What is Gods Unchained (GODS)?

The gaming industry is immense but flawed, built on one-sided models that limit user ownership and stifle player-driven economies. Gods Unchained believe players should truly own their items in any game; more than that, they believe players should be rewarded for the time and effort they invest in playing a game and contributing to that game’s community.

The items you own are set up to have greater utility beyond just playing the game, as you can trade them with anyone, even outside the game. No one should be able to take away what belongs to you, a concept made possible thanks to Ethereum’s technology. Changing the game with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Non-fungible tokens (NFTs or ERC-721 tokens) are unique digital assets that can be owned, sold, or traded. 

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play trading card game where players compete in epic duels using fantasy cards. The game is built to fundamentally change how games work, using Ethereum technology to bring true digital ownership to players and provide the means to earn items that matter. 

Gods Unchained provides a dynamic and competitive experience with a strong focus on strategy. Over 3 years of engineering and development have been put into Gods Unchained by a talented team with career experience from gaming giants such as EA Games, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, and more.

Gods Unchained provides real ownership over in-game items by turning them into ERC-721 tokens/NFTs. Players gain the right to sell their items for real money, use them in Gods Unchained, and even embed them in third-party games and tools. This separates Gods Unchained from what’s offered in mainstream games.

Ownership is tracked via the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring trustless asset security. In Gods Unchained, this technology is applied to select in-game cards and items. Like a bridge between the virtual and physical world, NFTs provide our users and us with a transparent and immutable way to assign, verify, and maintain ownership. The result? The ability to create a vibrant game that rewards both the developer and the player, building functional relationships between game and player that were not previously possible.

The GODS token

GODS tokens are ERC-20 tokens designed to become the core in-game currency for Gods Unchained. Like existing in-game currencies, $GODS tokens will be rewarded to users through play. However, unlike existing currencies, $GODS will be scarce and tradeable. True digital ownership is an important foundation, but to truly change how games are viewed, it needs to be paired with a sustainable Play 2 Earn system. 

$GODS tokens are the key to unlocking this, providing the basis for an economy that will empower players to earn through play, creating a continued demand for the token, and growing Gods Unchained by attracting more and more users. The token is created, issued, and distributed by Gods Unchained Corporation and will have multiple applications that will make it an essential part of the game’s Play to Earn ecosystem.


Who are the founders of Gods Unchained (GODS)?

Chris Clay is the Game Director. He is also the former Game Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena. Chris Clay led MTGA from its troubled first playable release to a genre favorite that generated over $120M in revenue in its first year. He has spent his career pushing the boundaries of technology, from early pioneering in 3D character setup and design to laying the groundwork for massively multiplayer games at Turbine.

What is Gods Unchained (GODS) used for?

Liquid, tradable player rewards   

$GODS tokens are designed to be Gods Unchained’s primary reward mechanism. By offering ERC-20 tokens, players can earn rewards that can be easily traded with others or leveraged outside the game.   

Aligning incentives    

Issuing $GODS tokens to all participants in the economy, including third-party developers, content creators and the community, works to align incentives around Gods Unchained.    

Crafting new NFTs that are playable and tradable 

The Forge in Gods Unchained allows players to craft new NFTs that can be used in-game or traded on the marketplace.

Purchasing items 

The Gods Unchained store is the first point of contact when new NFT expansion sets to enter the ecosystem. The cards from these sets are then traded between users on marketplaces that utilize Immutable X’s Layer 2 technology. 


The staking rewards will be distributed to all users that qualify as active stakers. These rewards will be distributed from the Staking Rewards Pool, which consists of $GODS tokens from acquisition actions made in the Gods Unchained store and the Forge.

Governance and voting

$GODS Token holders can vote on token-related proposals via decentralized governance. 

Economic sustainability   

$GODS tokens will be distributed sustainably via a fixed supply schedule.


How is Gods Unchained (GODS) unique?

As the core currency within Gods Unchained, $GODS is designed to enrich the Play to Earn loop, which holders can use to craft new NFTs, make in-game purchases, and vote in governance decisions. One of the unique aspects of the Gods Unchained economy is the Staking Rewards Pool. Any $GODS used in the game (e.g., using $GODS to craft new in-game NFTs) will be sent to this rewards pool.   

