What is Kingdom Karnage (KKT)?

Kingdom Karnage is a card game. It is a cross-platform, play-to-earn, combat-animated NFT trading card game. Kingdom Karnage is an interactive digital card game on Enjin’s JumpNet network that lets players engage in conflict to establish supremacy inside the kingdom using these cards.

With a wide variety of cards, Kingdom Karnage is a card game unlike any other in the NFT/cryptocurrency format. It can be played on browsers, Google Play, and Steam at the moment. It also offers a variety of game modes, including campaigns, multiplayer battle royale, multi-player dungeons, crypts, the King of Karnage mode, and seasonal events. And not only are characters and equipment virtual assets, but they are also NFTs that are powered by Enjin. NFTs can be traded by users on Enjin’s Jumpnet blockchain and, eventually, Efinity.

As mentioned above, Kingdom Karnage lets players compete for supremacy in the kingdom by using these cards to wage war. The gameplay of Kingdom Karnage is straightforward, but to advance, you must put in the effort, have the right talents, and use a plan:

Players in Kingdom Karnage can create decks of up to thirty cards, ranging in rarity from common to legendary, and from uncommon to rare to epic. Each battle’s objective is to damage the enemy hero’s health to the point where it is zero. Players take three cards from their decks before the battle even begins. Every card has a cooldown period that must pass before it can be used.

Each card can be used as a character on the battlefield. Characters begin at level one and progress through ten levels. You can combine two of the same characters to advance them to the next level. Their attack power and health points rise when they are upgraded, and occasionally a new ability is added as well. A character can only have a total of three skills. Battles can be impacted by abilities and changed by them. If the characters are outfitted with equipment, battles can be won considerably more quickly. Like characters, each piece of equipment also comes in five rarities.

To fight, players must arm their heroes with their decks. The Wyden, Multiverse Mike, and the standard hero are the three options. Every player starts with a basic hero who has ten health points. Multiverse Mike is a hero with a dynamic health buff; as Kingdom Karnage’s player base grows, so does Mike’s health buff. The Wyden starts with fifteen health points and gains one point per level. It is available for purchase on the market.

The native cryptocurrency and fungible protocol token of Kingdom Karnage is KKT. It is intended to be used only as an interoperable utility token. It is a transferable representation of the attributed governance and utility functions specified in the protocol/code of Kingdom Karnage.

Kingdom Karnage’s future features will be decided by holders’ votes cast on on-chain governance proposals to achieve decentralized community governance for the network.

Kingdom Karnage goes much beyond your typical TCG experience, regardless of whether you want to represent mankind, undead hordes, or orc tribes. You can use your gaming wallet to directly buy, sell, or trade with other gamers. Set your own fee and enjoy your game at its full potential.

Who are the founders of Kingdom Karnage (KKT)?  

Nick Franklin is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Karnage.

It was founded in 2013, and it is run by a group of intelligent individuals. The Kingdom Karnage team has the backing of seasoned advisors and investors who are assisting in scaling expansion through strategic alliances and integrations.

What is Kingdom Karnage (KKT) used for?  

KKT is a useful utility token that may be utilized to conduct decentralized transactions between Kingdom Karnage players.

Kingdom Karnage is a digital trading card game that fully exploits the potential of the digital medium. You are free to buy, sell, or trade with other players directly from your gaming wallet, so don’t just collect and disenchant. Set your own price and gain actual value from your game.

It provides a special Play and Win Gaming Experience Regardless of your financial situation, Kingdom Karnage offers a satisfying and engaging experience. The campaign of the game gives you a free deck with which to begin your trip, so players can start playing and earning for nothing at all. At Kingdom Karnage, there is always activity. Seasonal events with exclusive characters are available to participate in for free. Every weekend, little events. Offering card packs at the beginning of each week is a bounty target. Weekly PvP matches between individuals reward NFT characters. PvP leagues with monthly KKT awards. Our monthly PvP leagues include one that is balanced. Since each player has a pre-built deck, only talent can distinguish you from your rival in the race for KKT awards.

How is Kingdom Karnage (KKT) unique?  

Campaigns, an endurance mode, dungeons, catacombs, and the Kingdom of Karnage mode are all available in the PvE game types, while challenge mode, ranked 1v1, and balanced 1v1 modes are available in the PvP game modes. A price is necessary to enter some of the modes. Blue diamonds and KKT tokens, two in-game currencies, are used in the game. If a player doesn’t have the good fortune to win a character or piece of equipment, blue diamonds are rewarded after dungeons. The King of Karnage mode, which costs money and rewards players, can be utilized to get KKT tokens. It is possible to buy more cards with any currency.

The in-game auction house uses local currency known as the KKT token. Items for Rent access to the King of Karnage mode. Catacomb rental keys entry into the contest and/or rewards for a monthly PvP league Unlock voting privileges and an exclusive character by “locking in Mida’s vault”

Midas Vault: For exclusive benefits and chances, lock your priceless KKT in our Midas Vault. Vote monthly in our polls on governance to get KKT incentives. You will get Midas as a playable character that levels up more quickly the more KKT you have stashed away in his vault. Access special merchandise sales that aren’t offered elsewhere. Characters who scale from common to legendary cards as more players join the game are known as dynamic characters. Each race brings a different dynamic to the game, and the Elves will join Kingdom Karnage in 2022. Catacomb Keys: The premier dungeon in Kingdom Karnage, Catacombs features distinctive loot and high drop rates. There are 1000 Catacombs keys, each of which may only be used once per day. Key owners have the option of using that regular use to: utilize the key directly. To another player, rent the key. To receive game loot, one player must pay another player KKT to run the dungeon for them.

How many Kingdom Karnage (KKT) coins are in circulation?  

There is a maximum quantity of 1,000,000,000 KKT coins and no known circulating supply.

How is the Kingdom Karnage (KKT) network secured?

Ownership of KKT conveys no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use KKT as a method to facilitate the use of and interaction within Kingdom Karnage. KKT may only be used on Kingdom Karnage.

It is not and is not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the general public (or a section of the general public), as payment for goods or services, or for the discharge of a debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by anyone as payment for any goods or services whatsoever that are not exclusive. Instead, the introduction of KKT is intended to provide a convenient and secure method of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem of Kingdom Karnage.

How do I buy Kingdom Karnage (KKT)?

The KKT token can be used for a wide range of purposes, like staking and payments.

Kingdom Karnage (KKT) tokens can be easily purchased by following the steps below. 

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform of your choice.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy CNS through your trading account by swapping with BTC, ETH, or USDT pairs.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Kingdom Karnage (KKT)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies, with KKT soon to be included. Because of its vast use case, PTPWallet has grown to become one of the most popular platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a simple user interface, is supported by both Android and iOS devices, and comes with a mobile wallet app.

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