What is Rally (RLY)?

Rally is a platform built for creators and their communities to build their independent digital economies. The platform is embedded with resources that enable creators, celebrities, communities, and brands to launch their public tokens and NFTs.

It is one of the projects of RLY Network with features of most decentralized networks that powers the vibrant and independent economies of blockchain with the Ethereum blockchain. The mission of Rally at its core is to solve the problem caused by creators being cut out of control of the monetization of their content and the management of their fan communities.

Who is Rally for?

Rally is for anybody—streamer, artist, musician, gamer, athlete, or content creator that wants to engage and enrich their followers; it is also for all communities of these creators to own legally.

What does rally aim for?

Rally’s mission is to empower creators with the ability to launch and build their digital economy. It also provides them independence from decentralized bodies, allowing them to connect with their fan communities like never before. It is powered by the zeal and strength of the relationship between creators and their fans.

Rally aims to launch a cryptocurrency dubbed Creator Coin that will help influencers, content creators, and streamers run their virtual economies. This Creator Coin will also provide a new way for the fans to make real money.

Features of Rally

Rally places community over the company: Since it is a decentralized network, so all decisions are made by the community, in the community, and for the community.

It is Secure and solid: Rally was founded by top talent from across the industry with 3+ years of experience to make the most advanced and robust security infrastructure.

It is easy to operate and rewarding in the long run: it requires no crypto knowledge to manage, buy, or sell. This allows Fans to buy Coins within minutes with just a credit card and no platform fees, gaining exclusive access and benefits with their creators.

What is Creator Coin?

Creator Coin is a sub-rally initiative that will enable influencers to create their type of cryptocurrency which they can use to reward fans and build engagement. 

It is a form of “Leisure Economy,” where people get paid to play games and build careers that didn’t exist before. This includes creatives like esports athletes, cosplayers, YouTubers, live streamers, and many other people. 

Creator coin is based on blockchain—its secure and transparent decentralized ledger technology, and won’t require technical know-how to use. For ease of adoption, it uses the Ethereum platform as its foundation.

These Coins can be custom branded to each creator and are the foundational building blocks in an easy-to-use blockchain package that will allow creators to unlock better engagement and monetize their skills.

The Rally Developer API

Constituting among the Rally Network features, the Rally Developer APIs and ecosystem are actively being developed to be utilized. Currently, there are three ways to access data via the Rally APIs:

  • A set of publicly available GET calls that return information about the Creator Coins that exist on the Rally sidechain
  • A webhook system that can notify your application when an event happens on a specific Creator Coin.
  • An Oauth 2 system where developers can enable their app to authenticate against a Rally account and thus get access to data about users’ accounts or take action on their accounts.

$RLY is the official utility governance token of RLY Network allowing $RLY holders to vote on network-level proposals and policies. It can be bridged from the Ethereum mainnet to the Rally sidechain since it’s an ERC-20 token.

Who are the Founders of Rally (RLY)?

Bremner Morris, CEO

Bremner Morris is CEO of Rally, he is responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of Rally in the creator, fan, and crypto communities.

He served as the community-appointed CMO/CRO for the $RLY project overseeing all go-to-market initiatives before he became CEO.

 Bremner has worked for Patreon for years where he oversaw the development of Patreon’s go-to-market organization.

Nick Millman, VP, Creator Partnerships

Nick Millman, Vice President, focuses on creator acquisition and helping expand Rally into new and diverse verticals and creator niches.

Nick started his career as a corporate lawyer, is a long-time crypto enthusiast, and is a strong believer in decentralizing broken legacy systems.

Nick was formerly the Global Director of Creator Partnerships at Twitter, managing a large global team responsible for all of Twitter’s creator relationships and business lines.

Kurt Patat, Global Head of Communications

Kurt Patat is Global Head of Communications for Rally. He serves as both a key spokesperson and media contact while leading the strategy and execution of corporate communications, media relations, and social media.

Kurt was YouTube’s Global Head of Consumer and Entertainment Communications. For nearly a decade, he led several teams across Viacom as Senior Vice President/Head of Communications for Paramount Network and CMT, as well as Vice President of Communications for MTV and Logo. He also served as AOL Head of Consumer Communications.

Chris Fortier, VP, Product

Chris is Rally’s Vice President of Product and leads a team of product managers, designers, and analysts overseeing Rally’s capabilities, strategic direction, and user experience.

Chris worked on Music for Twitch, the leading live streaming service for creators. He oversaw the development of numerous creator-centric products for Twitch. His most recent project was leading Soundtrack by Twitch, a source of rights-cleared music for streamers that quickly delivered millions of hours of music to the service each week.

Carol Chen, VP, Engineering 

Carol is VP of Engineering at Rally. She has been working on Software development for more than 15 years. She led the engineering team of Platform Ads and Content Ingestion in Pandora music. She also has extensive experience working in e-commerce, digital coupons, and gaming.

What is Rally (RLY) used for?

Rally can be used to create a unique, personal, and standardized token, especially for creators. In a bid to bond and communicate with the fans, creators can access the features of the role to create their coins.

It is a platform where overlooked creatives can get paid. It allows creators like influencers, esport athletes and gamers to get paid.

The tokens can be exchanged for an equal amount of fiat currency, digital assets, or physical products.

Holders get to make decisions and partake in the community as the Rally network values the combined efforts of the community to their company.

What is the unique point of Rally (RLY)?

Rally was built from the belief that creators and their communities have created something so unique and powerful and that they deserve to keep that connection. The rally, therefore, does not charge any transaction or platform fees to either the creators or their communities. Unlike other coins with high hazard rates, it has a low environmental impact, requires no crypto experience, and seamlessly integrates with platforms thanks to its APIs.

How many Rally (RLY) coins are in circulation?

Rally a live market cap of $964,273,341 USD. It has a circulating supply of 1,969,753,448 RLY coins and a max. supply of 15,000,000,000 RLY coins.

Is the Rally (RLY) platform secured?

Rally takes their holders security seriously and has a series of measures in place to ensure safety

For proof of legitimacy, it is backed by a16z Crypto Investments, Coinbase Ventures, 1confirmation, Kenetic Capital, Twitch founders, Cultural Leadership Fund, and several leading blockchain community members.

To ensure expertise, the original project team brought decades of industry knowledge to the table and came from gaming, streaming, and entertainment companies like Kabam, YouTube, Facebook, Disney, and Twitch.

How do I buy Rally (RLY)?

USDP can be purchased through the following method listed below.

The tokens are available across several exchanges and can be easily purchased by the following steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy RLY through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Rally (RLY)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as Rally tokens. Because of its speed, flexibility, and unique features, it has grown to become one of the most used new platforms. In addition, users can easily use PTPWallet as their main Rally wallet as it offers a simple and interactive interface, making it easy to navigate its system.


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