What is ONBUFF (ONIT)?

Nowadays, some people have expressed dissatisfaction with traditional game pricing as creators, publishers, and developers look for ways to profit by adding premium editions and upgrades. Blockchain gaming offers a remedy for this. In-game tokens, or NFTs, are provided as a representation of value, which can benefit the creators and developers more efficiently.

Not all currently played traditional games want to use blockchain technology. Most still reject integrating blockchain elements, hesitating and doubting the effectiveness of putting assets on the chain. Or, in other words, do players care that much whether their in-game assets belong to them?

ONBUFF deals with blockchain in many ways, including NFTs, P2E games, and Metaverse. The idea behind play-to-earn (P2E) games like Ragnarok Labyrinth is that players can engage in combat, rivalry, or task completion within the game. As they advance and succeed, they earn points or rewards that can be converted into cryptocurrency or fiat money (on other platforms). 

Users can contribute to the game they are currently playing. On the other hand, the static model in traditional gaming makes games a “sunk cost,” meaning that players never get their money’s worth in terms of time and in-game purchases.

ONBUFF is also a blockchain technology that increases the transparency of Intellectual Property business and lowers the barrier to entry for IP utilization. Companies that own IP will be able to expand their IP customers globally, and businesses searching for IP will also be able to do so efficiently and economically. Thus, it will create added value where all IP-owned companies, IP users, and gamers can coexist in an all-winning ecosystem.

INNO Platform is a proof of concept of ONBUFF’s IP-based product ecosystem. There are sub-concepts called “Planet,” and each planet will have its planet tokens. Labyrinth of Ragnarok is the first planet of the INNO Platform, and users will be able to get Game Points as a reward for their contributions to the game. Users can convert their Game Point to NEWTON.

While ONIT is the governance token of the INNO Platform, NEWTON is the governance token of the INNO Platform’s planets. Rewards and incentives from planets will be exchangeable to NEWTON through the INNO Platform with a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

The Pet NFTs

The new NFTs for Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT are pets for the game players, which give users more benefits in the game, such as increasing damage or movement speed, and other users can see your characters with NFT pets displayed in the game-verse.

Ragnarok labyrinth NFTs are game items backed by blockchain technologies without the possibility of hacking and security problems. And users with NFTs will have more connections with the ONBUFF project on the INNO platform by purchasing the first game NFT of ONBUFF.

Besides the ONBUFF effects of the NFT in the game, we plan to provide extra benefits for our users with Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT in INNO Platforms, such as priorities for the next NFT sale or access to new P2E games.


Who are the founders of ONBUFF (ONIT)?

Kang Yong Yi is the founder and CEO of ONBUFF.


What is ONBUFF (ONIT) used for?


They offer users tokens for airdrops, including referral rewards, staking rewards, and LP rewards.


ONIT will have various usages at INNO, such as NFT trading, swapping for game tokens, and a staking system. Besides ONIT, other ONBUFF tokens in the ecosystem, ETH, USDT, etc., will be usable depending on the situation. Each token will be used inside its ecosystem, and an ONIT centered ecosystem will be constructed.


By applying the staking system for game tokens and NFT to the ecosystem where ONIT will be at the core, users can expect more active participation and benefits for long-term ONIT holders.

IP utilization 

They carry out blockchain businesses utilizing IPs. They are also preparing businesses to use small and medium-sized business IPs with more potential in the future.


ONBUFF team is currently focusing on projects related to NFT and Metaverse. 


You can play the game on your mobile phone and get the token in-game and the INNO platform will provide a token swap function to put your token into the game.


How is ONBUFF (ONIT) unique?

The ONBUFF platform is IP-NFT that utilizes major IPs through various global partnerships. It introduces the NFT Marketplace, where you can purchase S-NFT using spot products. They started with “DevLab” for NFT technology research and then officially launched the ONBUFF platform with the crucial function of NFT Marketplace. 

Furthermore, to broaden the NFT business spectrum, they collaborated with KAKA WORLD, DEFINE, SANDBOX, and ALIBABA AUCTION to reach beyond our horizons. Through their achievements in the NFT sector in 2021, they launched the Blockchain Game Platform in 2022. Based on the P2E function, it includes support for NFT linkage with games and WEB 3.0-based community bulletin boards, and platforms that can fully support the blockchain game ecosystem will be developed sequentially.

In April, they launched their first P2E game, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT, with a Gravity game link. The pre-registration for this game exceeded over one-million players to prove the power of Ragnarok in Southeast Asia, played by many users. We also launched the NFT marketplace on the INNO Platform based on the Polygon network this September, offering users low gas fees and fast transactions without a service fee.

Their NFT marketplace focuses on users’ convenience, such as social media login for all access to the platform. In addition to that, now users can use debit cards or credit cards to buy NFT with its payment service on the platform, which means users don’t have to learn complicated ways to buy NFT with cryptocurrency but purchase as-usual game items and enjoy the game with new NFT items for games without worrying about hacking or fake-items. 

ONBUFF and Gravity are working together, focusing on Play and earn game business based on blockchain. ‘Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT’ will be the starting point, which is already in the pre-registration stage, and other collaborations will continue step by step. They are looking forward to various collaborations utilizing NFT, including blockchain game developments using Gravity IP with 120 million users.

ONBUFF will advance to the third stage of the ALIBABA platform run by AntChain, an affiliate of Alibaba FinTech.Through this cooperation, ONBUFF’s IP-based digital art will be released to platforms such as Alipay and Ali-auction, and it will be carried out in three stages.

The first stage is the NFT digital art business. The second stage will start participating in the auction, including the ALIBABA AUCTION. The last three stages will be the Ant-Chain Digital Asset Service and the blockchain-based IP Exchange platform. It also discusses specific theme pages for each major IP provided by ONBUFF and is preparing to be released within the fourth quarter.


How many ONBUFF (ONIT) coins are in circulation?

It has a circulating supply of 770,075,466 ONIT coins and a max. supply of 

789,885,600 ONIT coins.


How is the ONBUFF (ONIT) network secured?

Like onions, blockchains can have multiple layers centered around a single network. Any additional frameworks constructed on existing blockchains, known as layer-1 (or the base layer), are called “Layer-2.”

Layer 2 solutions balance high levels of security, scalability, transaction speed, and throughput. They address fundamental problems plaguing most blockchain networks, including Bitcoin. To do this, they process transactions off-chain and then send them back to the main chain to be settled. That’s why projects like ONBUFF published NFTs on Polygon, one of the most well-known Layer-2.

Layer-2 is a secondary framework or protocol that is added on top of an existing blockchain. For blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin, layer-2 solutions aim to fix transaction speeds and lower gas costs. Whether for games, DeFi, or transferring digital assets, users from the entire industry can see and benefit from it.


How do I buy ONBUFF (ONIT)?

The ONIT token can be used for a wide range of purposes, like staking and governance.

ONIT tokens can be easily purchased by following the following steps. 

Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy ONIT through your trading account by swapping with BTC, ETH, or USDT pairs.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports ONBUFF (ONIT)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies, with ONIT  soon to be included. Because of its vast use case, PTPWallet has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a simple user interface, is supported by both Android and iOS devices, and comes with its own mobile wallet app.


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