What Happened in the Crypto Market While Everyone Was Sleeping: A Review of February 10th Developments.

Kraken, the popular crypto exchange platform, made the difficult decision to abandon staking operations in the US in order to resolve a legal conflict with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Meanwhile, the developers behind the Opera browser have exciting plans in the works. They are exploring the possibility of integrating the advanced language model, ChatGPT, into their program.

Another major player in the crypto world, 3AC and Coinflex, have joined forces to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange website, aimed at meeting the growing demand for trading digital assets.

The behavior of cryptocurrencies, especially the market capitalization leaders, has been a hot topic in recent days. On Friday, Bitcoin (BTC) started with a sideways movement, which was preceded by a drop in value. As of February 10th, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is trading at a price of $21,894, according to CoinMarketCap.

btcusdt price

The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, also saw a flat start on Friday, after a recent dip in value. As of mid-day on February 10th, the coin was trading at $1,548. Among the top 10 most capitalized cryptocurrencies, all coins, with the exception of a few stablecoins, showed a negative trend.

ethereum usdt price

Dogecoin, for instance, recorded the largest losses in 24 hours, with a drop of 8.43%. Over the past week, the cryptocurrency saw an even greater drop in price, losing 9.40% of its value. On the other hand, Polygon was the best performer over the past seven days, with a rise of 6.01%.

Among the top 100 most capitalized cryptocurrencies, Rocket Pool saw the best performance for the day, with an increase of 5.34%. For the week, SingularityNET had the highest rise with a massive 118.22% increase. Over the past 24 hours, The Graph experienced the largest losses, with a drop of 14.37%. Fantom had the biggest losses for the week, recording a decrease of 24.69%.

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In terms of major news in the crypto world, the crypto exchange Kraken announced that it would be closing its staking program aimed at US customers. The decision was made as part of the platform’s efforts to settle claims with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which also resulted in a $30 million fine for the exchange.

Meanwhile, failed hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and crypto trading platform Coinflex have launched a joint project, the Open Exchange (OPNX) crypto exchange. OPNX aims to be the first open marketplace for the sale of debt claims in cryptocurrencies and derivatives. The exchange has opened pre-registration for potential customers and will also allow users affected by the bankruptcy of 3AC to place their requirements on the platform.

In other news, the advanced language model ChatGPT is set to be integrated into the Opera browser. This exciting development was announced by Kunlun Tech, the parent company of the web browser. However, details on how ChatGPT will be used in Opera and when users will have access to the new functionality remain unclear. It’s worth mentioning that the recent hype around the chatbot has resulted in an increase in the value of AI tokens.


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