PTPWallet: Why Businesses Need White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions

The cryptocurrency space is expanding with the increasing individual involvement in crypto. Business owners, startup founders, and companies seek ways to leverage the digital currency community daily. As such, people now seek to build and own their cryptocurrency platforms.

While building a cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch may be expensive, it is cost-effective to leverage white label cryptocurrency solutions made available by different cryptocurrency companies. These companies provide you with tailored solutions that help increase your revenues while satisfying your customers.

You can’t do away with the digital economy because there is an increased demand for tokenizing almost everything. Your customers also want you to engage the crypto economy. Thus, it would be best if you started leveraging white label cryptocurrency solutions for your business. That is why we created this guide for you.

What are White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions?

A white label cryptocurrency solution is a cryptocurrency software that is ready-made and created for immediate deployment. This cryptocurrency software has been designed and tested by the development company. But it comes with a customization option that is allowed to adapt to your business requirements.

Compared to building a crypto solution—like an exchange—from scratch, a white label cryptocurrency solution is cost-effective and saves time. Aside from that, you get introduced to the crypto market as soon as you launch. That way, you are getting your business into the digital asset market via a secure network.

Types of White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions

Under this section, we are listing different types of white label cryptocurrency solutions PTPWallet offers its clients. We believe these varieties will give you other business options while launching your business into the crypto space.

  1. White Label Crypto Wallet

If you want to launch your business crypto wallet but want to save cost and time, you should leverage our white label crypto wallet. We will save you from development and the technical know-how required to build one. While being hosted on our network, we customize it to reveal only your brand identity on the back and front end.

One other thing we provide is customer support. We help you handle all incoming inquiries and review KYC verification while focusing on other important business aspects.

  1. White Label Crypto Wallet for ICO Crowdfunding

Building an industry-specific or utility token may be costly and time-consuming. However, you can leverage our network and expertise to create your crypto coin and initiate an initial coin offering (ICO) to obtain more funds for your company. That way, you are receiving funds without third-party legal ownership.

  1. White Label Public Offering Solution

If you are planning on going public—offer a part of your company as shares to individuals but would prefer payment via the crypto option; we are the best company to partner with for that cause. ICO has always been a public investment without legal ownership. But we are changing ICO’s history. Our partnership will help you offer equity shares while accepting payment via the crypto option.

  1. White Label Crypto Exchange

Do you want to have a crypto exchange based on your needs? Our expert team builds a crypto exchange platform that can adapt to your crypto needs. Upon our partnership, you have access to coins available on the exchange, and you can add or remove any coins of your choice.

Our white label crypto exchange solution is built to work across devices, and the platform security is second-to-none as we’ve not been successfully hacked since we launched in 2018. Thus, we created a cost-effective decentralized exchange platform for your crypto needs.

Why Your Business Needs a White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions – Benefits

Leveraging white label cryptocurrency solutions is not enough. You must know why you need one. Otherwise, you may not tap into all the advantages the platform may be presenting you.

  1. Cost-effective

When you compare building a cryptocurrency platform by yourself or leveraging a white label cryptocurrency solution, you discover that the cost of building it oneself is expensive compared to a white label solution. That is because of the expertise and technological tools involved in making one. That may cause a financial debit from your end.

But leveraging a white label solution saves you from the cost because you are taking advantage of software built and tested by experts. You only to start your customization and deploy once you are done.

  1. Multiple user interfaces

The company providing you with the white label cryptocurrency services had built the software to fit different devices. As such, your customers won’t have any issues when they access the platform via their PC, smartphone, or tablet. That is, they use it without technical glitches.

  1. Time saver

Building a crypto platform from scratch may take a long period because you will need to test, adjust and adapt feedback for efficient functionality. But a white label cryptocurrency company would have done all that for you. You only need to purchase their services, customize them to your taste and deploy them as soon as you want.

  1. No technical expertise is required

Using a white label crypto solution doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You only need to purchase the software, install it, begin your customization process, and deploy it for customers’ use. With that, you just launched into the crypto economy.

The Best White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions: How PTPWallet is the Best

The most important reason businesses (or companies) are looking for growth and expansion opportunities is to increase their product sales or obtain more funds for business expansion. As a result, they seek solutions that will help them achieve this. One of those solutions is leveraging white label cryptocurrency solutions.

With our white label cryptocurrency solutions at PTPWallet, you will be able to achieve either of the two or both. At PTPWallet, we do not only offer you crypto wallet creation under the company’s brand; we create an algorithm for your digital token operation. We provide this algorithm of token operation by carefully studying your business, evaluating business processes, and create the token operation to increase business revenues.

We safeguard our reputation by creating an algorithm that allows growth opportunities for your business. This will enable you to extend the platform functionality by including different additional services that will interest your new customers.

One of the ways you enjoy our white label cryptocurrency solutions is how we carefully study your requirements for creating new functionality, adapt it to the wallet, and create a unique service for your customers. As a result, you are creating outstanding customer services while leveraging our crypto platform.

On the other hand, you are receiving a cryptocurrency wallet with tokens and exchanges. This brings more opportunities for unlimited growth regardless of your company’s location. This is advantageous for public companies.

Another functionality of the crypto wallet that ensures security is the automatic transaction cancellation feature. This feature leverages the blockchain network speed on making transactions based on the gas fee. When the gas fee is low and the blockchain doesn’t process the transactions quickly, your wallet automatically stops the transactions. It returns all the money to your account while making a withdrawal.

One other benefit from the PTPWallet platform is allowing all white label brands to complement each other. This feature enables each company to develop and receive help from other companies via PTPWallet services.

How Do You Get White Label Cryptocurrency Solutions?

Now that you know how white label cryptocurrency solutions can help your business expansion and spiked revenues, your next decision will move around getting one for yourself. That’s because of the growth opportunities attached to it and how you can leverage the digital coin industry to increase your business revenues and fund accumulation. However, you want to choose the best service provider.

That is why PTPWallet should be your best choice. As mentioned above, you contact us with your business requirements, and we will create a wallet and exchange tailored for your business. Together with that, we provide you with the opportunity to expand the network for personal functionality for your customers. Thus, all you have to do is fill the form on the website, and you will receive our help immediately.


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