What is Metastrike (MTS)?

Metastrike is a blockchain-based role-play shooting game with a collection of weapons for the player to equip, upgrade their level to complete a mission and earn NFT and tokens. Players can have a gun collection, build maps to fight on, and steal NFT from other players.

It is a first-person shooter project that can be used as a basis to develop your own FPS project with any ideas. It includes many features essential for modern multiplayer FPS games, such as weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, game modes, and much more.

Metastrike is a Metaverse FPS Blockchain Game project that includes many essential and advanced features of a shooting game, with VR gameplay and a high effort investment in both visuals and gameplay. It is also a multiplayer NFT game that allows large numbers of people to own 3D NFT guns and use those NFTs to participate in the fighting arenas and make real profits from the battles.

The game evolved from other FPS predecessors such as CS-GO and Call of Duty, while its maps, items, and guns are designed in a highly balanced form suitable for diverse players. In short, Metastrike is like Call of Duty meets Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike in a high-octane play-to-earn and build-to-earn game.

The game will have two coins: MTS and MTT. MTS will be the game’s governance token and the main tournament reward for the competitive portions of the game. Its owners can also stake tokens to gain rewards and earn more currency. In addition, holders can vote on key community decisions. This means MTS holders have a chance to determine the game’s future.

Meanwhile, MTT is the token that players can earn in-game. It’s a utility token that can unlock new maps, allow players to participate in in-game modes and special events, purchase regular consumables, and upgrade weapons. 

Who Are the Founders of Metastrike (MTS)?

The CEO of Metastrike is Peter Nguyen. He has 10 years of experience in building games and 4 years of experience in building blockchain systems. In terms of GameFi, his studio has also combined with Decentraland 2017, one of the recent metaverse blockbusters.

The CFO is Son Dinh. He is the Chief Financial Officer of several crypto projects, including FinanceX Exchange and ProTrading Bots. He is a crypto veteran since 2016 who has a credible background in digital exchanges and is familiar with handling multiple currencies and chains, building top-notch security, and fiat on/off ramps. 

The CTO is Tiep Pham. He has 10 years of experience as a core banking developer, including at Techcombank and BaovietBank – An early blockchain adopter since 2017 and is experienced in co-working on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum(ETH) and Harmony(ONE).

What is Metastrike (MTS) used for?


Metastrike is a free-to-play multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) blockchain game where gamers can start playing at no cost while having options to advance and enhance their gameplay through in-game purchases.


In particular, Metastrike allows players to freely customize the shape, and color as well as upgrade weapons, equipment, and costumes to the liking of each player through various ways and events in-game with our in-game currency/token.

Play to Earn 

The game allows players to engage in gaming via PVE and PVP modes and also earn money. 


It also has an innovative guild mode where the clan can fight in-game and steal lands, build headquarters from their land, and do mini-games inside the HQ.


Gamers can also trade items On-Chain, with a variety of guns constantly updated.


You also get to customize your maps and sell them as NFT in Clan War (guild mode).

How is Metastrike (MTS) unique?

Metastrike is a triple AAA game produced by a well-known game studio that has experience working with Ubisoft on Hungry Dragon and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, etc. Therefore, our gameplay is polished smoothly because of the use of UnrealEngine graphics technology and completely meets the needs of gamers with high graphics systems. However, we have not forgotten about low cases, so all versions have fine-tuning mechanisms to suit weak systems, and players can freely choose.

Metastrike features are rather interesting. It includes F2P, P2E, and even the classic “build your own map to earn” element. The game’s goal is to become an immersive FPS game. with an added focus on virtual reality (VR) integration features. Considering that there are already FPS games right now that are native to VR.

The game plans to have multiple modes integrated into its ecosystem: PVE: zombie mode in multiple stages, PVP: deathmatch, casual, and “classic” demolition. Clan Wars, and; Tournaments: Esports. This provides many points of interest for all kinds of FPS players out there. Some may excel at PVE, while others may love the competitive nature of other modes.

Given that it is an FPS game, Metastrike also plans to have an NFT marketplace for weapons, character skins, etc. Furthermore, they plan to give players and creators the ability to mint their designs and sell them on the marketplace. Players will even have a ranked system, similar to the likes of CS: GO and Valorant. 

How Many Metastrike (MTS) Are There in Circulation?

Metastrike token will be launched on January 26, 2022, with 9,000,000 tokens created at genesis.

How is the Metastrike network secured?

Metastrike is well secured as there has been no incidence of identity theft or hacks.

How do I buy Metastrike (MTS)?

The Metastrike  token can be used for a wide range of uses, like staking and gaming.

Metastrike  tokens can be easily purchased by following the steps below. 

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy Metastrike  through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Metastrike (MTS)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as Metastrike  (MTS). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their MTS wallet because it offers a simple interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate.


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