5 Best White-label Crypto Wallet Providers of 2024

For many business owners looking to grow their customer base, cryptocurrency payments have emerged as a viable option. Cryptocurrency has defied almost every geographical and financial restriction facing fiat currencies and also allowed for easy transactions of funds across the board. Many merchants want to capitalize on these advantages, hence the need for cryptographic development solutions. But first, what are white-label crypto development solutions, and what are white-label crypto wallets in demand?

What are white-label crypto wallets?

White-label crypto wallets are ready-made (turnkey) solutions associated with your desired brand for storing cryptocurrencies. These tailored solutions support various kinds of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. 

These crypto solutions are multi-tested and customized to allow organizations and business owners to recover, store, and send cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like NFTs and stablecoins. White-label crypto wallets are easily adapted as deployment and use are seamless. They are also tailored to accommodate both mobile and web users. 

The development of a crypto wallet requires expertise and experience. Hence, prospective business owners looking to include crypto wallets should consult white-label solutions with the right experience in developing both custodial and non-custodial wallets. 

The top 5 white-label crypto wallet providers in 2024

As crypto adoption increases, there is also an increase in the demand for crypto wallets and other associated solutions. Here are the top-performing white-label crypto wallet developers in 2024:

  1. PTPWallet

Labeled as the best white-label crypto wallet provider for merchants, PTPWallet is undoubtedly one of the best-performing solution providers in 2024. This solution is best suited for business owners and organizations looking to incorporate crypto wallets on their platforms. The PTPWallet white label crypto wallet solution saves on development time by reducing the time-to-market of your products among other features such as KYC services, 24/7 customer support, along with other features on PTPWallet. 

Users can enjoy the following benefits in using PTPWallet wallet on their platforms.

Affordable pricing

You can use PTPWallet white label with the lowest price possible compared to other platforms. PTPWallet can help you save on operating costs in which other white label wallet solutions use to exploit their users.

Integrated features

PTPWallet white label comes with advanced features that makes the wallet experience more feasible including:

  • Advanced security 

Wallets are reinforced with state-of-the-art security features that ensure integrity of the user’s funds. Features such as PIN code and passphrase protection ensure safe transactions and storage of funds.

  • Multi-asset support

Over 600+ currencies are supported on standards including ERC20, BEP20, TRON, and Algorand. You also have the option of adding your own customized token for users in your ecosystem.

  • Atomic Swap 

You can exchange your tokens or coins with any of the 600+ available cryptocurrencies that are supported using the integrated Convert module. You can do it with more than one token at a time. 

  • Versatile crypto transfers

Your customers can send funds by QR Code, address, email, SMS, Messenger, and even via social media. These options help simplify the exchange of cryptocurrencies and eliminate human error.

  • Peer-to-Peer money transfers

Users can make use of the P2P transfers to off-ramp to fiat or on-ramp to crypto. Money transfers that can be sent via email, any messenger, social network – with standard security and anonymity.

  • White label crypto exchange

We offer a White Label for our crypto exchange, allowing you to incorporate another platform into your product line. The exchange is integrated with the wallet.

All of these added features ensure the security, accessibility, privacy, and the network stability of your platform.


PTPWallet white label solution allows for a fully customizable front-end interface and backend for your brands. You can easily add your brand designs and logos to the wallet as if it were your product. This white-label solution helps to ensure efficiency and relieve strain on development time.

  1. Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is another reliable fintech provider that seeks to empower financial institutions worldwide with its blockchain-dependent, technology-driven solutions. This provider helps businesses generate millions in revenue with their ready-made products and services. There are numerous solutions, such as an all-in-one digital wallet and card platform, payment acceptance and reward systems, and a mobile commerce core. 

Wallet Factory prides itself on operating as a WaaS (Wallet-as-a-Service) model that instantly caters to potential FinTech organizations offering ready-made eWallets, online payment apps, customer reward programs, and marketplaces. There are built-in solutions that allow businesses to handle their payment services without the need for professionals. These features include a KYC module for customer identification, prompt wallet configuration and management, a QR code generation module, and additional analytics and reporting modules. 

  1. Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions prides itself on being a multi-signature wallet development guru. They specialize in the development of secure wallets that require multiple signatures before executing transactions. This security technique protects digital assets from being stolen. In addition, Antier Solutions also offers wallets with state-of-the-art features and functionalities. They do this by leveraging the expertise of their skilled and experienced developers, who deliver custom crypto wallets to business owners and organizations. These wallets give their clients computer authority over their funds, as they only require a computer and internet connection to access them. 

Anitier Solutions has over a decade of experience helping businesses access crypto solutions. Each fully-shipped project is the result of rigorous research, a design-thinking-driven approach, technology, and operations. 

  1. CPay

CPay offers pre-built software solutions for merchants onboarding crypto payments into their already-existing products. These pre-built solutions are quick and seamless to integrate, and acquiring the CPay white-label grants you total and complete ownership of the product. When it comes to safety and security, Cpay employs industry-leading security protocols that ensure the safety of your data and transactions. 

Cpay Services goes beyond offering ready-made wallet solutions; it also includes the management and maintenance of these wallets to facilitate the storage, sending, and receiving of digital currencies. This solution provider offers multiple checkout modules for users, which include donations, single sales, and large e-commerce. The wallet also supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and integration can be done either through a link, iFrame, or API. Since it’s a white-label solution, you can customize it by changing the domain, logo, and color scheme.

  1. Debut Infotech 

Debut Infotech is another white-label crypto platform that caters to organizations looking to elevate their fintech, trading, or asset management with their white-label digital wallet solutions. Carteira is the brainchild of Debut Infotech and allows organizations to launch their own branded crypto wallet with advanced white-label digital wallet solutions. This technology combines cutting-edge technology with advanced security measures to provide prospective clients with a customizable solution that meets all their needs. 

Among the many features embedded is security. Debut Infotech ensures security by employing multiple state-of-the-art security measures like encryption algorithms, secure storage protocols (SSPs), and private keys to safeguard customers’s funds. They also allow biometric authentication (like fingerprint or facial recognition), multiple functionalities, QR code scanning, price checking, and Ledger support. 

Why Should I Choose PTPWallet?

As more merchants opt for cryptocurrency payments, there is a need for a cryptocurrency wallet to help store and facilitate the sending and receiving of funds. PTPWallet is the perfect wallet provider for your business. They offer white-label wallet development solutions that offer security and ease, protecting your funds and private keys from hacking. The wallets are customizable and are also built with additional tools that simplify your day-to-day transactions. For business owners looking to manage or cut their operational costs, PTPWallet is also the right solution, as there is no cost to use or deploy the wallet and the operational/transaction fee is <1% of every transaction.


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