How TikTok Influencer Encourages Massive Cryptocurrency Trading

Understanding the complexity of the cryptocurrency space will save you from burning your capital portfolio. While other TikTok influencers are focused on making enough from their followers, CryptoWendyO is building a community that has undoubtedly impacted them.

Who Is CryptoWendyO? The TikTok Female Cryptocurrency Influencer

Rochelle, popular known as CryptoWendyO to her community of hundred thousand followers on TikTok and YouTube, is one of the top cryptocurrency experts and advisors on the social media pages. She is creating a space for her followers to ensure that they are knowledgeable and profitable regarding cryptocurrency.

She is known to be conversational while discussing the digital currency world with her audience. She is an empathic cryptocurrency evangelist. She differs from others in the industry that dominates the space with stern warnings about what to buy or what coin to push.

In one of her episodes, she cautioned novices from her audience that the crypto projects they invest in may not be worth it in the long run. That they show a promising future doesn’t guarantee that they can achieve that.

CryptoWendyO is one of the young influencers that are demystifying the complex topics about cryptocurrency. Alongside individuals like TheBlockchainBoy and others, she is relating the complex crypto market to their young audiences. With this, they aim to provide quality market news and analysis for their audiences.

As much as Rochelle provides quality updates, the online community won’t stop abusing and harassing her. This is the likes of what women with rich influence are exposed to day by day. There are her animations representing sexism and misogyny. CryptoWendyO doesn’t use her real name for protective measures.

The sudden rise of cryptocurrency financial influencers compliments the cryptocurrency’s massive growth. This market volatility caused an enormous liquidation as users were trying to make more profits from the market. This resulted from China’s crypto ban, which coins quickly recovered from the market damage.

However, the individual motive for holding crypto coins differs. Some involve in crypto because of the financial liberty that comes with crypto without including the centralized banking institutions. Others identify business opportunities within the blockchain technology space hosting cryptocurrency.

CryptoWendyO vs. Cryptocurrency Evangelism

Individuals and groups won’t stop cryptocurrency adoption and participation despite the uncertainty and high-energy consumption requirements surrounding the cryptocurrency space. This is also influenced by the involvement of top personalities like Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

Cryptocurrency online influencers like Rochelle are at the frontline of helping their audiences understand and navigate the crypto world. CryptoWendyO creates several videos across TikTok and YouTube for the target audience within her community.

An instance is producing video tutorials for beginners and experts. Some videos are created as beginner’s guides; some are designed for in-depth analysis, while others are made for entertainment to ease the market pressure. This has been ongoing for about three years and has helped her build a community of female traders where males were believed to have dominance.


Her TikTok and YouTube videos are specifically tutorials detailing offline cryptocurrency, price movement for token analysis, and discourses around various trading techniques. Her videos are achieving their purposes because a comment on her videos channels expresses her vastness. Likewise, she has a daily show that discusses recent events and happenings in the crypto space.

CryptoWendyO’s motivation behind being a crypto trader stems from the desire to have financial control and enjoy the independence that compliments it. Her past reminded her of forging her ways to earning enough so that she won’t want but have. As such, she believes cryptocurrency has the financial capacity to go round and make everyone rich.

Rochelle believes that her digital documentation of her journey to financial independence will help both newbies and experts make more informed decisions and a stack of the bucks. She is doing all these while raising her young daughter.

In one of her videos, she said, “Crypto has improved my quality of life, and I believe everyone deserves the same. I am bullish on decency.”

While experiencing the same market fluctuation as in 2017, local financial institutions are scheming with crypto exchanges. With that, you can purchase their crypto-related items. Meanwhile, some companies now including crypto for retirement.

CryptoWendyO keeps stacking profit as an investor, trader, and consultant despite the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years.

Regardless of the opportunities the cryptocurrency space promises, you have to be very careful of scammers. Otherwise, your eagerness to make a profit may cost you your investment portfolio. However, she believes that her channels will bring more information to her audience.


Rochelle is liberating the female folks with access to quality information and trading analysis. As a result, the women stay glued to her channels because they provide quality feedback explaining her impact on their crypto education and participation.


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