What is Hedge Trade (HEDG)?

HedgeTrade is a dedicated interactive trading platform whose design protocol allows amateurs to make the same trades as more-experienced traders. The HedgeTrade platform is an Ethereum-based system intended for the best cryptocurrency traders. The platform enables experienced traders to make trading predictions, known as “blueprints,” in Ethereum’s smart contracts. Less experienced users can also pledge reduced amounts (equal to 10% of the initial blueprint stake) to support a trader’s blueprints.

Hedge Trade platform provides an interactive cryptocurrency solution where traders with significant experience can relate with inexperienced traders on a grand scale to provide more insight on the trading possibilities explorable.

Who are the Founders of Hedge Trade (HEDG)?

Presently, the world of cryptocurrency is a leading business in the 2020s, but still experiences problems of acceptance in certain areas. The reason for this is due to the industry being ravaged by accusations of alterations such as price manipulation, fake pyramid schemes, and practice by unlicensed companies evading financial accountability. Additionally, It doesn’t help that there are constantly wild and bullish movements in prices. HedgeTrade hopes to win the trust back to the crypto trading industry, while also giving successful traders an avenue to monetize their experience.

Hedge Trade platform is established in both Canada and Singapore and is also a product of Rublix. According to CEO and Co-Founder of the Rublix corporations, David Waslen and Rhys Boulanger, the Developer & Project Manager, they have incredibly high prospects for the development of the HedgeTrade platform. The team is made up of a collection of professionals with well-rounded backgrounds in several industries including investment, blockchain engineering, and finance. 

What is Hedge Trade (HEDG) used for?

The HedgeTrade token provides trading tips directly from experienced traders to other less-experienced traders, thus breaching the knowledge gap between the parties. However, to access these tips and predictions from professionals, the participants on the network are required to purchase or unlock them with HEDG tokens. If the tips/predictions unlocked turn out to be accurate, the HEDG tokens are then distributed to the experienced professionals who provided the tips. If the tips provided go the other way, then the tokens are returned to the users on the platform that used them in the unlocking process.

The HEDG token also holds value outside the platform and can be traded with other cryptocurrency pairs to earn a level of profit. These could include tokens such as DASH and EOS.

What Is the Unique Point of Hedge Trade (HEDG)?

The Hedge Trade platform offers several unique qualities to its participants. Most of these qualities are a product of the protocols in operation within the network. Some of its distinct features include

  • Blueprint Staking Mechanism

The HedgeTrade network incorporates blockchain technology directly into its platform and does this by allowing cryptocurrency traders to make educated predictions using a smart contract-driven blueprint which in turn will generate a response that can either be a true or false result based on the elements from the real market. Another major advantage of the blueprint staking system is that it also consists of the user’s personalized prediction data in the form of a smart contract.

  • Proof-of-Rank

The Hedge Trade system also contains a Proof-of-rank algorithm which is a multivariable collection of formulas that ranks traders on the platform. This uses an immutable ledger technology that incorporates the HEDG proprietary algorithm and makes use of its data resources to track and comprehend each element of the blueprint creator’s record before the ranking can be carried out. Proof-of-rank also executes its assessment by considering a series of factors which include information on the Birth of account, Viewership, Streak, Number of successful Blueprints, Unique contributors, Account age of contributors, and amount of HEDG earned.

How many Hedge Trade (HEDG) coins are in circulation?

The total supply of HEDG tokens available is capped at 1,000,000,000 as it was released into the cryptocurrency market. There was no ICO held for HedgeTrade Platform, however, the project was able to raise funding via private capital. Currently, the circulating supply of the token is 290,000,000 HEDG and that amount is subject to increase when the project hits its full release. As it stands currently, the developers of the project hold over 70% of its token supply. The result of this is the immense wealth of these founding parties, it has also led to the provision of liquidity for the Hedge Trade tokens in the market.

Is the Hedge Trade (HEDG) Network secured?

The Hedge Trade network was created under the ERC-20 specification and as such, the network is essentially secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum blockchain is secured by a dedicated proof of work consensus algorithm where the nodes on the network are required to agree on all the available records on the platform to prevent the risk of significant economic losses. This is done via a process where a large percentage of the nodes must agree on a validated transaction before it can be added to the blockchain. This essentially protects the network from the possibility of hacks being carried out within the network.

How do I buy Hedge Trade (HEDG)?

The Hedge Trade platform provides several advantages to its participants which cut across the provision of an avenue where amateur traders and experienced traders can gainfully interact in the ecosystem.

On the platform, HEDG tokens may be purchased via BTC, and they can also be used to create and purchase blueprints within the network. When a blueprint is developed, the user singularly decides how much HEDG to stake to create the contract. Users can then purchase the blueprint for a fraction of 1/10 of the staking price to essentially put money on whether you believe the blueprint will succeed. Hedge tokens are currently available across several exchanges and can be easily purchased by the following steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy HEDG through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Hedge Trade (HEDG)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Hedge Trade. Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their Hedge Trade wallet because offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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