What is KOK (KOK)?

The global market for cultural content is expected to reach around 1,000 trillion won as of 2022. In particular, the portion of digital content is expected to reach 53 percent in 2021, compared to only 33.5 percent in 2012, and has grown rapidly by more than 20 percent annually. 

The digital content market displayed significant growth with the advent of digital content platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and the Play Store, which enabled the active distribution of content anywhere in the world. However, as globalization accelerates, the monopoly of several large platforms has deepened, resulting in greater platform influence over content providers. 

KOK Foundation has developed a digital content distribution platform through blockchain, noting the potentiality and possibility of blockchain technology. 

KOK PLAY is a decentralized digital content platform that was created through the combination of AI, big data, and blockchain technology, which is currently in the spotlight. To solve the problem of monopolization of the existing global platforms, it was developed to realize  three values: ‘Fair, Share, and Enabler.’ KOK PLAY is a platform that allows all creators to fairly exploit the assets of the platform (Fair), share values, vision, and fair returns accordingly (Share), and ensures the creator’s freedom to create (Enabler). 

The DApp, which will run on the KOK Platform, is a service group that forms a single district or a sector. It is similar to how one portal service is structured in the internet service. The participating primary nodes are responsible for developing the DApp ecosystem. Its services find their similarities through “structuralization,” comparing the number of transactions, the node distribution, and the time complexity generated within each DApp service structure. 

The KOK ecosystem is designed to be connected and evolved organically by three main elements. 

  • KOK MainNet: It is created based on GOS-BP concept connect to form a network of consensus. KOK Coin is the key cryptocurrency of the KOK MainNet and the KOK ecosystem. 
  • KOK DApp: Each DApp has one BP that represents it, and that BP manages the sub-ecosystem of that DApp or DApp ecosystem. DApp is an integrated content ecosystem that provides a variety of digital content. The DApp ecosystem mostly uses KOK Coin provided by the KOK MainNet, but in special cases, it can design its own DApp coin, in which case the exchange mechanism with the KOK Coin will be described later.
  • KOK Play Wallet: KOK PLAY Wallet is a device for fair value sharing between BPs of the mainnet, and participants of the mainnet and DApp. The KOK PLAY Wallet is also connected to the DApp, making it easy to purchase content through the wallet. 

The KOK Platform is an integrated content platform that provides a variety of content. It intends to create the World Wide Blockchain Web (WWBW) through the blockchain. It resolves problems arising from existing media such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and Tungshin Spin(Tencent Video), which combine blockchain to create a transparent form of the blockchain-based media video platform.

KOK Token is distributed either by compensation for the provision of data information by users using the initial KOK Platform or by placing a stake in the initial KOK Platform and the DApp service. 

Who are the founders of KOK (KOK)?

The CEO of KOK is Dong-seop Hwang. He is the head of The Groove Entertainment, co-chairman of Gom Pictures, and director of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association. As a Korean entertainment producer, he produces various content ranging from albums, dramas, movies, and entertainment. Among the award-winning prizes he has are the 2016 Korea Creative Content Agency Award for Achievement in the Pop Culture, Arts and Culture Industry Development Division, the 2014 Korea Creative Content Awards, the 2014 Award for Overseas Proprietary Contribution, 2014 Award for Culture Exchange and Sports Tourism, 2014 Korea Entertainment Producers Association for Achievement in Popular Culture Industry, and 2014 Award for Drama Producers for the 21st Korea Culture and Arts Awards for Arts. 

The CTO is Young Choe. He is an evaluation expert of ICObench, founder and CEO of Crypto Valley Lab, Inc., and a professor at Yonsei University’s College of Technology. CTO Young Choe. He majored in software engineering and system software at North Carolina State University in the U.S., worked at BMC Software San Jose Lab, Software Corporate Lab at Samsung Electronics, and more.

The CSO is Sung-jun Park. He is in charge of platform design and strategy at the KOK Foundation. He participated in Dungeon & Fighter and Cypher’s services, the world’s No. 1 game, at Nexon, and was responsible for paying model and game service of Azar service with 200 million users worldwide at HyperConnect. 

What is KOK (KOK) used for?

Store & Utilize Consumers’ Big Data 

Personal information sent by consumers according to data delivery, search data by consumers, and data related to consumer consumption patterns are integrated and uploaded to user big data servers on the KOK Platform. 


Consumers within the KOK Platform will receive certain rewards as providing information to consumers in the KOK Platform ecosystem is an act that contributes to the formation of the value of the KOK Platform. Consumers can receive customized data based on data provided on the contrary, rather than unilaterally providing data to shopping malls and certain brands.


KOK Platform guarantees property and goods traded among KOK Foundation and external regulatory institutions(or certification agencies). The platform also supports transactions between individuals and businesses (B2C) and among individuals(P2P) on specific goods or services.

How is KOK (KOK) unique?

KOK Platform provides its media products in addition to media platforms that allow platform users to upload and share videos. The media products autonomously are shared with people around the world by uploading music, dramas, entertainment, movies, and performances that have already been released to the market with a business value. 

With K-pop (Korean Popular Music), which is gaining huge popularity around the world, the company aims to provide music services in conjunction with the KOK PLAY platform and Korea’s flagship music platform, which can introduce, stream and download pop music. 

In addition to K-pop, representative dramas of Hallyu are also provided by KOK PLAY platforms, and services representative entertainment of various channels, including original KOK, and PLAY Entertainment. KOK PLAY platform also serves films of various genres. 

KOK Platform supports the activities of influencers within the ‘KOK Media Platform.’ Influencers with great influence and potential in the cultural industry and e-commerce market appear on various media content on the KOK Platform and attract users’ attention. Influencers provide content to users, and users can express their interest in the influencers with KOK Tokens. Advertisers can also request advertisements from the influencers through the KOK Platform, and advertising fees are executed through KOK Token. 

The KOK game platform is a global game platform that makes payment easier and more convenient by utilizing KOK Token. Instead of paying nearly 30 percent as a service charge to platforms such as Google Play and the iPhone App store, much cheaper commission policies of the platform help game developers reduce their burdens. 

Additionally, the platform implements targeted ads for appropriate users by comprehending platform users’ demands with artificial intelligence(AI). KOK platform also provides open data to outside developers, so they can create quality games.  

How many KOK (KOK) coins are in circulation?

The total issuance of KOK Tokens for a lifetime is 5 billion and mining is 1.5 billion (30 percent of the total).

How is the KOK network secured?

The KOK network uses a unique security mechanism that safeguards its user’s data. The KYC, which is based on biometric authentication such as face or fingerprint, allows users to log in to their accounts and use them securely without managing their keys.

How do I buy KOK (KOK)?

The KOK token can be used for a wide range of uses, like staking and governance.

KOK tokens can be easily purchased by the following steps. 

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy KOK through your trading account and swap with BTC, ETH or stablecoins like USDT.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports KOK (KOK)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as KOK (KOK). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily use PTPWallet as their KOK wallet because it offers a simple interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate.


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