In addition, 20% of all primary sales and 20% of secondary trading fees in Gods Unchained will be paid for in $GODS. If the user opts not to use $GODS for payment or doesn’t have enough tokens for the purchase, they can choose to pay entirely in the currency they choose. In this instance, 20% of this purchase will be automatically swapped for $GODS on the open market and sent to the rewards pool, from which it will be distributed proportionately to all token holders who actively stake $GODS.

The $GODS token is designed to be the core currency of Gods Unchained, fuelling the ecosystem that empowers players to earn and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). God’s Unchained has exciting gameplay and a world-class team helmed by Chris Clay, former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena. 

In addition, to catalyze competitive play and stimulate engagement, players can earn meaningful currencies and items, including the ERC-20 $GODS token, by simply playing the game. The ability to earn tangible rewards is the key ingredient to supercharge our future growth. It also has an epic game economy with the  $GODS tokens designed to exist at the heart of the economy. Players also use them to purchase new card packs and chests, craft their own NFT cards, and earn staking rewards. 

Including $GODS in the key facets of the Gods Unchained experience creates a sustainable ecosystem where players have the economic freedom to earn from and contribute to the economy. With over $34M worth of NFTs sold and traded, Gods Unchained has established a passionate community of evangelists. The game has over 450,000 registered players despite only being in beta.

Gods Unchained digital assets are live on Immutable X, Ethereum’s first zero-knowledge rollup (zk-rollup) for NFTs. Immutable X allows for gas-free NFT minting and trading at scale with instant trade confirmation. This creates a massively improved user experience and enables the high-volume trading of low-cost assets, a key feature of Gods Unchained. 

Over 650,000 Gods Unchained NFT secondary trades have been made since migrating to Immutable X in late June 2021. In contrast, the entire Ethereum mainnet NFT trading volume amounted to 420,577 trades. Importantly, Immutable X does not compromise the security of users’ assets, ensuring that players own their assets on Immutable X.


How many Gods Unchained (GODS) tokens are in circulation?

The token has a fixed total supply of 500,000,000. Below is a summary of how this supply is allocated:-

Play to Earn Rewards – 34% (170,000,000)

Gods Unchained Reserve – 25% (125,000,000)

Community & Ecosystem Fund – 20.5% (102,500,000)

Community allocation – 7% (35,000,000)   

Token Foundation – 6.5% (32,500,000) Token Sale – 7% (35,000,000).


How is the Gods Unchained network secured?

While Ethereum’s security tech provides the perfect foundation for Gods Unchained, its ability to scale needs to be improved by a few critical issues. Previously, NFT projects and developers have struggled to grow due to the limited capacity of the Ethereum blockchain (known as Layer 1). Long transaction times and high gas fees held games back, providing an environment that meant NFT trading could not thrive.    

That’s why they chose to use Immutable X, the first Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs that solves critical problems within the NFT space. The platform provides better value to users and products with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (up to 9,000 trades per second), and zero gas fees – all without compromising security.    

Since moving to Immutable X in late June 2021 (complete migration), over 650,000 Gods Unchained NFT secondary trades have been made. In contrast, the entire Ethereum mainnet NFT trading volume amounted to 420,577 trades across the same period. The migration to Immutable X enabled Gods Unchained to achieve an NFT trading volume that is 1.5 times greater than Ethereum mainnet while consuming 99% less energy to perform those transactions. Thanks to Immutable X, it is economically and technologically feasible for players to conduct high-volume transactions of low-value NFTs.    


How do I buy Gods Unchained (GODS)?

The GODS token can be used for a wide range of purposes, like staking and governance.

GODS tokens can be easily purchased by following the following steps. 

Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy GODS through your trading account by swapping with BTC, ETH, or USDT pairs.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Gods Unchained (GODS)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies, with GODS  soon to be included. Because of its vast use case, PTPWallet has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a simple user interface, is supported by both Android and iOS devices, and comes with its own mobile wallet app.


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