment using cryptobanknotes;

4) Ensuring the full-fledged monetary circulation of the cryptocurrency payment network online and offline: the implementation of any type of digital transactions, as well as the implementation of any type of cash payments at any time and in any place;

5) Ensuring complete anonymity of cryptocurrency payments when paying in cash using cryptobanknotes;

6) Ensuring the resistance of cryptocurrency payments to censorship when paying in cash using cryptobanknotes;

7) Using the popularity of cash as a generational phenomenon to popularize the cryptocurrency payment network. This will ensure psychological compatibility and adoption of use between digital financial technologies and centuries-old traditional banknotes;

8) Cryptobanknotes, enabling electronic transactions, will make digital payments more convenient for the general public and facilitate the adoption of a cryptocurrency payment network;

9) Cryptobanknotes will provide financial inclusion for a large number of people who, for various reasons, are not covered by banking services, do not trust digital financial technologies, and also depend on cash in their daily payments, but can periodically make electronic payments using cryptobanknotes;

10) A large volume of cash circulation of cryptobanknotes will reduce the volatility of the particular cryptocurrency. This is due to the increase in inertia of trading operations performed simultaneously by a large number of users of cryptobanknotes, which avoids the simultaneous sale of large volumes of cryptocurrencies;

11) Cryptobanknotes are an effective energy saving tool that will significantly reduce the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies with a mining function like Bitcoin;

12) Cryptobanknotes will help cryptocurrencies with a mining function to get rid of the huge amount of electronic waste that constantly arises during the operation of a large amount of electronic equipment;

13) Cryptobanknotes will not only make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, but also a significant contribution to improving the environmental situation in the world;

14) Cryptobanknotes will not only significantly increase the number of new users of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, but also expand the geography of their use in the world;

15) Cryptobanknotes will create all the prerequisites for the use of world-famous stablecoins as World Reserve Currencies.

A nice bonus when using cryptobanknotes is that it automatically allows to classify cryptocurrency in the category of ‘money’ and eliminates the possible ‘security’ claims by the American SEC to this cryptocurrency.

The American SEC primarily regulates the circulation of securities. According to the Howey test, if a financial product is purchased without the purpose of making a profit (this applies, in particular, to cryptobanknotes), to primarily be used for transaction purposes, then this financial product cannot be called a security.

True, on the other hand, this automatically leads to the need to obtain banking licenses to be able to work with the cash. That is why any developed payment network of cryptocurrencies or stablecoins must necessarily include its own bank, which has all the necessary licenses to work with cash.

Now is the best time for the leaders of the leading crypto companies to think about the above – after all, the crypto world has already fallen into cryptowinter hibernation.

If you’re looking to create your own cryptobanknote, acquire a White Label of a wallet and payment gateway, or need custom development work on a blockchain solution; reach out to the PTPWallet team via the form located here. We’re in the blockchain field, offering innovative, market leading solutions & expertise to businesses, reliably and confidently.


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