What Is SuperFarm (SUPER)?

It’s no news that NFTs are the internet’s latest obsession with millions of transactions amounting weekly. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique creations containing unique metadata, rare, scarce, and cannot be counterfeited—unlike the fiat currency. However, the transactions of NFTs and the service rendered by their corresponding platforms have been below par; to solve the existing issues, SuperFarm was created. 

Launched on March 31, 2021 with the NFT Launchpad and NFT drop feature, SuperFarm is designed to bring utility to any token by turning it into an NFT farm with no coding required. It executes this through a set of visual tools users can engage with to deploy a new farm with customizable rules. 

Within the SuperFarm ecosystem, there is the Superverse that conducts exclusive NFT drops from a variety of the platform’s partners. The SuperFarm provides a simple set of building blocks that can empower any project to add new utility to their tokens and connect to mainstream products. It also revolutionizes DeFi and NFT infrastructure by providing a home for NFT farming mixed with crypto-to-crypto farming on a platform.

Although to get special access to the Superverse NFT release, users must hold the required number of SUPER tokens. Again, owning SUPER tokens comes with its privileges. SUPER is the utility token of SuperFarm used for governance, fees, staking, and NFT drops. It has a wide variety of use cases in the SuperFarm ecosystem, but it is used mostly for governance and fees. It is also designed to provide access to exciting opportunities via the Superverse.

Who Are the Founders of SuperFarm (SUPER)?

Elliot Wainman is SuperFarm’s founder and CEO. He is an American influencer and crypto blogger and owns a YouTube channel called EllioTrades. The EllioTrades community has over 200,000 members across all social media platforms and is considered one of the leading altcoin communities. His extended network includes influencers in the crypto content creator community, with over 1 million crypto users worldwide.

The project’s first private funding round was led by Bitcoin.com, Spark Digital Capital, GBV Capital, Solidity Ventures, and Animoca Brands, allowing SuperFarm to secure $1.1 million in funding.

What is SuperFarm (SUPER) used for?

NFT Marketplace

They can also sell NFTs for cryptocurrency tokens or redeemable points through an industry-generated marketplace. Any person or project can easily set up NFT Farms with customized rules powered by the SUPER token. However, one must obtain a minimum of 100k SUPER to open a Farm.

NFT and cryptocurrency Farming

Through SuperFarm, anyone can set up crypto farms powered by their projects token with customized rules. SuperFarm solves NFT farming’s complexities by empowering users to set up NFT farms and quickly create their collectible ecosystem without hiring developers or having to code themselves. 

NFT Store

The NFT Store is another feature of SuperFarm. This store allows users to redeem points they earn from farming. Or users can purchase NFTs directly with cryptocurrency.

NFT Creation

The SuperFarm community can be used as exchange for a corresponding amount of digital assets, game assets, virtual lands, or physical products.

ERC-20 Generation

They can also easily generate ERC-20 tokens and NFTs from an intuitive visual interface to launch your custom far.


Users can also stake their SUPER tokens to earn exclusive NFT rewards in the premium partner farms. These SUPER tokens will be available to purchase on Uniswap. And participants must purchase a minimum of 100k to set up a farm. 

NFT Video gaming

SuperFarm acts as a bridge between crypto ecosystems and the gaming industry and allows collectible tokens for use in video games. With NFTs from SuperFarm, users gain access to the video game experience and limited-edition items.


SUPER token holders can participate in governance by voting on proposals as the ecosystem will soon evolve to being a full decentralization protocol owned by its token holders. 

Rewards and incentives

Also, SuperFarm easily rewards liquidity providers, stimulates long-term stakes, or gives access to a project’s services through an NFT with utilities.


Holding SUPER tokens will be a prerequisite for anyone wanting to use critical features of SuperFarm, such as exclusive NFT drops and access to the rarest NFTs. 

What Makes SuperFarm (SUPER) Unique?

Since EllioTrades helped created SuperFarm, this means SuperFarm offers discoverability. Through its discoverability, some of the top NFT investors and biggest crypto influencers like Bitcoin.com, Animoca Brands, and Matic supported and backed SuperFarm’s vision. And the team looks forward to partnering with the next generation of blockchain gaming projects – the more disruptive, the better!

SuperFarm is also proudly partnering with The Sandbox, a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. It announced the acquisition of an XL estate that the SuperFarm community will soon call home. The XL estate is a contiguous plot that is a whopping 24×24 (or 576) parcels in size, allowing players to build and explore in a 3-dimensional virtual space. This collaboration between The Sandbox and SuperFarm lays the foundation for a robust player-driven ecosystem that spans the metaverse and drives even more utility to SuperFarm NFTs!

How Many SuperFarm (SUPER) Coins Are There in Circulation?

SuperFarm has a circulating supply of 404,410,904 SUPER coins and a max supply of 1,000,000,000 SUPER coins.

How Is the SuperFarm Network Secured?

The SuperFarm ecosystem operates on the Ethereum protocol and also uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus system to validate and increase user safety. Also, the platform has forced users to put some “skin in the game” to prevent spam attacks, increase farm quality, and drive demand for the SUPER token which will thus empower the SuperFarm network.

How do I buy SuperFarm (SUPER)?

SuperFarm is the next generation of NFT infrastructure, and there is always a growing need for value creation on the blockchain and is also building an NFT framework with a focus on the platform and user interface. The SUPER Token plays a vital role in the SuperFarm ecosystem allowing for a wide array of uses, from governance to fees and beyond.

SUPER tokens can be easily purchased by the following steps. 

* Open an account and transfer fiat into a crypto trading platform. It can be purchased on Binance, Mandala Exchange, KuCoin, BingX, and Huobi Global.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy SUPER through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports SuperFarm (SUPER)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as SuperFarm (SUPER). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their SUPER wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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