What is WeWay (WWY)?

WeWay is a new blockchain entertainment startup that focuses on monetizing content, delivering exclusive experiences, and empowering creators. The WeWay platform allows celebrities to augment their reach, build a fan base, and earn revenue in new ways. 

On the platform, celebrities are given the opportunity to monetize their content with real-time analytics and new revenue streams by empowering them through quests, contests, rewards, and charity events. Content creators like musicians and singers can tap into the vast platform community for support, voting, and marketing without selling out.

It aims to revolutionize the way celebrities and fans engage by providing a supportive community for content creators to monetize their work without having to sacrifice their values or brand. It also presents opportunities for celebrities to augment their reach, build a fan base, and earn revenue in new ways. Fans can participate in exclusive fundraising efforts, enjoy streamed content, purchase unique NFTs from the marketplace, participate in quests and contests with verified influencers or vote for their favorite celebrities.

WeWay is well-positioned to dominate blockchain-based celebrity entertainment platforms, and its future metaverse expansion, which will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022, demonstrates its commitment. The metaverse is said to include virtual tourism, art galleries, digital fashion, auctions, developer toolkits, virtual land, and the implementation of VR, AR, and XR technologies.

The native currency of the platform is WWY, which is used to underpin and drive the WeWay economy and allow the community to participate in creating value and voting for content creators.


Who are the Founders of WeWay (WWY)?

WeWay Platform is being built by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers with deep experience in building innovative new technologies.

Fuad Fatullaev, CEO and co-founder of WeWay Platform, is also the CPO of EHOLD, a successful technology company with a focus on custom blockchain software development, enterprise blockchain solutions, tokenization, and NFT, smart-contract development, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, decentralized applications, and other technologies. 

Fuad has more than 10 years of experience in pioneering software products and launching them across different sectors. He is also the CEO and founder of Bringit.


What is WeWay (WWY) used for?

The WeWay Token (WWY) plays a vital role in the role of being the utility token to power the ecosystem and thus its price is strongly connected with the overall activity of the ecosystem. The token can be used for the following purposes:

*Purchasing NFTs on the platform

*Rewards for creators and fans

*Voting for specific content or creators 

*Access to creator clubs

*Launch of drops and draws

*Instant feedback during streams

*Payment to creators from advertisers.


What is the Unique Point of WeWay (WWY)?

The main differentiation of WeWay comes from the new revenue streams that it empowers content creators and fans with. The platform provides multiple revenue streams to celebrities and allows them to earn revenue in ways that they have never been able to.

Fans can easily participate in different quests, contests, and rewards that are available on the platform. The platform also provides an opportunity for celebrities to build a fan base by not selling out and getting closer to fans through their own communities, where they can be more engaged with them.

The tokens can be used for various activities on the platform, including purchasing NFTs, donations, influencer clubs, voting power, and several other use cases. So it is expected that the demand for WWY will grow as more transactions happen through the platform.

The platform also offers a unique opportunity to earn rewards as it is a meritocracy-based ecosystem, which means that the more active you are on the platform, the higher your chance to earn rewards.

Finally, the platform plans to integrate a launchpad for future projects as well as a metaverse platform for maximum VR, AR, and XR experiences.


How many WeWay (WWY) Coins are in Circulation?

The current circulating supply of WeWay tokens is not available. However, the maximum supply is estimated at 10,000,000,000 WWY tokens.


How Is the WeWay Network Secured? 

WWY is an ERC-20 standard token existing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, the team has plans to make it cross-chain, providing support for the Ethereum blockchain and the Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU) blockchain.

The token is secured using the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism on BSC. In order to make transactions on the WeWay Platform, it requires WWY holders to stake their tokens so that they are always active in the network. In this way, there will be no possibility for any malicious actors to break into the system or cause disruption in any way. The security of the system is ensured by its own self-governing algorithms, which manage staking rewards.


How do I buy WeWay (WWY) Coins?

You can purchase WWY tokens on MEXC, HUOBI Global, Gate.io, LBank, and Coinsbit. To buy on these platforms, follow the steps below:

*Create an account with a crypto trading platform or log in if you’re already registered.

*Deposit fiat money into the trading account.

*Wait till your transaction is processed and buy WWY tokens by swapping with BTC, ETH, or stablecoin pairs.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Support WeWay (WWY)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as STEPN (GMT). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their WWY wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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