Is PTPWallet Token Development Services Worth the Hype?

The public adoption of Bitcoin ushered in 2018 a new era of digital assets called tokens, offering different utilities. Since then, the crypto market has witnessed over 20,000 cryptocurrency tokens, with 9000 being actively in use. Despite this figure, only 20 cryptocurrencies make up a significant percentage of the market. For many small and rising projects and businesses looking to launch their token to improve their brand’s visibility, guaranteeing token success is essential. But when a significant percentage of launched tokens fail, how do small token projects thrive in the Web3 space? 

What do PTPWallet token development services offer?

PTPWallet Token Development Services offers project and business owners the opportunity to own a crypto token without undergoing the stress of creating or launching one. Our white-label services grant you the opportunity to have full control over the functionality and design of the token, allowing you to tailor or customize it to suit your business needs. 

PTPWallet offers a crypto token that will serve as an integral part of your brand’s visibility. Businesses can establish a unique identity, reach a wider audience base, and attract traffic by owning a crypto token built by PTPWallet token development services. Our services come in handy during fundraising, since crypto tokens are a novel idea to raise funds and increase investment. Businesses can set up an initial coin offering (ICO) and offer the token for sale to a pool of willing investors. Crypto tokens are great tools to increase productivity, increase adoption, and even function as incentives for your customer base. 

What are the features of a PTPWallet token development solution?

PTPWallet Token possesses a wide variety of features that benefit business owners and prospective users. Irrespective of your token standards and desired blockchain, every token developed by PTPWallet has numerous features, such as:

  • High Security
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability 
  • Transparency and immutability
  • Purpose
  • Utility
  • Easy Adoption 

How Do You Create Crypto Tokens?

Crypto token development may seem like a fairly easy process to embark on since hundreds of crypto tokens get enlisted daily. However, token development goes beyond enlisting, as it involves expertise, meticulous planning, and management. Here’s an overview that shows how crypto tokens are created and launched to the public: 

Decide the token’s purpose: The first step of token development is deciding the meaning, vision, or mission of the token. Many tokens are launched with no solid background, but crypto tokens that aim to be successful in the long run must possess utility. For projects looking to launch a token, it is essential to highlight the top reasons for a token launch to define the token type and attract potential investors. 

Choose a blockchain: A crypto blockchain is an integral part of token development as it can impact the success of your token and business in the long run. Ethereum is a popular choice for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Solana, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain are also choices that can handle your business needs. Before you choose a blockchain, take note of the infrastructure, bearing in mind factors like security, scalability, and interoperability.

Select a suitable token standard: Choosing your token’s standard is another vital aspect of token creation, as it provides structure and simply directs how your token behaves on-chain. Common token standards include ERC-20, ERC-721 (NFT), ERC-1155, ERC-777 (an extension of ERC-20), BRC-20 (NFT), Bitcoin Runes (fungible tokens), and more. 

Create your token’s tokenomics: A token’s tokenomics refers to the rules and principles governing your crypto token and consists primarily of your token’s issuance, distribution, total supply, and circulation. Tokenomics informs prospective investors about the entirety of your token, such as the objective, token supply, incentives, and governance model. 

Create your token’s whitepaper: A whitepaper is a comprehensive document that highlights your token’s goals, features, and additional information about the coin. A good whitepaper can increase your project’s visibility.

Develop the token’s smart contract: Think of a smart contract as a computer program that acts like a regular contract that consists of terms and conditions that must be met before a desired action takes place. A smart contract is more than a computer program; it is rather a self-executing set of programs that carries out certain tasks when the conditions are met. 

Smart contract development starts from an idea concept; therein, the idea is broken down into the actions that need to be carried out as well as the conditions that must happen. The concept is then developed in the integrated development environment (IDE) and the coding language of your chosen blockchain. Although there are other smart contract coding languages, Solidity-based smart contracts include Ethereum, Hedera, Avalanche, and more.

Test and compile the smart Contract: The developed smart contract codebase is then tested repeatedly to ensure accuracy and prevent errors. It is then compiled, which means converting the smart contract’s code into a JSON file to be analyzed by a normal web app. 

Deploy the smart contract: The token is launched or deployed on the blockchain. This is done by interacting with the tokens as a regular user by transacting with real crypto.

Enlist the tokens: List the tokens on popular centralized and decentralized exchange platforms like Binance Smart Chain, Coinbase, and more. The enlistment requirement differs, as certain exchanges require you to fill out application forms. 

Get fully developed crypto tokens for your project with PTPWallet

The Web3 ecosystem requires innovation that is inaccessible to many businesses and projects. For many businesses and projects envisioning a personalized crypto token to improve, build, or establish a unique identity in the Web3 market, developing a crypto token without the required expertise can be difficult. PTPWallet development services position themselves as the right approach for businesses looking to unlock new opportunities with the launch of a crypto token. 

With a team of highly skilled blockchain developers and experts, PTPWallet development services are the right solution to improve your business leverage and position you among the top crypto projects. We handle every aspect of token and wallet development—from ideation and conceptualization to launch and management.


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