What is Gamercoin (GHX)?

Launched in November 2017, GamerHash was a concept spun up between two friends who now serve as the co-founders. Since its official public release, it has successfully gathered over 500,000 users. 

GamerHash is a fully functional platform that rewards users for sharing excess computing power only when desktops or laptops are used for playing graphically-demanding games like the Control or Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It also works when users interact or play compute-intensive applications. It is one of the biggest self-financing supercomputers on the planet based on gaming computers voluntarily contributed by players.

The average computer user does not consume 100% energy — at most 15% hence, the rest of the unconsumed power can be fully utilized by GamerHash for cryptocurrency mining and connection to blockchain.

This received energy comes at a cost, which is a reward to the individuals. The rewards available in the GamerHash Store come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of users’ needs. It ranges from a wide variety of latest games, Steam keys, and in-game currencies, numerous retail gift cards to popular online and offline stores, Google Play, telecom top-ups, or a can of Coca-Cola from a local shop, Bitcoin, Netflix, or Spotify vouchers.

Since the process of crypto mining is overall very complicated and requires extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies and advanced IT skills, GamerHash is a solution to all these problems and more.

Its mission is to provide people (especially gamers) with a simple and free tool to reap the rewards of the blockchain with no hassle. GamerHash wants to utilize an ecological solution – by using idle processors (CPU) / graphic cards (GPU) of computers. In addition, gamers don’t have to bear any additional costs of running the platform.

The way GamerHash operates is that the users share their computing power by simply running the GamerHash app in the background. The GamerHash app then determines the best cryptocurrency to mine. After successful mining, the system then rewards the users with cryptocurrency. 

There are three integral parts to the GamerHash ecosystem – the application, web platform & mobile app. 

The GamerHash platform is a desktop application for Windows operating system, although Linux and macOS are envisaged in the GamerHash roadmap. The app gives users the possibility to share excess computing power coming from the processors (CPUs) and graphics cards (GPUs). The app can be downloaded free of charge as the only cost a user has is the mining fee which amounts from 0% to a maximum of 7% and is always post-deducted from the user’s earnings with GamerHash.

The technology of the platform lies on the ground of today’s latest technological features, it is a state-of-the-art platform divided into Desktop and Webforms. Both of the platforms are coded with the object-oriented paradigm with fully modular logic behind them. 

GamerHash technology is very similar to a multi-currency mining pool implementation. The responsivity of the system via web application is at the average level of 23ms. The timing of the login process may vary depending on the login procedure and new users can login using Google, Facebook, or Steam account.

GamerCoins (GHX) is the official utility token for the GamerHash platform. It is an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain designed for micropayments.

 Ethereum was chosen because its smart contracts are simple and transparent, and transactions are inexpensive and fast – with confirmation within 15 seconds.

The purpose behind the introduction of GamerCoin is to continue enhancing the organic growth of the organization in reaching its milestones. In return, GamerCoin will be the tool to attract new international users to the services being offered and will allow for other features to be included.

Who are the Founders of Gamercoin (GHX)?

Patryk Pusch, the Chief Executing Officer & Founder is a regular profound founder of gaming, affiliative, and VR projects for a number. He has been actively involved in Cryptocurrencies since 2013 when he started building his first mining rigs.

Leszek Majewski, the Business Development Manager is a financial risk manager with international experience. He is known to Integrate business and economic strategies in line with organizational visions along with the governance and risk management needed to deliver success.

Artur Pszczolkowski, the Chief Marketing Officer & CoFounder held the position of Head of Digital in a Swiss-based global corporation. 

He has a broad international & corporate background (>15Y), wide expertise in planning & executing global online activities.

He founded the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association & Polish Blockchain Chamber. Also, he is a member of the CryptoValley Association & the London Block-chain Foundation. Artur is Oxford Alumni of Blockchain Strategy Programme.

Mike Grzybkowski, the Chief Strategy Officer & CoFounder is a geek, entrepreneur, book author & public speaker, CEO of Coin-Paprika.com, Founder of the largest data center in Poland – Beyond. pl, as well as co-founder and investor in high-tech ventures: CoinPaprika.com, GreyWizard, and GoldenSubmarine. He is an Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme alumn (2018) and in the years 2005 – 2006, he was engaged in a Ph.D. research program at the University of Oxford, Jesus College.

Lech Kalinowski Ph. D., The Chief Technical Officer is a Doctor in physical sciences. National Science Centre (NCN) grant recipient (2015-2018) for research on quantum condensed matter. In the past worked as a machine learning and blockchain developer lead. He has hands-on experience with coding various blockchain applications.

What is Gamercoin (GHX) used?

Earn while playing

Gamers can earn money while gaming simultaneously—as long as they are GPU-oriented games and are played on a desktop.

Order products on the platform

Users can use the GHX tokens to Order products from GamerHash Store and earn an additional bonus.

Invest in form of HODL

Also, investing gamers can purchase GHX tokens at a low price and resell at a higher price where the high volatility rate favors the tokens. It can also be used as an exchange for other coins like BAT, TerraUSD, and Graph.

Purchase items

Users can Purchase items with GHX tokens and receive the lowest possible prices and token back (part of tokens return after purchase) from a few up to 50%.

Receive Bonuses

Holding and owning GHX tokens would allow receiving bonuses in the GamerHash ecosystem, e.g. daily bonuses (rewards, additional rebates)

Exclusive access

Owning GHX tokens grants users Access to dedicated competitions/events for GHX holders.

What are the unique points of GamerCoin (GHX)?

Statistics show that shoppers spend £6,50 (around $8,50) on an average per visit to a convenience store (data for the British market, 2018). 

The unique point here is the fact that users can now cover their micropayments, or transactions just because they own a computer. There is no need to use their bank account money or credit card to purchase staple items like food, beverages, household items, or anything else they crave while passing the nearest 7-eleven type of shop. Another advantage of convenience store chains is that the users can virtually find them everywhere (cities, towns, residential areas). 

The latest partnership between GamerHash and Zabka convenience store chain with 6000 shops around Poland allows our users to buy anything they need on the go whether it is a can of coke, takeaway food, a sandwich, or snacks. Once they select the items, just go to the cashier’s desk, log into your GamerHash account, buy the code or else if you already have it, just show the code to the cashier, pack your products and leave.

How many Gamercoin (GHX) coins are in circulation?

Gamercoin has a live market cap of $39,395,541 USD. It has a circulating supply of 329,542,854 GHX coins and a max. supply of 880,000,000 GHX coins. 

Is the Gamercoin (GHX) platform secured?

The Security of the GamerHash platform is highly efficient. In terms of isolation and resource control, the developers are using the same technology that powers Docker1 Engine and Linux namespaces. Also, with the help of the system component of our web application is contained in a separate, isolated container, making sure that no part of the system has access to anything more than strictly needed. For more security, parts of the application can only see the virtual host, the list of processes, the files, and have their network interfaces with their internal addresses. GamerHash platform is also secured by Cloudflare3 technology giving additional security from Bots, Brute Force, and DDOS attacks. The developers have also developed protocols that drop unsecure connections changing on the go proxy addresses; this custom proxy solution was written in a safe language aggressively using assertions. 

GamerHash databases are accessible only from behind VPN and the embedded Prometheus4 technology instantly measures critical points of infrastructure.

How do I buy Gamercoin (GHX)?

Gamercoin can be purchased through the following method listed below.

The tokens are available across several exchanges and can be easily purchased by the following steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy GHX through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Gamercoin (GHX)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Gamercoin. Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their Gamercoin wallet because offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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