Anticipating an Early 2024 Bull Run: Bitcoin Analyst’s Insight

Navigating Bitcoin’s Current Landscape

Bitcoin, is currently trading near the $43,700 mark, showcasing a 15.25% gain for holders this week. A closer look at the weekly Bitcoin price chart has led analysts to predict an upcoming bull run, citing significant market indicators.


Indicators of an Impending  Bull Market

Milne emphasizes that the ongoing BTC bear market has been characterized by its extended duration below the 200-week Moving Average price for Bitcoin. This situation, he notes, is the “worst” period spent under this crucial metric.

Experts anticipates a positive shift as BTC’s 50-week Moving Average is poised to cross back above the 200-week, forming a promising “golden cross.” They views this development as a potential harbinger of an early bull market for Bitcoin.

Influential Catalysts Driving Recent Bitcoin Gains

Bitcoin’s recent surge owes itself to various catalysts, including El Salvador’s introduction of the Freedom Visa and citizenship program, developed in collaboration with Tether. Additionally, Robinhood’s expansion of Bitcoin and crypto trading in the European Union has played a pivotal role in driving adoption and demand in the region.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is discussed in the context of Spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Rather than outright rejection, the SEC is seen as potentially opting for delays if immediate readiness is lacking. This nuanced approach reflects a strategic stance in navigating the evolving crypto landscape.

 Price Projection

Looking ahead, the Bitcoin price is eyeing a substantial target of $50,000 by the third week of December. With gains of nearly 23% in the past month and 15% in the past week, the analyst emphasizes the importance of recent additions of $30 million in Bitcoin spot bids.

In conclusion, the analyst foresees a potential correction due to a lack of spot market buyers. However, irrespective of whether Bitcoin price revisits $42,000 lows or not, the overall sentiment is bullish, with strong indications pointing toward a sustained rally towards the coveted $50,000 mark.

This comprehensive analysis offers a cautiously optimistic outlook, combining technical indicators, market catalysts, and regulatory considerations in painting a vivid picture of Bitcoin’s potential trajectory in the early months of 2024.


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