What is Grove (GVR)?

Grove is a decentralized, safe, and secure green token created for the future of the earth. Grove Token describes itself as a decentralized green token created with a focus on the environment.

Grove is one of the cryptocurrencies that has embraced an environmentally friendly approach to blockchain technology. GroveToken’s vision is to become the number one Global Green Payment System (GGPS). With a focus on creating a healthier and wealthier world for all, Grove has been designed to be a digital currency that is free of mining

Grove Token (GVR) aims to achieve environmental sustainability by applying blockchain technology in a way that benefits the environment. 

Despite its many advantages, blockchain technology comes with a negative effect on the environment. Most cryptocurrencies require a lot of energy to mine because they use the proof-of-work mechanism to add blocks to their blockchain and computers are required to solve complex mathematical equations. With the amount of energy required to mine cryptocurrencies increasing about tenfold in just the past five years, there is a need for blockchain developers to adopt a more eco-friendly manner of mining in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Bitcoin alone utilizes roughly the same amount of electricity as some countries.

This project offers its users rapid transaction times, low fees, and less electronic waste as it is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the fastest-growing blockchain eco-systems in the world.


Who are the founders of Grove (GVR)?

Grove was co-founded by John Ghemrawi, the CEO, Mendy Parker, Richard Sultan, and John Elmasri. a group of entrepreneurs and professionals in the field with so many years of experience in market analysis, accounting, retail operations, HR, IT, computer engineering, sales, cryptocurrency research and trading, graphic design, and many more outstanding professions.

This coin project launched in March 2022 but did not become general until May.


What is Grove (GVR) used for?

The Grove Token is a project focused on creating greener and more efficient ways of using digital currency in our everyday activities. As a decentralized green token created for the future of this planet, Grove is not only here to create wealth but also to provide green products and invest in the renewable energy, solar, and hydroponic farming industries. 

This project contributes 3 percent of all transactions to token upgrade marketing, and some parts of this are invested in charitable donations that support environmental initiatives. Also, an additional 1 percent will be used to buy back Grove tokens to ensure stability in their value and demand.

In fact, the GroveToken will allow billions of people to make use of blockchain technology in an environmentally conscious way whilst building wealth for holders.


How is Grove (GVR) unique?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which uses the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, a mechanism that requires a lot of computational power and consumes a lot of energy to solve problems of mining and validation of transactions in blockchain technology.

These mining processes make use of single-purpose application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines to keep the blockchain running, and this has led to increased electronic waste.

So, the Grove token project takes on a unique approach to reduce transaction costs, energy use, and electronic waste by combining the proof-of-authority (PoA) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms. Its Smart Contract technology combines both, as they do not require hardware for validation and block generation.

Both of these consensus mechanisms utilize less energy compared to proof-of-work (PoW).

Grove token also cooperates with the BEP-20 smart contract standard for issuing a new token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. BSC provides an extensive range of technology that is not accessible on major networks, therefore giving Grove the advantage of the PoS model over other tokens that still use the PoW model.


How many Grove (GVR) tokens are in circulation?

Grove GVR has a circulating supply of 2,489,009.59 B GVR and a maximum supply of 100,000,000 B GVR. The GVR token supply is covered at 100 quadrillions, and 2% of its transaction volume will be burned.

To make sure the GVR token remains in demand and is valued. Grove uses a portion of its profit for cryptocurrency buyback.


How is the Grove (GVR) network secured?

Not only does the Grove token project use both PoA and PoS consensus mechanisms, but These consensus mechanisms also help secure the Grove network.

The proof-of-authority algorithm is a reputation-based consensus algorithm presented by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. a network where block validators risk their reputation in place of the tokens so as to secure the credibility of the network and blocks are produced by a limited set of validators. Also, in the proof-of-stake network, stakeholders can choose witnesses by voting for a third-party representative who is in charge of achieving consensus during the transaction process.


How do I buy Grove (GVR)? 

The Grove token (GVR) can be used for a wide range of purposes, like staking and payments.

Grove tokens can be easily purchased by following the steps below. 

* Create an account with your preferred cryptocurrency trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy Grove through your trading account by exchanging with ETH or BTC.


Which cryptocurrency wallet supports Grove (GVR)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies, with Grove soon to be included. Because of its vast use case, PTPWallet has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a simple user interface, is supported by both Android and iOS devices, and comes with its own mobile wallet app.


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