What is Just (JST)?

JUST means “fair and just.” JUST is a popular new decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem built for the TRON blockchain. It is an entire suite of products mostly centered around a decentralized stablecoin lending platform known as JustStable.

The platform launched in August 2020 following an initial exchange offering (IEO) on the Poloniex LaunchBase platform earlier that same year, but the native governance token of the platform (JST) has been circulating since May 2020.

JUST governance 

JUST system governance relies mainly on JST holders. While JST holders earn revenue from the stability fees of USDJ, they are also responsible for the governance of the JUST system,      which is done by selecting valid proposals by JST voters. Each JST holder can vote and select the smart contract he or she supports among all the smart contracts that modify the system parameters. The contract with the highest number of votes becomes a valid proposal, and the system is permitted to modify variables of JUST’s internal system governance as per the established logic. 

What is USDJ?

Premium assets are abundant in TRON’s network. However, many of them cannot be used as daily currencies due to their price volatility. USDJ is a token issued by TRON’s decentralized smart contract, and anyone can issue it by staking TRX. Once the USDJ tokens are issued, their exchange rate to USD will be maintained at 1:1 by CDP and automated feedback mechanisms so that they can circulate freely like any other digital assets. USDJ stablecoin is a digital currency supported by asset staking, with a fixed exchange rate to US dollars. We believe that USDJ will become essential to TRON’s DeFi ecosystem.

Who are the founders of JUST (JST)?

The JUST ecosystem is managed by the JUST Foundation, which includes individuals from Alibaba, Tencent, IBM, and “other world-class internet companies.” At the same time, JUST’s financial analysis team hails from “several global investment banks,” according to the project website.

The JUST Foundation aims to create a TRON-based cryptocurrency lending platform where everything is contract-based and any JST holders can participate in governing the USDJ currency system and achieve decentralized autonomy, where true justice and fairness can be guaranteed.

JUST Foundation has a vibrant and talented team. Half of the members of its tech team come from A-list Internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and IBM, and are veterans in product design and development.

collateral-basedcollateral-based, decentralized stablecoin that is pegged to USD at 1:1 and keeps the external dollar exchange rate stable with an automatic feedback mechanism. It can be earned through staking and trading. USDJ is backed by a huge amount of asset reserves to maintain price stability.


mine JST by depositing, lending, providing liquidity, or performing other financial actions.


It is available for anyone to open a free account and own USDJ anywhere, anytime.


Accessing the thriving TRON ecosystem and DApps gives everyone more chances to profit.


It is the first official lending platform on TRON where users can borrow, lend, deposit assets, and earn interest.

It is available. Order Matching

Just automatically match supply and borrow requirements and generate attractive returns on supplies.

Generous Returns

Supply and withdrawal are allowed at any time. It just tightly integrates with TRON DeFi applications and promises immediate, generous returns.

How is JUST (JST) unique?

JUST is committed to developing TRON-based DeFi protocols and aims to provide all-in-one financial solutions to its users. JustDeFi has a total of $6,102,676,259 locked and $9,199,093,838 available. Locked on TRON Network

Just is a USDJ stablecoin decentralized finance system for everyone, anywhere, and at any time. Tokens in the JustLend DAO markets (TRX, BTT, JST, NFT, USDT, TUSD, and USDD) are granted statutory status as an authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the Commonwealth of Dominica. JustLend DAO will continue to provide stable and convenient financial lending services for all users.

Just as accessible and available for everyone, free of authorization from third parties, all transactions are automatically executed by smart contracts, free of third parties as a medium. It has a standardized financial protocol and contract-based DeFi factors. Protocols can be overlaid to create more potential scenarios.

Users face minimal risks as financial business logic is implemented by smart contracts, with which on-chain actions are traceable and third-party audits can be strictly enforced. JST holders can jointly govern the JUST community and make decisions on incentives and pooling efforts for building the next-generation DeFi ecosystem.

Just Cryptos, a subsidiary, is a bridge that connects premium cryptocurrencies from the TRON network and other public chains and introduces token value to TRON to power the JUST ecosystem. All assets are stored and can be swapped on Poloniex.

Just as a trusted swap service that easily converts tokens on other public chains into TRC-20 assets. The well-performing TRON network offers low handling fees and a faster transaction experience. Everyone can check the total supply, total reserve, and breakdown of an asset easily on the platform.

JST is also the national digital currency of Dominica. It was granted statutory status as an authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the Commonwealth of Dominica, effective October 7, 2022. It is the exclusive token for DApp governance and various protocols in the JUST ecosystem. It can be earned through mining, trading, and participating in campaigns.

How many JUST (JST) coins are in circulation?

It has a circulating supply of 8,902,080,000 JST coins and a maximum supply of 9,900,000,000 JST coins. According to the original IEO on Poloniex, the full JST token supply is distributed as follows:

  • Seed Sale: 11%
  • Public Sale (LaunchBase Allocation): 4%
  • Strategic Partnerships: 26%
  • Team: 19%
  • Airdrop (Only for TRX Holders): 10%
  • Ecosystem: 30%

How is the JUST Network secured?

As a TRC-20 token, the JUST Network is secured by the underlying TRON blockchain. Like TRON, JUST uses the energy-efficient delegated-proof-of-stake (dPOS) system.

How do I buy JUST (JST)?

The JST token can be used for a wide range of purposes, like staking and governance.

JST tokens can be easily purchased by following the following steps. 

Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy JST through your trading account by exchanging with BTC, ETH, or USDT.

Which cryptocurrency wallet supports JUST (JST)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies, with Just soon to be included. Because of its vast use case, PTPWallet has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a simple user interface, is supported by both Android and iOS devices, and comes with its own mobile wallet app.


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